January 16 001 (427x640)The just shall live by faith: The challenge of getting things in order before leaving Belize for a minimum of 3 weeks was on and preparation for my hernia repair surgery was in full swing. Schedules of the guys, Rich coming back and forth from Belize City for 4 nights each week and details for hosting upcoming Guests and arranging bills payments for the next month. It was off to more adventure which started with an overnight in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Airport since the last flight and the last seat was taken. My sleep for the night was curled up on 2 soft chairs with a hooded sweat shirt for my blanket in cold/AC airport for the night. Because of the missed flight all of the plans were altered drastically and I thought myself, “I’m getting too old for this.” Little did I know that plans would change further and I would be spending the week of my surgery with a family that I had not seen for several years who, at the last minute, graciously took me in and facilitated my back and forth for outpatient surgery and the weekend after. The rest of my recovery was spent with the Bulaks, the original home I was scheduled to stay became available. In total, I’ve slept in 4 different beds on this trip and so thankful to the Lord for the care He provided for me through so many incredible people. Thank you all so very much for your prayers and support during that time!


Clive Welsh preparing for surgery!

Clive Welsh preparing for surgery!

The Surgery: All the preparation was made and I sat on the gurney early Thursday morning thinking this is really going to happen. The surgeon came in and marked the spot while explained what he was about to do, then the anesthesiologist came in to do her preparation. She asked if I was the missionary that the Surgeon had mentioned and I answered and to my surprise she asked if I knew any verses that plainly states that Jesus is God. Wow, never had this happen before especially before going under. I shared a few verses that came to mind and found out that she was a believer who was witnessing to the Surgeon who said he believed in God but didn’t think Jesus was God. I was so blessed that the Lord provided a sister in Lord to be my anesthesiologist who was going to be with me during the entire surgery. I commented to her that many people are praying for the entire surgical team and for the surgeon. What a great way to go under, talking about the Great Physician!


Brennan Lee and Clive at LAX on their way to Belize!

Brennan Lee and Clive at LAX on their way to Belize!

The Recovery: The surgery was a success, the hernia was repaired and given a 3 months recovery time with no lifting over 10 pounds. I was able to get plenty of rest and sleep which was a welcome treat as it seems like I never get enough sleep when in Belize. This was not the type of vacation I was intending but my body needed the rest from the fast-paced, always on the go routine. I learned very quickly how self-reliant I am when I have to depend of others to lift things for me and the menial tasks that was so second nature for me became a challenge. Needless to say, dealing with humility, impatience and frustration when no one was around to assist me with simple and everyday tasks has definitely been a major part of my character development of late. I was greatly blessed by my good friend Brennan Lee who took his vacation time to travel to Belize with me to assist with my recovery; lugging my two-fifty pound bags with supplies and personal belongings through the airports and lifting my carry-on items in and out of overhead compartment were just a few of the travel issues. Brennan have been to Belize several times before assisting with mission teams and now assist me with his primary mission. He was a huge help in so many ways to me and became good friends with Miguel as well as reconnected with those he knew from previous visits. I’m truly grateful for his friendship and fellowship in the gospel!

Brennan making new friends at The Lighthouse!

Brennan making new friends at The Lighthouse!

Belizean in LA: While in Southern California recovering, I realized three students from San Pedro High School with the Vice Principal and a parent were in the LA for an International Drama Seminar. I was able to attend the presentation which was a surprise to both the VP and students to see me there. What a remarkable presentation by these three young ladies and I was moved deeply. I was so glad that they had this opportunity to showcase their talent while meeting and learning from other students from other parts of the world. I was able to record portions of the production which dealt with issues of divorce, child neglect, drugs & suicide and looking for opportunities to air these and I know it will affect those students who are dealing with these very issues!

San Pedro Students with Vice Principal after presentation in LA!

San Pedro Students with Vice Principal after presentation in LA!

Life touching life: After a post-op check up, I was given the green light to travel and a few days later, I was back to San Pedro and literally arrived a few hours before the San Pedro High School Graduation ceremony. One of my favorite student, good friend and one that I consider a son, was graduating with top honors as well as being the Master of Ceremony for the graduation. Jonathan

Jonathan Andino, Master of Ceremony and Senior of the Year!

Jonathan Andino, Master of Ceremony and Senior of the Year!

Andino is one of those exceptional young man that I’ve known for over 4 years and watched him excelled academically to Student of the Year in 2015 and Senior of the Year 2016.  He moved to San Pedro from Honduras and was held back in Primary School due to family complications and learning the English language which caused him to graduate at an older age but that only made him work harder and became an inspiration to many. Jonathan was one of the guys who we supported by allowing him to do homework, projects and assignments in our Staff Apartment which became a Student Resource Center where he was able to use our internet, laptop and printer. Many late nights of studying, sacrificing his free time and squeezing in time for his favorite sport (talented football player and runner) really paid off and I felt like a proud father watching him graduated. The unexpected thrill of the evening was receiving a flower from him during the ‘Rose  Ceremony’ where parents or special friends were shown appreciation and he expressed thankfulness for me being in his life and for the support he received. I couldn’t hold back the tears and priceless moments like these confirms the importance of being obedient to the calling of God to simply be available to those He brings into my life, like guys like Jonathan. Thank you for the part you have in this through your prayers, support and investment in lives you’ve never met nor will meet until we are in Heaven. I’m so grateful for your trust more than words can express!

Clive with Jonathan after graduation ceremony!

Clive with Jonathan after graduation ceremony!

Prayer Requests:

Pray for my continual recovery; wisdom to know what to do and what not to do!

Please pray for wisdom with Miguel and the challenges of being his caregiver.

Please pray for helpers with many opening doors of opportunities coming up.

Please pray direction for Jonathan as he desires to further his education!

Thank you for taking the time to read this update and for your continual prayer and financial support. Please feel free to stay in touch through email, letters, cards, Viber, WhatsApp or Facebook!

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