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Greetings from Venezuela….

I would like to have information about of every sister and brother that write in this page because is very nice to get in touch with more and more people around the world and to help many people with our testimony that live with this condition.

About of me, i’m nurse and graduate in education. i like the music in my church. i’m leader of youngs and i’m drummer. i like to speak a lot of, to help the people i like the children i have many friends….some time i feel pain for the hungry in the persons around the world…and i would like to work like missionary in some hospital with children…..

About of my family..hoooo””” i love my family and my family love me…I have 5 siblings..they loves hiv+ people, I HAVE THREE SISTERS AND TWO BROTHERS…my father they are very soecial with me…every days i give thank ourd lord for my family…..

About of my friends i have many….hooo..”’ i love to my friends and they are working with me in this ministry…so we been working because we need money for our orphanage….we do christian camping……and concerts…..we visit the hospitals and they loves ths hiv+people…..

About of this ministry, so i think so is blessing to work in pro of anothers peoples…and then is a beautiful experience,,,thank so much pastor bruce and juanita sister for this labor….

God bless all………from Venezuela…

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