Clive Welsh and Dennis Requena at YC Belize 2011

“Grace to you and peace from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for our sins, that He might deliver us from this present evil age…..to whom be glory forever and ever. Amen” Galatians 1:3-5

Sitting down to write this update a few days after Easter and reflecting on the powerful reminder of God’s great love to us as demonstrated on the Cross and the Empty tomb and thinking about His purpose; penalty for our sins and deliverance from this present evil age. As I walked the streets of San Pedro Town after speaking with a banker friend and sharing the observed plight of so many young people on this small island and the increase of evil practices. I could scarcely hold back the tears as I walked the streets and looked into the eyes of people, God reminded me why I was here, not to operate a radio station with all of its challenges and ever changing issues but my purpose is to let as many as possible know that they can be forgiven, delivered and know God in a personal way! It is a painful privilege to ask God to give us His heart for the lost, least, last and little because that is a prayer that He delights to answer and changes us in the process!

YC Belize 2011 

Dennis Requena performing at YC Belize 2011

Now for a brief update on the past month, the annual YC (Youth Conference) took place the beginning of April. This is one of the largest youth events of the year in Belize and was larger than previous YC. Many young people made profession of faith as the gospel was presented by both local and foreign speakers and musicians. Dennis Requena, the young man who worked at Lighthouse Christian Radio from its inception, played many songs from his recently released CD at the Friday night concert. He was great and performed before a very energetic crowd of young people. Dennis is now teaching at a Primary School in Roaring Creek Village and is continuing his education in the evenings at the University of Belize. It is a blessing to see him making a difference with his music and his example to many young people in his home village and now nationally through his music. I’m so grateful to have had a very small part in his life and greatly blessed to see how God is using him. Please continue to pray for him that he would continue to shine his light brightly to his students and the young people of Belize.

Meeting of the Belize Christian Media Fellowship at Destiny Radio.

Belize Christian Media Fellowship

After many years of praying and sharing similar visions and ideas with several other likeminded media friends, the Belize Christian Media Fellowship has been established and a Board of Directors was recently appointed and ratified at our last meeting. Each meeting starts out with a time of worship, prayer and timely message of encouragement from the Word of God before the general meeting takes place. We were hosted by the newly appointed Vice Chairman, Jim Duncan of Destiny Radio who provided a great lunch at their facility and it was a great time of getting to know each other better and developing relationship and fellowship. The topics of concern and discussion were intense as they are issues facing Belize as a Nation and we all unanimously felt God has brought us together as Christian Communicators for such a time as this. One topic of importance to us is a homosexual group who are suing the government of Belize in order to remove two laws from the books; sodomy and unlawful acts, so they can proceed in seeking equal rights and legalizing homosexuality. We felt that it was up to us to inform pastors, church leaders and the Christian Community of this radical agenda that was coming up in the Supreme Court in June. Well, to our shock and surprise we found out that the court date was pushed ahead and unknown to us was scheduled a few days prior to Easter. Through various series of ‘divine appointments’ a pastor was alerted to the sudden changes and was able to get a lawyer at the last minute and the court date was rescheduled for July. Needless to say, it has been a very intense week of spiritual warfare as each person involved could sense attacks in ways that only showed us that truly our battle is not against flesh and blood. Please pray for us as we proceed in giving a clear, loving and Biblical voice to this issue and that the Body of Christ would be informed, awakened, and become united in this very challenging time. Issues of abortion, which is still illegal in Belize but not enforced, as a recent UN report stated that over 3,000 abortions per annum in Belize.  And now with the same sex marriages and other major attacks on Christian and family values are at stake in this small and very precious country. Please pray for all that is needed for the upcoming court case; wisdom, informing and gather the Pastors, Christian Leaders, and the Body of Christ together; the right legal team, finances, and most of all that God would use this opportunity to further the gospel of Jesus Christ in Belize!

Sunset over the lagoon on Ambergris Caye

A Nation in Crisis


The alarming crime rate and violence was another topic as Belize now has the highest murder rate in the history of the nation with 40 murders since the start of the year! According to statistics, we are now rated number 9 most violent country in the world, per capa. Interestingly, I heard a news report today which also says that Belize is one of the top 10 places to live because of its beautiful beaches, people, climate, etc. A beautiful place indeed with a lot of important issues at hand that has the potential of crumble the very foundation and fiber of our young country; HIV/AIDS, gang violence, an increase of suicide among youth involved in a cult, removing corporal punishment from the schools which is viewed as a major contributor of crime, and many other issues. Please pray for God to do a work to turn the tide on the destructive things that the enemy is stirring up at the moment by sending an outpouring of His Spirit on our country!

