I’m sick of taking pills

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I’m sick of taking pills

Not too long ago, I heard someone say, “I think I’ll just stop taking my medication. I’m sick of taking pills!”

What would happen if you really did stop taking your HIV medication? I mean, “cold-turkey”, just stopped. One day a bunch of pills, the next, not a one!

At first you would feel a little relieved. After all, when you have to take Combivir, or some other “reverse transcriptase inhibitor” along with 6 other pills, just not taking them for a while could be very freeing. I have to take two pills a day, one in the morning for my high blood pressure and one at night before I go to bed that keeps my cholesterol low. But half the time, I can’t remember if I took the right pill at the right time. So having to take 6 or 8 or 10 pills a day, some in the morning, some in the afternoon, some at night, some with food, some without, all of that could get “old” real fast.

So what if you stopped?!! You’d start getting real sick, real fast. Those pills just do too much to fight the virus in your body. Twenty years ago, when I first got involved with HIV work, back in the “AZT” only days, if someone who was infected came to one of our support group meetings and lived more than a year or maybe two at the most, man, that was a considered a “miracle”. I sure did a lot of funerals for men and women with HIV/AIDS back then. So those pesky, little pills help. I know they are a pain. I know they have side affects that those side affects are a pain. But they really do help your immune system fight-off that mean little virus trying to destroy your body.

So, please don’t stop taking your pills. And be thankful for them. Your one of the blessed “few”. There are millions of men, women, and children in the world with HIV who will never see “any” little pills whatsoever before they die, in a year, or maybe two at the most. I know you can sick of “taking pills” but you’ll get much worse if you don’t.

Bruce Sonnenberg says:

All that hype about HIV being a chronic disease does not help those dealing with this life on a daily basis! But if you can, take your pills. If you feel numbness in your feet, it’s because you have neuropathy. Vitamin B6 and B12 will help a lot. But if you need to talk to someone who takes the pills every day and need a little encouragement along the way, 1-800-448-4673 and Dan will call you back. Guaranteed!

carlos johnson says:

I’ve been taking meds about 8 years now I recently backed away for about two months and the medical staff @ the clinic always encourage you to take your meds daily and if you miss taking them they make it seems as if you had just committed a murder and bring up the possibility or becoming resistant..I understand that it happens but I really don’t believe that the short time I’ve stopped im now resistant to any of the meds..I’ve been undetected for years and I believe that I still am.

Shy says:

I’ve practically been on the treatment for my entire life, as it was passed to me from birth. It does become a pain having to take pills everyday of your life, so i give my self a break off the medication for about 3months and during those months I feel normal. Its good to take a break from the side effects of the treatment sometimes, it gives you that sense of normality!

Don says:

I’m just thinking about all the work that I have to go through every day , I get out of bed and the pain starts until im back in bed for the night,

This isnt living, When I can’t even leave the house and letting things happen would be alot easyer

Jim Donadio says:

I stopped taking my meds a couple of months ago, after being placed on new ones a few times because of side effects. I also deal with Major Depression, so when I decide to stop taking the meds, I am sent right to Psych. Bull Shit. I have been on numerous antidepressants as well, and they help for a while and then we are right back at zero. I am simply sick of everything and feel it is my right to do as I wish with my body. Death does not scare me. I welcome it. I have always said that HIV/AIDS will not kill me…depression will.

Dan says:

Not everyone stops taking thier pill voluntarily. I lost my health insurance and I will be without any meds until I can get a new script filled through adap. This may take some time. I already suffer from Hiv related myelopathy. I wish I didn’t have to stop my meds but it’s out of my hands.

Perry says:

Is there some truth in the theory of Jonathan Campbell? He reiterates that the drugs are too ‘Toxic’!

Perry says:

Read Jonathan Campbell’s theory of “natural Therapy For AIDS/CFS/CFIDS/”? I was amazed at the revelation that we are being sent to the grave early!

Stang5_0 says:

Hard to justify taking the damn things the more research you do. What are your thoughts on House of Numbers and some of the other things they are coming out with these days against their meds?


Chad A Slate says:

Bruce, thank you for the post. In fact, I was talking about HIV med’s w/a family member today. I am starting to feel numbness in my foot from time to time…almost like as if my foot has gone to sleep. I do understand this might be a side-effect of the med. But you know what! That is alright with me. B/C the Lord has given me a chance to live. A year ago, my body was slightly slipping due to HIV. My t-cells went from 327 (something like that) to 222 in a matter of weeks. My health wasnt at all what it once was-then I started on med’s-the difference I felt was almost instint. I could tell a difference w/in a few days. Tho my energy level took time to get back up, I felt like a new person. I couldnt have experienced the things I have in the last year if it wasnt for the med’s. The Lord wants us to be at our best-and the med’s allow us to do that. For those who can be on med’s we should realize what a blessing it is to have the opportuntiy. Many out there do not.
The Lord wants us to live~Enjoy life..even if we have to set the clock to take a pill or even take that pill b4 bed. Living this life to the fullest in Christ is worth every pill I take. Glory to God that we stand today as we do..even with HIV! What a blessing it is to be here in 2010. Remain blessed in Christ