“For You, Lord, have made me glad through Your work, I will triumph in the works of Your hands.” Psalms 92:4

In the midst of the daily routine of life and ministry in Belize with all of its challenges, surprises, up and down; late night calls with lengthy counseling sessions, nonstop schedule and deadlines. I have had moments when I’m overwhelmed by it all and that is when I’m reminded that for those very reasons are why I am in Belize and doing exactly what God has purposed for such a time as this. Then comes seasons where I get to see some of the results of years of toiling that overshadows the disappointments, difficulties and hardships. One of those recent encouragements has been Edler Blas, the young man that you’ve been reading a lot about in previous updates, which brings together both my life’s theme and ministry focus ‘Lives touching lives’ and ‘Belize and beyond’.

(Clive and Edler on their journey from Belize to San Salvador by bus)

Lives touching lives: I’ve been given so many amazing opportunities over the years, by the grace of God, to meet and touch a life for Christ in a significant way and to later see that life making a powerful impact for Christ on other lives and in great ways that only in Heaven will the complete stories be known. Thus the phrase ‘lives touching lives’. I’ve seen that happened in my life by those who have radically impacted me for the Lord by their lives touching mine. There are countless stories of lives that God has touched in Belize but one stands out of late and that is Edler Blas. Edler is a Nicaraguan living in San Pedro Town, Belize for the past 3 years. When I first met him he spoke only Spanish and as most of you know, I only know a handful of words and short phrases, enough to get me in a lot of trouble or cause many to laugh at me. The Lord directed me to Edler immediately after meeting him and before long I had been given the honor of being his adopted Belizean father. That seems very popular in Central American countries where there is such a lack of fathers or/and father’s involvement in the lives of their sons especially. I saw this young man’s heart for the Lord and hunger for His Word that gravitated me to him and have been involved in discipling him ever since, which has been a challenge and sometimes very humorous as we used internet Spanish to English translations while he developed in his English speaking skills. Cutting a very long story short, Edler and I boarded a mini van last Thursday afternoon on our long journey through Guatemala to San Salvador where he was accepted in the Bible School at the Calvary Chapel El Salvador. After spending a night in Flores, Guatemala and an 11 hour journey the following day, we were greeting at the Bus Terminal in El Salvador by Violeta, a remarkably helpful sister in the Lord and Pastor Carlos’s secretary and the orientation to a new country, new church, new apartment, new school and a new beginning began for Edler. Thank God for the wonderful works of His Hands!

(Edler Blas at Calvary Chapel San Salvador, getting a tour of the Church and Bible School)

Belize and Beyond: I’ve often seen Belize as my main focus of ministry yet God has given me an unexplainable heart for the Spanish speaking people of Central America over the past four years. Interestingly enough, just about every people group imaginable can be found in this tiny nation of Belize and more so Ambergris Caye where a large portion of its residents have migrated from Central American nations. I get thrilled at just the thought of the Gospel going from Belize and other Central American countries to the ends of the earth as we become apart of the mission force and not just a mission field. Needless to say how much that excitement builds when I hear of other likeminded brothers with the same vision such as Pastor Carlos Ballista of CC El Salvador. He truly sees this as an opportunity and a prototype for many from all over Central America to attend for equipping and preparation for ministry. Edler was very well received by the Body and we both sense the awe and responsibility of being involved in this historical event of him being the very first of many to come for training and preparation for a life of ministry. His excitement overshadowed the homesickness, cultural differences and the uncertain future. I felt like a proud father taking his son to College for the very first time and we shared special times of prayers, tears and memories before I departed last Sunday. Thank God for what He has done, is doing and will do!

Interestingly enough, he will be serving daily at the radio station at the church while attending classes in the evening and I told him that this might be God’s way of preparing him so he can work with us at Lighthouse when he returns. Please pray daily for Edler as he will be going through a lot of changes as God breaks, shapes, and molds him into all that He desires during this time in the Word at Bible School. Also, please pray for him to find a job in order to pay for his personal expenses. A special thank you to those who have contributed to his travel expenses! When I told him about the 2 people who sent finances and said that they would be praying for him, tears filled his eyes and all he uttered was, “Wow……grace, grace!” Thank God for answers to prayers!

