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Fund a Special Project

A brick-making business for in Uganda! A Potato Chip venture in Ethiopia! We offer Special Projects and many more that help the recipients learn to provide for themselves. With as little as $100, you can start a viable business for someone who can do the work but does not have money.

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Give Lifestock

Description: Giving a family a goat is like giving an American family a business. After mating with a neighbors goat, one goat soon turns into 3 goats or 10 goats or more! Goats are used for milk, for meat, and for money and that $ 55 donation can change an AIDS widow’s family for years to come. A pig multiplies quickly and pork is always premium meat. So giving a family a pig becomes a great blessing to many families. Chickens are called “The Gift of Life” because a good…

Building HIV Farms in Malawi

Description: We presently have a two acre farm for those living with HIV/AIDS in Malawi. The food grown and the profit from sales of beans, corn, and livestock provide for over 100 AIDS orphans who live on the streets to have one meal a day. Without parents to provide anything, these children are grateful. We can replicate this in 5 areas of Malawi.

Medical Emergencies

Description: Most of the poorest in the world do not have any medical coverage or care. He Intends Victory provided money ($300) for cataract surgery on an eight year old AIDS orphan. One of our HIV+ staff in Uganda needed immediate medical surgery for a colostomy infection in his body. People with HIV/AIDS are much more susceptible to disease and infection and we increase the quality and length of their lives when we help.

Fruit and Vegetable Stands

Micro-Economics Description: Lending an AIDS widow $200 to start a small in-home Fruit and Vegetable Stand changes the lives of her entire family. With this, widows learn how to budget, save, and provide in a new way for her family. These no interest loans when replaced go on to help others as well. Africa, Asia, South America.

MotorBikes for Africa

Description: One of the great challenges in any country is transportation. This increases when your responsibility is to visit, care for, and minister to people who are living with HIV/AIDS. They often are not strong enough to get around. In Mozambique, He Intend Victory, delivers life-saving AIDS medications to 20 HIV+ people every week who are not able to get it any other way. In Uganda, our staff worker went from walking 6 miles a day to visit those with HIV to driving 30 miles a day and visiting 5 times…

The Leon Holmstrom School

The Leon Holmstrom School near Ft. Portal, Uganda has grades pre-school through 1st grade. Each of the 63 students come from homes that are either infected with or affected by HIV/AIDS. The children all wear uniforms we provide, have a meal at school everyday, get a great education ( the school came in #1 in their district), and a lot of the love of Jesus. We have an excellent water collection system and a new latrine. Thanks to you, our donors and especially the Holmstrom family and friends, our teachers…