Clive Welsh sharing at the Men's Breakfast at CC Saving Grace

The days are indeed passing by quickly and here we are almost at the end of the
first month of the New Year and with it the daily affairs of life as we seek to
serve and glory our risen Savior and faithful Lord! I returned to California
the week after our After Christmas Outreach events to have a follow-up
examination with an eye specialist to begin treatment for the beginning stages
of glaucoma. While there I was able to share my testimony with the guys at the
Men’s Breakfast at Calvary Chapel Saving Grace. Recalling the wonderful works
of God in my life in drawing me to Him is always a huge boost of encouragement
knowing that the good work that He has started He will be faithful and will
complete. I was energized, rested and ready for the task ahead of following Him
where ever He leads, whenever He calls, to whomever He directs me to. That was
tested immediately as I sought to fly back to Belize and missing 8 back to back
flights with my stand-by travel status which through off my schedule by a day
and had to readjust others schedules as well. I soon found out the reason as I
met a young man who was sitting reading his Bible as he was coming back to the
Lord after a season of backsliding. After encouraging him in the Word and
praying for him we enjoyed sweet fellowship and I got on the last flight for
the day; 10 hours in the airport was worth it to see this young man restored in
fellowship with Jesus and my resolved confirmed.


Lighthouse Christian Radio Ministry:


Ron Huinik installing new guide-wires on tower.

Ron Huinik from Galcom International, Canada was waiting for me in Belize and my
delay enabled him one more day to get another Christian Radio up and running; it
was off to the island to have the new guide-wires installed at Lighthouse
Christian Radio. Ron was with the crew from Galcom who installed our tower and
guide wires 4 years ago. It was quite a shock to see how these strong cables
had rusted to the condition they were in and I was reminded of the similarity of
rust and sin; if left un-dealt with it will destroy even the strongest. We are
so grateful for Ron who used his vacation time from his regular job in Canada
to journey down to help 3 Christian Radio stations in Belize. Thank you Lord
for Galcom and the many who made that possible!



Edler Blas, who served for a year as my assistant overseeing the operations at

Edler Blas and Clive Welsh serving at Lighthouse Radio Ministry

Lighthouse Christian Radio, will be leaving to return to his home country of
Nicaragua in a few days. I met Edler over 5 years ago shortly after he became a
Christian and moved to Belize where he worked as a construction worker. He
quickly became a friend in spite of the language barrier and developed a
father/son relationship as he adopted me as his Belizean father. He expressed a
desire to know God’s Word so we were able to send him to the Bible College at
the Calvary Chapel San Salvador for a year and then returned to Belize to serve
in the ministry. Due to family’s health issues Edler decided to return to
Nicaragua. He will be greatly missed as he has been a great help to me in so
many area which lighten my load and enabled me to be away from the radio station
for periods of time. He also taught a weekly Spanish Bible study and has been
discipling Juan Carlos, our student intern who lived with him in the staff
apartment. Please pray for Edler as he continues to pursue the Lord and follow
His lead for the next season of his life!


Dennis Requena with new born son Jonathon Alexander

We are blessed to be a part of the lives of many who has served at the Lighthouse
and seeing how the Lord has used their time here to prepare them for their
future ministry and life. One such person is Dennis Requena who I met in 1999
and soon after he asked if I would be his father since he lost his father at a
very early age. He worked alongside of me from the inception of the radio
station in 2003 and served for 5 years. He married Lorena and moved to the
mainland where he a teacher at Roaring Creek Nazarene Primary School and now he
is the proud father of Jonathon Alexander who was born on January 8.


Elmer Montero, our full time paid Belizean staff, expressed to me recently how much it
has helped him being at Lighthouse. He was working as a landscaper during the
day and attending school in the evening. He came on staff and worked for a few
hours between his day job and night school which was a very crazy schedule for him. We took a step of faith and offered him full time work with us as we needed someone with his computer skills and could do the daily Newscast in English. He had no previous experience but jumped in and learned and is now training others. Elmer is now attending the Jr. College and will receive his Associate of Arts degree in December of this year in Business Administration and hope to start his own business. We’re grateful to the Lord to be able to raise up and assist those that He directs to serve alongside of us.


Elmer Montero working on computer in the Lighthouse studio

On a personal note:


Jesus said that the fields are ripe for the harvest and the laborers are few. I am
ever so mindful of that reality over the years and especially seeing the
growing needs in the community and if I was to be very bold and honest, I’d say
that it is overwhelming and discouraging. We need help and cannot continue like
this with so much to do and not enough people and resources to get it done
effectively and efficiently. So would you please pray that the Lord of the
Harvest to send out laborers into the harvest field in San Pedro Town and in
the meantime, give me wisdom on what to do and not do. Also, please pray about
financially supporting me as my monthly support has dropped considerable over
the past 6 months. I don’t like to talk about it or mention it but feel the
necessity to let you know. I will be more than glad to share with you
personally how you can come alongside of the many that benefit from the monthly
support that I receive; 3 High School students, student intern allowance, etc.


Neighborhood boy picking up donated bread from The Baker from the Lighthouse!

Upcoming Events & Prayer Request:


Jan. 29: Edler Blas leaves Belize for Nicaragua by bus.

Please pray for safety in travel, direction and wisdom for next step in his life,
provision and protection.


Please pray for Elmer and John (volunteer for 3 months) during the transition period
in Edler’s departure.


Jan. 29: Annual Justice of the Peace Association Meeting, Belize City


Jan. 30: Preliminary Hearing of Homosexual lawsuit of Belize Government

Supreme Court case will be set; pray for wisdom for all involved in defending the
constitution of Belize.


Feb. 10 -12: Invited to One Conference in Miami, Florida.

Please pray for provision and needed encouragement/fellowship.


Feb. 17 – 21: NRB Association Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

Please pray for divine appointments and contacts for radio ministry.


Feb. 22 -29: Mark Seignious, Associate Professor of Communication at Northwestern
College doing lectures at San Pedro High and Broadcasting Seminar for high
school and Jr. College students at Lighthouse.


Please continue to pray for me that I may truly fulfill God’s purposes for having me
in Belize and doing what He has called me to do; nothing more, nothing less and
nothing else! Thank you for your continual prayers and financial support, every
little bit counts and I am very grateful!


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