How do I know?

How do I know?

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, “Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?” And I said, “Here am I. Send me!” – Isaiah 6:8

How do I know if I’m supposed to go on a Missions Team Outreach?
That call for all of us always starts with these challenging words of God to Isaiah the prophet!

Am I supposed to go to Africa this summer with the He Intends Victory Team to do Vacation Bible School outreach to AIDS orphans?? Much of it depends on your willingness to say “Send me!”

We have just 9 spaces left for our trip to Uganda and Kenya from June 26, 2014 to July 15 so if you have been thinking and praying and wondering about going, now is the time to “step out on to the water” and find out.

Contact Bruce at and get all of the information for this life-changing journey.


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Terry’s Kids Luncheon & Silent Auction


Thanks to the generosity of the Anaheim White House, all proceeds go directly to He Intends Victory and it’s AIDS orphan sponsorship program, Terry’s Kids (

Join us, Wednesday, October 2 at Noon!

Anaheim White House
887 S Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805

For more information, email


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A big “Thank You” – HIVAfrica 2013 Report


Team VBS – 11 volunteers
We had 423 AIDS orphans attend our Jesus is My King Vacation Bible School. VBS is rarely done in Africa and never for AIDS orphans.  We did it 7 times in 2 countries and 3 languages. These are kids who have never had a birthday gift or experienced a Christmas morning. They each each got a colored wristband, a turquoise t-shirt, they learned 4 songs with motions and dancing, they got skits, and stories about Jesus our King, they did crafts, got de-worm pills, and got lunch (kids never eat lunch in Africa) WITH a soda (I insisted that they get this treat!), a baggie with a cross, pencils, a pen, a toy, and lots of other stuff all in the name of Jesus. Huge success.


Team Medical/Care Outreach – 11 volunteers
We did medical/care outreach to those with HIV in our Support Groups in the remote villages with our Doctor and 3 nurses who evaluated, and saw approximately 700+ people where we then provided medications needed for their ailments from our own pharmacy. These with the rest from our Support groups that we saw (another 1000+ people) received numerous items including blankets, mosquito nets, beans, rice, sugar, clothing, flip-flops, hoes, machetes, de-worm pills, and baggies (1000) filled with toothbrushes, pens, pencils, clothespins, toys and much more and always a hug in Jesus name.


We gave Charles Kasaija, our Staff Worker in Ft. Portal, a new Yamaha motorbike. We also bought our Country Director, Pastor Moses Drake Luswata, a new motorbike. We gave the Leon Holmstrom School a new water system and 1000 gallon tank. We gave Bishop Benezeri Kisembo a one year supply of a very expensive eye medication needed for his eyes. We provided a new solar-powered projector for HIV Uganda and a traditional projection system for HIV Kenya. We provided a 1000 gallon water tank for our a church in Nalimawa, Uganda where our Support Groups meet and 5 500 gallon tanks in Nagamuli for our Support Group leaders in this extremely remote area in the Kamuli District.


And we did a lot more. We gave out 100 goats, 400 T-shirts with Terry’s Kids logos and Jesus is My King and on and on… God is good!!!!!

- Bruce A. Sonnenberg

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HIVAfrica 2013, a little different


For HIVAfrica 2013, our mission (June27 – July 14) will be a little different. We are dividing into 2 teams of 11 people (from 8 states).

Team Medical and Care Outreach will go forward as we regularly do with our Team leader and doctor, Kathy O’Connell, three nurses, and support persons who will distribute blankets, mosquito nets, worm pills, medications, clothing, hoes, machetes, seeds, mattresses and a million hugs in the name of Jesus.

The Vacation Bible School (VBS) Team will do something well-known in America amongst most churches, but rarely if ever done in Africa, especially for AIDS orphans. Team VBS will be serving 420 AIDS orphans with fun, crafts, T-shirts, lunch, skits, games and a million hugs in the name of Jesus. This is a huge undertaking doing it 7 times in two countries and three languages! Led by Joni Sonnenberg, Lori Buccino, and Amy Bringhurst this team will break ground in the hearts of those children so often forgotten completely about.

Over the 18 days, the team hopes to share the Gospel of Jesus in very real demonstrations of God’s love to over 3000 people.

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Cured of AIDS


Did you read about the baby girl, born in Mississippi to a woman with HIV, who was found with HIV in her blood shortly after birth? Care providers quickly started the infant on a full set of three HIV medicines (usually, only one or two are used in exposed babies to prevent infection).

The medicines were continued for 18 months, but then the mother and child went missing from care. When they returned after almost five months without medicines, no evidence of active HIV infection was found in the child. The medical team performed an exhaustive array of tests to try to confirm the prior presence of HIV and its subsequent eradication, and to rule out rare forms of resistance to HIV infection. Their medical doctor and the media have now declared this child “cured” of AIDS!

It’s really a broad jump to say that this baby was cured. In fact what happened to this baby is what would happen to ALL babies of HIV infected mothers if given the AIDS medications. The chances for an HIV+ mother to give birth to an HIV+ baby are about 30% or about 1 in 3 children born. With proper medical care and medication before the birth that can be dropped to about 1%. But even with DNA tests being done at birth, the chances are very high that the antibodies found in the babies blood stream for HIV where still a residue of his or her mother’s virus. The truth is no one really knows if the baby was HIV+ to begin with. If anything, as Dr. Marc Siedner of Harvard Medical School said, “It seems more likely that her treatment prevented her, after exposure to HIV, from being infected.”

So the great news is that this toddler is showing signs of being HIV negative but the truth is probably not really “cured”.


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