“…. for I have many people in this city.” Acts 18:10

Clive visiting GALCOM International on a recent trip to Ontario, Canada!

On a recent flight departing from the Belize International Airport, I looked down on Ambergris Caye to my right and Belize City on my left, my heart was one again moved with compassion for the country of my birth and those who live here. Overwhelmed by the many needs of this small country; crime at an all time high, seldom a day goes by without a murder being committed, many struggling to provide for their daily needs as the economic crisis is being felt in all segments of the country, the issues of sexual exploitation of children, abortion issues having to be clarified in the law (still illegal), abuse and neglect. We are at a pivotal place at this moment as the lawmakers are being challenged with the fast rising homosexual agenda and not to mention the increase of immorality in every imaginable and unimaginable ways. Along with a hopeless future that has been expressed by many of those, both young and old that I’ve talked with recently and their faces flashed to mind as I looked down on our beautiful country of Belize. The above verse gave me great encouragement knowing that God has a plan for reaching the ‘many’ that He has in the country of Belize and especially in San Pedro Town that has yet to come to know Him. Joy filled my heart even though I know the work ahead will not be easy!

The Lighthouse- San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye

Ruel Cruz, summer intern at Lighthouse Christian Radio Ministry.

 As things settled from the previous month and we resume to some normalcy, it’s as if the dust has settled and we’re looking for the next step to take as we move forward into what God has in store for us. Ruel Cruz, a Belizean young man that helped us with the Sports Camp, has stayed on and doing an internship with us at Lighthouse Christian Radio Ministry.  A little background, I met Ruel over a year and a half ago and had the opportunity to lead him back to a relationship with the Lord. Since that time we’ve met briefly on the roadside whenever I am on the mainland of Belize as I would drive by his village, located between Belmopan and where I stayed. Those brief sessions along with phone calls, texts, and emails were the extent of my time of mentoring and discipling and his desire to grow and become fruitful in his walk with the Lord was apparent. Seeing his need for discipling and upon his recent graduation from the University of Belize, it seemed good to have him come on board for the summer. He has helped out in many practical areas while studying the Word by listening to three Bible Teaching Programs daily and attended a week long Bible Boot Camp in the southern district of Punta Gorda. As he’s making himself available to the Lord he is seeking God’s plan and direction for his future. Ruel has been a great help to me in this time of transition and lack of staff and has been a good company for Barry Fraser, our only full time staff/missionary. Please pray for Ruel as he is seeking direction from the Lord for his future!

Barry Fraser (Mr. Barry) and Shelly Burgan (Shelly B on 101.3)

Mr. Barry just celebrated his 64 birthday and has been stretched beyond his wildest imagination as he has dealt with some major changes when our server crashed recently. He continues to gather, prepare and broadcast the News twice daily along with the morning and afternoon ‘live’ shifts. Many are getting familiar with his British/Bermudan accent and he has adjusted quite well to island living over the past 4 months. He is the oldest missionary that I know on the mission field and has expressed great delight in serving alongside of us in the radio ministry. Please pray for Barry that he might continue to increase in knowledge of technical skills needed and his financial support!

Shelly Burgan continues to serve part time and several days each week and has been an incredible blessing and important part of the team with her sisterly and sensitive influence keeping up with the details and the many little things that can easily go unnoticed. She host the morning shifts on the days that she at the Lighthouse along with assisting with the News broadcasting and bringing such joy to both the listeners and the staff. Shelly has served as the longest volunteer/missionary to date and we thank the Lord for her and her husband Brian’s recent residency status in Belize. Please pray for clear direction for Brian and Shelly regarding the things they are seeking the Lord about and for a good vacation visiting family and friends!

Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship, Spanish Lookout

Listening to the various topics for discussion at the recent Board/Elders meeting, I marveled at all that the Lord is doing with this small group of believers called Amazing Grace, truly a wonder of His grace! Pastor Rudy just announced that he will be starting the book of Genesis for the mid-week Bible Study while continuing to teach through the New Testament on Sunday mornings. It is such a blessing for me to sit and listen to Rudy teaching the Word when I am privileged to make a Sunday morning service.  He continues to grow in his teaching gift and is a man with a heart for teaching God’s Word and equipping the people that he pastors.


