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25+ Years of Ministry

bruceOn behalf of the 100,000’s of thousands of people ministered to by He Intends Victory, I say thank you for over 27 years! To God be the glory!

It started in 1990 with a need spoken to me one Sunday at the end of our Worship Service – Joe Cumba and John Wilson, both former drug addicts and newly made “new” in Christ said, “Pastor Bruce, we just found out we’re both HIV+ and we don’t know what to do?”  From this ‘cry of the heart’ of two new men, from praying with Kevin in my office to praying with Kurt as he was dying, He Intends Victory was birthed.

From one Support Group in Irvine, California to almost 400 today and in 18 countries around the world; from serving the first group of 12 HIV+ people pizza in a little room with the hope of Jesus Christ to giving 312,612 people facing HIV/AIDS in 2016 with blankets and clothes and goats and food and school and love; from holding hands and praying with so many who passed from this world to the next; to standing together as “one voice” throughout the world, the ministry of He Intends Victory is to “do what Jesus would do!”.

In His name,
Bruce Sonnenberg
Executive Director/ Founder

He Intends Victory