Sara from Tanzania

Sara’s Story:

Sara converted to Christianity in 2011. Before she was baptized she got resistance from some of her relatives, but she continued to attend the church until she was baptized. Sara now lives with her great-grandmother after her mother died of HIV this year; her father died of HIV when she was young. Sara's mother was very anxious to get help to borrow money to study. She would clean up people's homes and wash the dishes so that Sara would have something to eat each day. When her mother became seriously ill, Sara lost all hope. She said she was shocked when she was told she now had a sponsor; she cried for joy! "For now God has wiped away my tears through you."
Age: 17
Birthday: June 6, 2004
Gender: Female
Location: Mtoni, Tanzania
School Level: Form 3
Reference Code: AF-T-56

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