(Pastor Carlos teaching the Word at the Saturday evening service at CC San Salvador)

Making a difference in Belize: I have been thrilled to see the work that God has been doing in Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship over the past years of ministry and now the work that He is about to do through the church with Horizon Radio. The tower has arrived in Belize, cleaned up, painted and ready to be erected. The foundation for both the tower and radio station building has been laid and we look forward with great anticipation of the next step, that being purchasing the transmitter and other vital equipments. As well as making arrangements with the engineers that Galcom International will assist with in getting the station on the air. It is exciting to see the Body rallying around and participating in prayers and preparation in this venture. Isaac Dueck, Jacob Penner and I will be attending this year National Religious Broadcasters Convention where we look forward to networking with fellow broadcasters and seeing what the Lord will do in providing resources, assistance and expertise for Horizon Radio. Please pray for many divine appointments and provisions of funds and equipments for us to go on air within the time given to do so by the Belize Broadcasting Authority!

(Foundation for the tower and radio station building for Horizon Radio next to Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship building)

I wanted to let you know of other Calvary Chapel Ministries in Belize that are making a difference as well. Recently I met with these brothers for lunch to share, encourage and fellowship with each other. It was a blessing to hear what and how the Lord is working in each of their respective ministries and it goes without saying how much I appreciate each one of them as their heart for the people of Belize as evidenced by their labor of love and sacrificial giving their lives. I always leave those times with an overflowing heart of gratitude to the Lord for answering my prayers in my earlier years in Belize by sending these men and their families. Each are in difference areas yet vital areas of ministries in the country of Belize; Joel & Denise Meyer in Belize City, John & Lisa Gotz in Punta Gorda, Jim & Ana in Placentia, Patrick & Diena in San Ignacio, Jim & Debbie Tucker in the Cayo District and Rudy & Rachel Plett (Belizeans) in Spanish Lookout. Please pray for these brothers and sisters that God would continue to use them to further His work in Belize as they impact their perspective areas with the gospel, discipling and raising up nationals for the work of the ministry!

(Patrick, John, Joel, Jim, and Rudy at a recent lunch in Belmopan)

Another one of the work that the Lord has made me very glad over is being apart of the  development of a media group of likeminded Christians to effectively use the powerful tool of media in impacting and reaching many with the gospel of Jesus Christ. With over eleven Christian Radio stations and one Christian Television station in Belize, it is of necessity that we come together and form a voice for Christian Media in Belize and by so doing can literally blanket the entire Nation. Louis Wade, the owner and manager of Plus TV, the only Christian Television in Belize and close brother and friend have shared similar vision for sure a group to be developed in Belize for several years now. Louis was stirred into action after speaking with Dr. Chuck Pollak of Sharing Ministries during the Media Conference last month and he quickly called me as he knew from past conversation that I’ve had similar vision. We met with several others to pray and share our hearts about this issue and the group was birth. We will now meet with others in Christian Media to launch this new ministry whose main function is to come together for the purpose of seeing God’s Kingdom expanded in Belize through Christian Media by encouraging, sharing, networking and supporting each other. A proposed name for this group is Fellowship of Christian Communicators and I will keep you update on this after we have our first meeting sometime in next month.

Please pray for the formation of this that it would be used greatly by the Lord to literally reach the nation of Belize through the powerful tools of Media!Prayer Request & Praise Report:Horizon Radio, Spanish Lookout; financial provisions for building and equipment.

Prayer Requests

  • Edler as he adjusts to the Bible School, Church, working and live in El Salvador.
  • For wisdom, direction and vision for newly form Media Ministry and its first meeting.
  • For Nelson Caliz as he will be moving from San Pedro and quitting his part time job.
  • For Shelly and Brian that their residency would be approve quickly.
  • For workers, volunteers, missionaries to assist in the radio ministry in San Pedro Town.
  • For a curbing of Juvenal crime in San Pedro Town and my effectiveness as a Justice of the Peace as we assist with patrolling and implementing youth curfew.
  • Pray for me to learn the Spanish language and do what is necessary learn.
  • Praising God for safe travels through Guatemala and to San Salvador for Edler and I.
  • Praising God for the formation of Fellowship of Christian Communicators in Belize.
  • Thanking God for His daily faithfulness and daily provisions my needs!

Upcoming Schedule & Events:
February 26 – March 3 National Religious Broadcasters Convention Nashville, Tennessee.March 8 – 28      

Kerstin Rodder returns to Belize for a visit from Calvary Chapel Siegen, Germany.March 13         

Possible first meeting of the Fellowship Christian Communicators.March 26, 27               

YC Belize (Youth Conference) “Live it out Loud” University of Belize Gymnasium

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Serving Him alongside of you in Belize and beyond,

Clive Welsh

(Clive and Dr. Frank Wright, President of the National Religious Broadcasters Association surprise visit to Lighthouse Christian Radio, San Pedro Town)