Lighthouse Christian Radio FM 101.3

Still Shining the Light in the Darkness

Shortly after my last Update, Emil, our newest staff member left suddenly due to consequences from bad choices he made. It was an unfortunate move and we are still reeling from his departure as he had become a special part of the team and most importantly a new believer. I was reminded recently that being involved in discipling/mentoring and pouring into others is costly with great investment of heart, time, resources, emotions and energy; but that is what we are called to do in making disciples. Please pray for Emil that he would continue to seek the Lord and allow Him to restore, recycle and use his situation to deepen him in his relationship and commitment to Christ!

Over the years, many friends and visitors have come to Lighthouse for various reasons, some for a time to be refreshed, renewed, vacation or to assist in the ministry. We were fortunate to host several in our Lighthouse Guest Apartment and Staff Apartment over the past few months. Simon and Karolina from Australia spent nine nights with us as a part of their 2nd anniversary celebration with their toddler Freddie. A few days after they left, Frank and Kathy from Michigan arrived for a month’s stay for a vision tour to see if God is leading them to full time mission on the island. Over the Easter weekend, we hosted Henry & Martha and their 2 boys for a short vacation; all of them stayed in our Guest Apartment which is a clean, fully furnished, one bedroom at a very reasonable cost which pays the monthly rent for the apartment. Meanwhile in the Staff Apartment, Edler has hosted, Nate from New Mexico who volunteered for several weeks at the ministry before moving to Belmopan to assist with another ministry. He was followed by Tom and Adam, short-term missionaries from Idaho, who stayed a few days to enjoy the island before heading back home after 3 month of service on the mainland of Belize. Next we had my Mayan friend, Florencio who had never been to the island before, came for portion of his Easter break and during that same time, Ruel came for a few nights stay. Now Richard, a missionary from the southern district of Punta Gorda is with us for a few day get-a-way and rest. It’s a blessing to provide accommodations for visitors and friends and to see how the Lighthouse has become a place of refuge for many.


Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship/Horizon Radio 

With the hectic schedule of the radio station on the island it is seldom that I get to be on the

Doris Guenther being baptized by Pastor Rudy and Ronald in the Belize River

mainland for a Sunday morning but whenever I am, it is delight to attend and be a part of the Body of believers at Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship. God continues to bless the fellowship as Rudy faithfully teaches the Word on Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings. Recently, a joint service was held with the brethren from the church in Los Tambos followed by a BBQ for a fellowship meal. I think of the song “Little Country Church” by Love Song, one of the very first Christian Band formed in the late 1960, which talks of the variety of people who came together to praise the Lord whenever I’m worshipping with the folks at Amazing Grace.

Horizon Radio have been broadcasting now for 5 months and recently upgraded to a 1000 watt transmitter where their reach is now extended to 4 of the 6 districts in Belize. Johnny Wall, former volunteer/missionary at Lighthouse has been working full time running the operations of Horizon Radio since December and doing a very good job. God continues to bless the radio station beyond the borders of Belize through streaming which can be heard worldwide. Who would have ever thought of such a thing? Please continue to pray God’s blessing upon the radio ministry and that many more people would be edified, encouraged and equipped through the various Bible teaching programs and music!

Prayer & Praise:

Thankful for the pastors/leaders who are likeminded and full-hearted for the people of Belize!

Please pray for favor in the Supreme Court case coming up regarding the homosexual agenda.

Thankful for the many birthday wishes, greetings and displays of love. I’m still overwhelmed.

Please pray for young people of Ambergris Caye and a work of God in reaching them for Christ.

Thankful for Edler, Elmer and Ronald; the Lighthouse Christian Radio crew!

Please pray for more laborers, volunteers and missionaries to form a Church plant team.

Thankful for abounding fruits in the lives of those I’ve been discipling and mentoring.

Please pray for our upcoming antenna realignment and fiberglass guide-wires project and another shipment of Galcom fixed-tuned, solar powered radios.

Thankful for the Projector recently donated for us and being shipped down to show Movies in the Park as an outreach.

Please pray for an outpouring of God’s Spirit to curb the tide of violence, crime and wickedness in Belize.

In love and power of the Risen Lord and coming King,

Clive Welsh

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