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About HIV


He Intends Victory circles the globe with the hope that only Jesus Christ offers, providing information, counseling, support, and education.

He Intends Victory is a non-profit California 501 (c) 3 corporation entirely supported by concerned individuals or similar organizations sharing the vision of this ministry. We do not solicit or accept any government funding or grants. We survive on support from people like you.
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What is our purpose:

  • To encourage a spiritual awakening within the HIV/AIDS community, and to promote faith in Jesus Christ as a living and personal God.
  • To support churches in outreach opportunities to their HIV/AIDS members, their families and the local community.
  • To educate the Christian community by providing educational packets, examples of church policy and personal testimony of Christians living with HIV/AIDS.
  • To provide a loving Christian witness and scriptural literature at HIV/AIDS meetings and conferences nationally and internationally.

What We’re Looking For:

Services We Provide:

All Countries: On the ground AIDS Education and resource materials; personal counseling and encouragement; Support Groups; HIV Training seminars.

AIDS education and encouragement via radio
AIDS education program
AIDS orphan aid
AIDS orphan food program
AIDS widow brick-making enterprise
Clothes for HIV+ Mothers program
Direct care
Direct care for HIV+ families and individuals
Elementary School for AIDS orphans
Farm education program
Food Distribution program
Goats for Africa
Hair Salon Training Shop
HIV Educational Dance group
HIV rural education
HIV Training seminars
HIV/AIDS Farm and care program
HIV+ speakers
HIV+ Women Empowerment program
Hospital visitation
In His Shadow in Amharic language
Layer Chicken Program
Medical services and care
On the ground AIDS Education and resource materials
On the ground direct care including medical help
Personal counseling and encouragement
Spiritual counseling
Support Groups
Terry’s Kids AIDS orphans
The Village Church of Omo
Toll-free HIV information and counseling
Tribal Outreach Program
Water for Africa
Women’s Prison/AIDS orphan care