Erick, Magdalena and brothers from Los Tambos Village listens to Henry as he translate Rudy's teaching at the Sunday Morning Service.

Another astonishing thing that blesses me is when the children are dismissed to their classes after the worship time; the amount of children in the fellowship seems to quadruple the amount of adults, as they storm off with such excitement to learn about Jesus. Another blessing has been to see the fruits from the ministry in Los Tambos Village where Erick and Magdalena, the missionaries from El Salvador. A core group of believers has been established and many youths are coming to Christ. It is a thrill to see the truck load that Erick brings with him to Amazing Grace’s Sunday morning service where translation is provided for those who do not speak English. Erick mentioned to me recently that they will soon be having their own Sunday service as their building is almost completed and plans are also in the making for a water baptism in the near future. Please continue to pray for Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship, the pastor and elders and all of the various ministries that God is working in and through!


Horizon Radio FM 97.3

I watched recently as one of the last portions of the 240 foot tower was erected

Final sections of the tower was installed; the entire work was done by the men in the fellowship!

 and no longer is a Christian Radio in Spanish Lookout just a dream and something that Isaac Dueck envisioned one day but it is now a reality. Just a few moments ago, Isaac notified me that the antenna was installed and hopefully broadcasting will begin in a couple weeks. We reminisced about the time when he accompanied me to an NRB Convention, Isaac is one of the Board of Directors of Lighthouse Christian Radio Ministry, and he asked what it would take to get a radio station in Spanish Lookout. He recalled me telling him to apply for a license and how impossible that seemed in his mind at that time. Not to mentioned that this had never been done before that someone from the Mennonite Community of Spanish Lookout would do this seeing that listening to radio was not acceptable until some 12 years ago. He shared with me how he uses to sneak a radio in secret in order to listen and now he is director of the first Christian Radio station in Spanish Lookout. Amazing, truly amazing what the Lord is doing with ordinary people who trust in a big God!


Isaac & Clive, thanking God for a dream becoming reality!

God has provided in amazing ways for the transmitter, antenna and other equipments necessary and in ways that only He can get the glory. It is truly a privilege and honor to watch the Lord working step by step in providing all that is needed from beginning to end and using folks who knew nothing about radio broadcasting and now learning daily and eagerly anticipating the day when God’s Word will be broadcasted verse by verse, chapter by chapter and book by book to all in their community, surrounding villages and even reaching into parts of Belize District. Thank you all so much for your prayers and please continue to pray for the final things needed to begin broadcasting quickly!

Praises to God for:


All the men of Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship for the hard work and the wives for the sacrifices made during the work on Horizon Radio!


An uneventful hurricane season so far, the peak hurricane season is between now and November.


Edler Blas doing very well in his studies at the Bible School in El Salvador, he is excited about all he is learning and falling more in love daily with the grace of God!


Alexander, a young man from Valley of Peace, who is studying to be a pastor someday, encouraging!


Thurman, a young man that I met when I first came to Belize and have been in and out of trouble and prison, he’s now growing in the Lord at Machaca Outreach Center!


Eric being sponsored so he can attend third form, his father is in prison and mother couldn’t afford to send him, thank you Lord for providing!


Please pray for:


-A radical move of God in the country of Belize, every district, city, town and village.

-Laws of Belize to keep abortion illegal and a unified, loving but bold voice against the homosexual agenda in Belize!

-A church plant in San Pedro Town, newly forming Bible Study.

-Outpouring of God’s Spirit on the believers in San Pedro Town to be a witness!

-Dennis, have had several opportunities to share in length with him, he needs Jesus!

-Pierre, new believer who needs encouragement and growth.

-A media missionary, mission minded volunteers, and/or missionaries for San Pedro!

-My personal monthly support which has dropped below ½ over the past few months.


Upcoming events and dates of interest:


Sept. 10, Commemorates the Battle of St. George’s Caye


Sept. 21, Belize Independence Day: 29 years old!


Sept. 27, marks 16 years since returning to Belize, I left when I was 11 years old.


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Thank you for taking the time to read this Update and for praising, praying, and doing your part as we co-labor with the Lord together in the lives of many in Belize that you will one day meet in Heaven!

In His love and grace,

Clive Welsh





Board of Elders: Clive, Rudy, Ronald and Jacob!