Let it be to me according to your word.” Luke 1:38


Clive Welsh in Central Park, San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye

As the celebration of Christmas Day are a few days behind us with all of the memories of special times with family and friends filled with good food and traditions. Most of us have read or heard the Christmas story or perhaps seem it enacted in children plays and performances. Something has left an impression upon your heart or mind this Christmas that will be treasured for some time or forever. For me, the words of Mary have stirred deeply in me and I cannot stop thinking about her absolute surrender to the will and word of God, ‘let it be to me according to your word’. She had no idea of what that surrender and commit would mean to her future and the future of the world. As 2012 is quickly approaching, none of us know what it holds but as we surrender to His will and purposes for our lives we will have an effect not just on our lives but on others in the future!


I attended Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship Christmas Banquet and spending that time

Pastor Rudy, son, Clive, Ronald and Isaac after Christmas Banquet

with the Body was very special and that was truly when it began to feel like Christmas. I was also privileged by sharing the Word on Christmas morning at Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship. As I gazed out on the folks who attended, I began to thank the Lord and rejoiced in the work He has done in the lives of those I had gotten to know over the past 10 years. The depth of fellowship and friendships developed over those years with this amazing group of seekers of God’s grace and being able to see the abounding fruits leaves me chocked up and looking up to God for the honor of being a part of it. One of my most favorite part of the of the Sunday morning service at Amazing Grace is when the children are dismissed for their classes and to see the eager faces as file out ever so quickly from the sanctuary leaving over half of the seats

Amazing Grace kids after Christmas Day Service playing outside of church

empty. Well, this past Sunday as I was leaving church and heading to the parking lot, many of the kids were at the entrance of the church playing with their gifts and crafts. I began to count them; about 18, as well as asking them their ages and most of them were under 8 years old. That is when it hit me that the fellowship was formed before anyone of them was born. They are truly the fruits of the ministry. Many of them have such a love for the Word and their grasp of the Scriptures is astounding. Pastor Rudy Plett commented recently that his daughter has far more knowledge of the Scriptures now than he had when he was her age. And it is a thrill to see some of the youth involved in the youth group and worship team. What a wonderful work God has done and continues to do at Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship; to Him be the glory!


Christmas in Belize (Belize Navidad)


After speaking at Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship on Christmas morning, I packed my bags once again and heading for San Pedro Town with several stops in Belmopan. The first was for Christmas lunch with a precious family and then it was off to pick up Florencio, my Mayan friend who was going to the island with me to help with the upcoming outreach. It was off to the International Airport to meet some of the Believers World Outreach team who arrived on Christmas day and traveled over to the island on December 27. It was then over to San Pedro by flight from the Municipal Airport and by the grace of God got on the last flight. Christmas dinner was provided by a friend who packed it for us, Edler and Florencio, to eat together at the radio station. Not the typical Christmas Day but a blessed one celebrating the King’s birth by serving Him!


After Christmas Football Tournament & Events:


Girls from the San Pedro Roman Catholic School participating in Tournament

The Believers World Mission returns to Belize with a team of 22 to minister God’s love with the children of San Pedro Town. This year’s team consisted of 2 families; a family of 7 with 5 kids ranging in ages 2-10 and the other family of 5 with 3 kids ages 2, 4, and 5. With school out for the Christmas most of the kids on the island have nothing to do and recalling the results of  last year where many lives were touch and several came to know the Lord. So when Believers World Outreach asked to return I couldn’t refuse knowing that it was going to be a busy transitional time for us. The mornings are filled with a football (soccer) tournament and the afternoons,

Cameron, 10 year old team member, led his new friend to Jesus after VBS in the Park

a VBS in the Park with over 80 kids attending. It’s always a marvel to me how the Lord works and how He is using the teams to touch lives. Hunter, a 10 year old son of one of the team members, led a 5 year old boy to the Lord after the VBS and asked if we can have a baptism service for him over the weekend. It is so powerful to see kids ministering to kids and the impact the  they are making on the Belizean kids, amazing!


Looking Back on 2011


As I look back on the past year of ministry in Belize and beyond, the faithfulness of God would summarize it! It has been a very challenging year in many areas both personally and in ministry with times of frustration, heartbreaks and sleepless nights. But the joys of watching God touch and change lives always overshadows the hard times! Countless names and faces flashes through my mind as I write this and with each one I cannot help but think of the impact that each one of you have had in these lives through your prayers and financial support throughout the year. Thank you!!


Family Movie Night in Central Park, reaching out to the Community

Looking Ahead in 2012


I have many dreams and vision of things that I’d like to see happen in my life and ministry in Belize but I’m resolving to simply trust in the Lord, wait and see what He will do and realize that I’m to continue abiding. I know there will be changes at the Lighthouse as Edler will be leaving at the end of January to go back home to Nicaragua. At this time we have no replacement for him. He will be hard guy to replace and have done a tremendous job of assisting me over the past year. He sees the necessity to go back home for a period of time to be with family as several of them are ill and then continue to seek the Lord for the next step in his life. Please pray for him and his family in this time!


Galcom International has sent us another 1,000 solar powered, fixed tuned radio and just in time because we recently ran out and are receiving many request for them. We are also excited about Ron Huinink from Galcom coming to San Pedro Town to replace our rusting guide-wires for the tower. We really don’t know fully the impact those radios are having but from a few of the stories we hear, we rejoice in the Lord for using them and many other tools in getting the gospel out. Thank you very much Galcom for your partnership in the gospel!


Well, I close off this Update by asking God’s richest blessings upon you this upcoming New Year. May He ever increase in you and through you as He takes you to higher heights and deeper depths in His love and grace. Also, remember to forget what lies behind and press toward all that He has in store for you in 2012. I greatly appreciate you very much for all of you for your sacrificial giving during this time of financial hardships and looking forward to continue in His service alongside of you as long as God permits. Please contact me with comments and encouragements as they go a very long way!


In Him and yours always,
Clive Welsh


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