Miquitaio from Mozambique

Miquitaio’s Story:

Miquitao's father died of HIV/AIDS while the family was living in a rented house. They could not manage to pay the rent and went to live on the land that his father had bought. There was no shelter on the land, just the land itself. Miquitaio's mother sold greens and mangos so that she could support the family. Even under those conditions, Miquitaio's mother managed to put up a shelter where they are living with his five sisters. Now she sells fish to feed and support the family, but can't afford to pay the school fees for all the kids. Miquitaio is praying for a sponsor so that he is able to attend school.
Age: 18
Birthday: July 26, 2005
Gender: Male
Location: Bairro, Madjemane, Mozambique
Reference Code: AF-Mo-344

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