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Director: Manuel Bonga
PO Box 492, Beira

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Greetings from Venezuela….

I would like to have information about of every sister and brother that write in this page because is very nice to get in touch with more and more people around the world and to help many people with our testimony that live with this condition.

About of me, i’m nurse and graduate in education. i like the music in my church. i’m leader of youngs and i’m drummer. i like to speak a lot of, to help the people i like the children i have many friends….some time i feel pain for the hungry in the persons around the world…and i would like to work like missionary in some hospital with children…..

About of my family..hoooo””” i love my family and my family love me…I have 5 siblings..they loves hiv+ people, I HAVE THREE SISTERS AND TWO BROTHERS…my father they are very soecial with me…every days i give thank ourd lord for my family…..

About of my friends i have many….hooo..”’ i love to my friends and they are working with me in this ministry…so we been working because we need money for our orphanage….we do christian camping……and concerts…..we visit the hospitals and they loves ths hiv+people…..

About of this ministry, so i think so is blessing to work in pro of anothers peoples…and then is a beautiful experience,,,thank so much pastor bruce and juanita sister for this labor….

God bless all………from Venezuela…

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United States

He Intends Victory Associates
State City Name
AL Daphne Beth Henson
AZ Phoenix Dan Davis
CA Berkeley Katie OConnell
CA Paramount/Long Beach Jeanne Pike
CA San Diego Ron Magno
CA Santa Fe Springs Beverly Cain
DC Washington D.C. Wilhelmina Olley
FL Jacksonville Britney Fluharty
IA Marion Fred Wierschke
KS Wichita Amy Bringhurst
NY East Islip John Biggers
MD Middletown Marlena Putman
NJ Fords Anna Nannery
NJ Old Bridge Sam Munoz
OR Portland Sandra Sykes
TN Nashville Victoria Ferguson
VA Hampton Mike Baker
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Viet Nam

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I am Jonah Yonjan Married with Niru Yonjan and we have 5 years old boy Johnny Yonjan. We all together serve to the lord through Aids Link Nepal.

What ALN do:-
1. Hospital services to PLWHAs for CD4 count, OI treatment, PMTCT, ART,
2. Home based care services for ART follow-up, health check-ups
3. Personal and family counseling.
4. Child Care and provide education
5. Networking with infected / affected people,
6. Sharing the love of Christ.
7. Mobilizing others to be involved.
8. Spreading knowledge of the virus through literature and workshops.
9. PTS care and protection Teams and IGAS income Generation activities.

Your latest country information on HIV/AIDS- how many, rate of prevalence, anything you might want people to know.

Total hiv positives reported :- 14,786/ total ever enrolled in hiv care 13,005/ total on ART 3,423. Government of Nepal report shows nearly 15,000 but UNAIDSs shows HIV around more than 64,000 . Aids 14,787 .

However it is nice to have all this information around and gives to know more about what is going with in the this world.

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I know we’re facing troubled times. Every day, we’re bombarded with messages of doom and gloom. And, through it all, “He Intends Victory” – the message is take heart! For God’s Word, says,…for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. For he who sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit reap everlasting life. And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. (Galatians 6:7-9, NKJV) We are not of the world, so we shouldn’t let the crises of this world determine our tomorrows!!!! Remember, we serve a risen Savior, and we will spend OUR tomorrows with God in His heavenly Kingdom! Before I was even born, God knew (Jeremiah 1:5) and formed a plan for my life. God’s plan is not affected by what happens in the world,and this includes being HIV positive, for God’s plan for me is perfect and unchanging. In these troubled times, God calls us to stand on His solid rock.

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Ever since I started working with people living with HIV and AIDS, I have never regretted! In fact working with the people living with HIV and AIDS is one of the best choices I have ever made in my life. I have seen many touched and changed and now they have that joy which on one can give except Jesus Christ. He Intends Victory has given me an opportunity to see the great need, love and care for the people living with HIV and AIDS need from you and me. Please join me and stand in that gap Christ would have stood if he were here! My desire in the year 2010 is to see many people who are living with HIV and AIDS reached with the love of Christ through you and me. Let us all join our hands and lift up that living hope of our master in their lives.

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