Aug Sept Moon 195“Cast your care on the Lord, and He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved.” Psalms 55:22


One of the biggest challenge during the summer months is trying to accommodate mission teams, visitors and events schedules and each year I’m baffled at how it all fits together at the end. This season was no exceptions and I’m thankful to the Lord for His all sufficient grace that upheld me through the back to back and sometimes overlapping schedule. As mentioned previously, the volunteer left four months into his one year commitment on the very first day of the Action Sports Camp which left a huge gap at the radio station. I had previously arranged with a good friend to have her troubled son from the mainland come over and be a part of the Sports Camp which added to my challenge but the Lord gave me the necessary strength and blessed us with a fruitful event. Many lives where touched and the gospel was both shared and demonstrated through the vehicle of sports. The Lord also worked in the life of the young man who was going through difficulties as he was loved on and ministered to by the team from Dallas, Texas and I’m still getting good reports from his mom!


Summer Swim Splash:


Casey Bateman instructing kids on water safety in Caribbean Sea.

Casey Bateman instructing kids on water safety in Caribbean Sea.

Casey Bateman, a triathlete on the US National Team, arrived in San Pedro Town the day before the Action Sports team left the island. I was referred to him by my good friends from One Way Board Shop in Central California when I was helping Eric Donis to fulfill his dream of representing Belize in the upcoming Olympics. He has since had a change of heart and direction which was a surprise and shock, putting it likely, as the main purpose for Casey’s trip was to train with Eric. Nonetheless, we organized a  3 day Swim Camp and had a great turn out as Casey taught water safety, swim techniques and all strokes to those who attended. It was a blessing to have a US Olympian swimmer teaching the kids, ages 7 – 17 as well as some of the upcoming triathletes. On the final day, he organized a swim competition and run through the streets of San Pedro for the various ages. So many commented on Casey’s ability in teaching kids who has never swam before to float comfortably on their back, which he said is a basic skill everyone needed to know and would be rescued if needed. It was heartbreaking that Eric no longer wanted to pursue triathlon but three young men stood out to Casey and he encouraged them in the sport and shortly after the Swim Camp those same guys competed in an Iron Man and won first place and was the youngest ever to compete in that division. I marveled once again at how the Lord worked in connecting me with Casey (lives touching lives) and allowed him to come to Belize to share his gifts and talents with the youth in San Pedro while he trained for upcoming events to qualify for the World Games and eventually the 2016 Olympics!


Pastors Breakfast with Mayor:


San Pedro Town Mayor Danny Guerrero joined the Pastors for Breakfast Meeting at Ramon's Village Resort.

San Pedro Town Mayor Danny Guerrero joined the Pastors for Breakfast Meeting at Ramon’s Village Resort.

Each month the Evangelical Alliance of San Pedro, comprising of six pastors and two ministry leaders, meet for breakfast at Ramon’s Village Resort. We invited the Mayor of San Pedro Town, Danny Guerrero to our breakfast meeting who shared with us about the important role that the church plays in San Pedro. He was very impressed by the Alliance and mentioned that there has never been an organization of its kind on the island and how he appreciates the work that we are doing. He shared his concerns about the youth of San Pedro and asked the pastors for help and that is when we presented to him our desire to reach the young people through a Youth Rally. He was very excited about it and we expressed his involvement in it and working with the principals of schools to get everyone involved. We prayed for him and shared with him the admonition of the Apostle Paul in Timothy to ‘pray for those who rule over us so we may live peaceable lives’. We will make it a point to pray for him on a monthly basis and he expressed appreciation for our prayers!


Clive showing his sister Eleanor the view from Mayan Ruins in Western Belize.

Clive showing his sister Eleanor the view from Mayan Ruins in Western Belize.

Family Visit:

My sister contacted me and asked if I’d plan her trip to Belize for her and her husband. Eleanor was nine years old when she left Belize and was coming back home to celebrate her 55th birthday. I scheduled their trip and hosted them for eight days showing them some of the sites and beauty of Belize. Eleanor commented about having a deeper understanding of our mother from her trip and what she went through in raising six children as a single mom. They enjoyed their time in San Pedro Town and was really blessed by the various ministries that took place at Lighthouse Christian Radio. It had been a very long time since we had spent so much time together in a very long time and looking forward to having her come back again and she promised she would. One of her highlight was meeting a half-sister that we have in Belize City and the resemblance was startling. To date, three of my sisters have returned to Belize and for each one it was a time of healing and deeper appreciation for the hard work that my mother went through and the many sacrifices she made for her family. Also a fresh reminder of why God directed me back to Belize as a missionary; to make a difference in the lives of the many Clives and Eleanors living in Belize and pointing them to Jesus Christ as the only true source of healing and hope!



Immediate Need:


Jr. College student working on school project in Student Resource Room/Staff Apartment.

Jr. College student working on school project in Student Resource Room/Staff Apartment.

As school as resumed on the island and students of all ages are adjusting to their new academic year, we see the need to assist older students with resources to assist them in their studies. Most students are not able to afford personal computers or internet and so they spend money on the local Internet Cafes which adds up depending on the amount of assignments and projects. We’ve opened our Staff Apartment in the past as a Student Resource Center and many in their last year of High School or in the Junior College have been blessed and assisted by using our laptops, printer and internet connection. However, the laptops that was donated to us for that purpose are old and currently not working so we are asking if you’re able to donate either funds to purchase laptops or laptops that are in good working condition for the students to use. Thanks for considering assisting in the education of students in San Pedro Town!


Another immediate need is for help with the Radio Ministry; operations in the day to day duties of a radio station with computer and broadcasting experience preferred but a willingness to learn and serve is key. Apart from the operations, we are in need of ministry minded team to be developed to serve in the various outreach of the ministry; friendship evangelism, Sports Outreach (a great tool for reaching kids with the gospel), ministering to children in crisis, counseling, HIV/AIDS ministry and many other ways of being Jesus to those who are in desperately need. If you know of anyone, Christian College or University with an internship or mission department who can assist us with this while their students are getting exposed to missions in a very practical and impacting way, please direct them to me for more information.



Prayer & Praise:


Please pray for a time to retreat, rest and revive after a very busy season of mission teams, events, visitors, and drastic changes in ministry!


Thankful for God’s sufficient grace during very difficult season of ministry!


Pray for a ministry team to be developed at Lighthouse Christian Radio Ministry; likeminded and heart to see the lost reached, the hurting healed and the hopeless becoming hopeful!


Thanking God for the many opportunities to represent Him at many of the San Pedro Town Council events where I’m asked to open in prayers!


Please pray for continual protection during this peak hurricane season!


Giving thanks for my sister and brother-in-law’s visit and renewal of relationship!


Please pray for the seed of the gospel that is sown in the hearts of those I’ve shared with over the past months; for laborers to water and God to save!


Thank you for your continual financial support, prayer support and standing with me over the years in the ministry fields in Belize!


Much love, grace and peace,


Clive Welsh


Casey Bateman, his girlfriend Jenny and Clive meets with President of the Belize National Triathlon Association for lunch.

Casey Bateman, his girlfriend Jenny and Clive meets with President of the Belize National Triathlon Association for lunch.

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