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About Terry’s Friends- 17 yrs to College

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Sponsor an AIDS Orphan in Higher Education

Welcome to “Terry’s Friends”, an AIDS Orphan Sponsorship Program of the international HIV/AIDS ministry, He Intends Victory. We have high school and college-aged students in this program from India, Nepal, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Each has been affected by one or both of their parents being HIV+ or having died of HIV infection.

What We Provide

Because many of our Terry’s Kids have now grown-up and are over the age of 16 and hoping to continue their education, we have determined to find like-minded people who value higher education and understand the huge contribution these students can make to their societies and culture. Of course, they are still AIDS orphans but have now grown in understanding that God has a wonderful plan for their lives. Those in Terry’s Friends are ready to go forward and apply what they learn. Our commitment is to see that they are able to follow their heart’s desire and the call of God into that higher education experience. Along with our “Marilyn Lasker Fund” which subsidizes some of these students, we will see that each of our “Terry’s Friends” will now be able to go to the school for which they qualify.

What YOU Provide

Your monthly donation which is given to match their “monthly need” will provide Tuition, Functional Fees, Room and Board, Admission fees, Medical Insurance, Stationery, Books, and miscellaneous costs for 1 year towards their Diploma or Degree. This need varies to each student and their school. In the countries where we provide this program, part-time jobs are very difficult to obtain since the national unemployment rate is often over 50%. But all of our Friends are committed to hard work, good studies, and to do the best they can to honor the Lord and their relationship with you. Your Friend will write to you and keep you up-to-date with how they are doing in their studies and life.


Each of our AIDS orphans 17 years of age and older who desire to further their education will have the chance to do so. Some will still have to finish their High School experience but will attend a better quality school to prepare them for their future. Those who have already finished will move on to the Trade School, College, or University for which they qualify.

AIDS, HIV, Young Adult, Sponsorship

How to Sponsor a Terry’s Kid

  1. Visit the Terry’s Friend section of the website
  2. Browse by Location or Gender
  3. Choose a friend to sponsor by clicking the Sponsor button
    (if not button is visible, that child is currently being sponsored)
  4. Fill out your financial information on the check-out page

Make a huge difference when you Sponsor an AIDS Orphan in Higher Educationand and change the future of this child.

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