“……… and having done all, to stand.” Ephesians 6:13

The times of reflection always comes when it’s time to update you on my life and ministry in Belize. There’s so much to ponder then to summarize and make brief to keep you informed of the latest happenings without overloading you with too information. This Update is late, very late due to an overwhelmingly difficult season of ministry, one that I have not encountered in awhile. I know that much growth and character development comes out of these times yet it is the attitude of the heart that is important when you are in the midst of it. Paul the Apostle used words to describe our difficulties such as: ‘hard pressed’, ‘perplexed’, ‘persecuted’, and ‘struck down’ but he also encouraged us with words like ‘yet not crushed’, ‘but not in despair’, but not forsaken’, ‘but not destroyed’. These seasons will come and they will go but what remains will be determined by my response to the above, will I allow God to make me more like His Son or will I be bitter, cynical and unloving. May God help us to stand as He takes us from glory to glory into the image of Jesus!

Pastor Louis Wade Jr. sharing the necessity of putting on the Full Armor of God!

YC Belize 2010: Live out Loud


In March, the fourth annual (Youth Conference) YC Belize took place at the University of Belize gymnasium with a great turnout, the largest ever, of young people from all over the country. Christian musicians from Jamaica, Canada and several local Belizean artists shared including our very own, Dennis Requena. The attendees were challenged by several speakers from the US and Belize to live out their Christianity and to make a difference. I was privileged to participated as a District Coordinator assisting with the San Pedro Town/Ambergris coordination as several traveled from the island to be a part of the event. As always, I was stirred deeply in heart to see the turnout of young people from every ethnic group that makes up Belize worshipping and taking in God’s Word together as well as the many participation from various churches across the Nation. Many commitments and rededications took place over the two day event and we pray that Belize truly will be changed by the changed lives that took place during this years’ YC Belize. Please pray for good follow-up and follow-through by those who responded to the gospel for the first time.

Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship, Spanish Lookout

During our most recent Board Meeting as I listened to the various issues that were presented, I marveled at all the Lord has done over the years through this very small group of believers. The saying is so true, ‘healthy teaching produce healthy believers’ and as the Word is being taught, the saints are equipped for the work of the ministry. What a blessing to see God’s people healthy and engaged in touching their world for Christ. We talked about the new forming church in the Spanish Village of Los Tambos with Erick Agular and his family, missionaries from San Salvador and the work God is doing with them in feeding the people God’s Word. The youth outreach in another nearby Village with Danny & Tina as young people are coming to faith in Christ there. The new youth group for the Amazing Grace young people that Ronald & Tina has recently started. And the radio station as the construction of the building that will house the office and studio will begin next week. We are so excited about all of the amazing things that God continues to do and looking forward to the impact Horizon Radio will have in the community of Spanish Lookout as well as the portions of Belize where the signal will reach, teaching the uncompromising Word of God; verse by verse and chapter by chapter. Please pray for all that is needed to make this a reality!

  Lighthouse Christian Radio, San Pedro Town

We recently had two students from the San Pedro High School at Lighthouse Christian Radio for their Office Practice/Internship over the Easter vacation. Our prayers for these students has been that they will see God’s love and work in action as they were with us during our operation hours and participated in our prayer and devotional time with the staff. The students, William and Nashly, were able to conduct a telephone survey by randomly calling 120 residents from the town’s telephone book. We were astonished by the 22,000 approximated population of Ambergris Caye that the Mayor gave me recently. When we first signed on the air almost 6 years ago, the island’s population was estimated at 7,000 to 9,000.

Nashly and William, San Pedro High students conduction phone survey of Lighthouse listeners.

 Some results of survey:

13,567 =61.67%          Residents who have heard of Lighthouse Christian Radio

 8,983 = 40.83%           Total listeners of the 22,000 San Pedro’s population

2,383 = 10.83%           Listens very often

1,650 = 7.50%             Listens often

4,950 = 22.50%           Listens sometimes

 We also found out that many are enjoying the Bible Teaching programs which are a great blessing considering most of the residents surveyed would consider themselves Catholics. Interestingly enough when I watched a recent Good Friday procession of the Catholic Church’s congregation through the streets of San Pedro Town, I marveled at the amount of people who participated. My heart was so stirred as I wondered how many in that parade truly has a living and vital relationship with God through His Son Jesus. My heart broke much and I was once again reminded why I am here and why we go through the spiritual warfare and challenges we do. Also very interesting to me how the town is transformed from a very quiet and solemn Good Friday morning and afternoon to ravenously, wild, and drunken brawl the evening that lasted throughout the Easter weekend.  Please pray for opportunities to reach more of the residence of Ambergris Caye with the true, life changing gospel of Jesus Christ!

A typical early evening on Front Street

A typical late afternoon on Front Street!

The task of reaching San Pedro Town is something that is on my heart every waking moments of my day and occupies a lot of my sleepless nights. I know from experiences that the only way to really make an impact of this island is for the establishing of a Bible teaching and Christ centered church that will feed the people the Word of God. We realize that a radio station is not a church nor should it be even though we are broadcasting some of the best Bible teaching programs. Please pray for wisdom and direction as we follow God’s lead in this endeavor step by step.

Lighthouse needs:


My desire has always been to raise up Belizeans for the work of the ministry and even though it has been a frustration and challenge that desire is still current. I see the need to train up as well as live out the gospel in daily discipleship to make this a reality. I have to confess to you that this is a very painful and costly venture especially with two recent incidences that I’m still recovering from but nonetheless apart of ministering and involvement in people’s lives. With all that said, we are in urgent need for what I call Mission Minded Media Missionary for operating the radio station and the various aspect of the ministry at on Ambergris Caye while training and discipling Belizeans.

Johnny Wall receiving instructions on the newly installed server from Leon Berger, computer specialist from Arkansas this past weekend.

Johnny Wall, the volunteer/missionary will be leaving us in a few months and we have no replacement as yet. I know that God is in full control and I trust in Him to provide, so can you please join us in prayer for this and if you sense a tug on your heart or know someone who have been seeking the Lord for such an opportunity as this, please contact me.

Encouragement from Beyond:

 I talked to Edler Blas, the young man from San Pedro Town who is attending Bible School at the Calvary Chapel San Salvador every week or so. He continues to grow in his walk and enjoys all that he’s learning daily. I get good reports about him and recently a new friend of his share with me how she and many others are receiving from Edler and he shares insights from the Word that he is learning with them. Apart from working at the Radio Station at the church, he is also helping with the children ministry. Edler will be traveling to Nicaragua during his semester break to visit his family for 2 weeks. He will then return to Salvador to attend the second semester of the Bible School. Please pray for his time with family and wisdom regarding his future study in Salvador. Thank you very much to those who have been praying and supporting him, he expresses such gratitude and appreciation. Me too!

Prayer request and Praise Reports:

 Personal time, refreshment and encouragement; being a loving example of the believer.

 Praising God for the encouragement received from those I’ve encouraged in times passed.

A heart that hurts and broken for the things that hurt and break God’s heart!

Likeminded people to co-labor with us in ministry at Lighthouse Christian Radio.

Thankful for Leon Berger and his technical expertise he gave last weekend at Lighthouse.

Replacement for Johnny Wall and for him to finish well in his final months in Belize.

Plans for Summer Sports Camps in July with Town Council and mission teams.

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In His love and grace, Clive Welsh


Sunset over the nearby lagoon, San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize!










Rudy Plett teaching the Word at the Sunday Morning Service!