The word ‘busy’ seems to come up all too often when I’m asked how I am doing and I do not like to be categorized by what I’m doing rather than who I am because I know what it’s like to be around ‘busy’ people; you feel as if you’re intruding in their plans or a bother. Being in the ministry is all about being involved in people lives and even if we are busy, we need to take great care in making each person feel as important as they truly are in the sight of our Lord. Following His example and observing how He treats each person He came in contact with will truly enable us to tend to those in our lives as He tends to us, His sheep!




Hurricane Season:

Lighthouse Radio Station and San Pedro Town prepares for Hurricane Ernesto.

Several days after the West Grove team left the island, I was scrambling to wrap up loose ends, getting things back to normal before packing to leave for a follow-up eye examination of my newly diagnosis of the early stages of glaucoma.  Apart from my appointment with the Ophthalmologist, I spent hours either sleeping or resting as I was exhausted from the previous nonstop months of activities. After a very quick trip, it was back to island to attend a friend’s wedding followed by preparation for the first hurricane of the season. Hurricane Ernesto quickly formed and was heading directly to Ambergris Caye with predicted landfall for last Tuesday. I was quickly tossed in the reporter mode by attending National Emergency Management Organization meetings and interviewing the Mayor, Meteorologist and NEMO coordinator for regular news reports for Lighthouse Christian Radio and updates for Plus TV in Belmopan.  As the residents of Ambergris Caye made preparation, over a thousand voluntarily left the island, and many in lowland areas moved to higher ground and we gave regular updates on the radio to inform and encouraged listeners. As Elmer secured the radio station, I prepared the other 3 apartments the best I could and our landlord boarded up the windows. By this time the hurricane changed course and moved to the north of us and we were out of its direct path. Being the only one on site, I did final rounds of the third floor and went to bed and listened off and on to the radio station praying that it would not go off the air with the recent issues we were having with it. The heavy winds howled loudly and the rain poured down for several hours Wednesday morning and the borrowed antenna survived Ernesto.  I’m so grateful for the many who prayed and encouraged me via Facebook and was also blessed that we never lost electricity and remained on the air the entire time!

Calvary Chapel West Grove Mission Team:


Amazing Grace kids learning new songs with hand motions!

The High School ministry of CC West Grove spent a week on the mainland of Belize and did a two day VBS at Marla’s House of Hope, a home for sexually abused kids and for the kids of Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship. The high school students taught the children new songs and related Bible Stories in ways that they will never forget. It blessed me so much to watch the children being loved on by the students on the team. Pastor Eric Nelson along with worship leaders Ryan and Courtney conducted a Worship Leaders mini-seminar for the worship leaders and those interested in worship at Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship. The fellowship was greatly ministered to as Pastor Eric shared at the Wednesday evening bible study, the Sunday morning service and the Youth Night and enjoyed a fun day at Mountain Pine Ridge with the young people from the church. It was off to Ambergris Caye for the team of 28 for another week of Sport Camps in the mornings, VBS in the Park in the afternoons, and evenings of recreation with the local kids in Central Park. They also did a VBS for Brighter Tomorrow Pre-school which is always a highlight for the team as they’ve developed relationships with the Christian couple who runs it.


Lighthouse Christian Radio Anniversary Celebration:


Marching through the streets of San Pedro Town, celebrating 8 years of broadcasting!

We celebrated the 8th anniversary of the radio station on Friday July 20, with a parade through the streets of San Pedro Town with the children who participated in the week’s activities along with radio listeners. It was a great time of handing out tracts and candy to those who lined the parade route for several blocks and ended at the Central Park. Once at the park there was face painting, games and refreshments for all followed by a concert with Dennis Requena. He was the first staff that operated the radio station for many years in the very beginning days. It was a thrill to look over the past 8 years and see all that the Lord has done!  Calvary Chapel West Grove brought many school supplies, sports equipment, gift and toys that were raffled off to the local kids at the end of the evening. The grand prize was a new bicycle donated by local Christian businessman and a young boy named Gilberto won it. I took him to the Hardware store to pick up his new bike the following day and I asked him if he was going to give his old bike to his brother since he won a new one. He told me that he was going to give the new bike to his younger brother Ronnier. A shopper in the store overheard our conversation and was so moved by the boys sharing heart that he gave me some money to give to Gilberto. I found out that the boys were Christians from a large and poor family on the island, I cannot express the joy I experienced just being there and a part of blessing this family!


Equipment Update:


Clive seeking to secure cables on the antenna before hurricane approaches.

Now that the celebration is over, my eye appointment behind me as well as the season’s first hurricane gone, it is now time to focus all attention on the solving the issues with the transmitter/antennas. We have continued broadcasting at limited coverage and have had callers asking why they cannot hear us as usual. We recently received a call from Caye Caulker, a nearby island, telling us that he misses the teaching programs and hearing the News daily. He asked if he can come across to Ambergris Caye to borrow Christian books and material as he is so hungry for the Word and misses Christian Radio badly as this was his only source of feeding. Stories like these really stirs my heart to getting this resolved and back broadcasting the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ through the Lighthouse as soon as possible. We are hoping to get Jorge, the engineer, to the island this coming week to re-hook the antennas to the transmitter in order to get a proper reading and then report it to HCJB for evaluations. The last speculation was that we’ve experienced lightning strike that has damaged the transmitter and if that is the case, we will be needing a new transmitter and then having the damaged one repaired and used for a back-up in case of future incidents for us or other Christian radio stations in the country. We are really in need of the finances to purchase a new transmitter and perhaps replacing the antennas. Will you please pray about being a part of getting us back up to full power and reach even further than before as we ‘shine the Light in the darkness 24/7 to all San Pedro, Caye Caulker and beyond.?”


Lighthouse Christian Radio is supported solely by 5 teaching programs that air daily along and one local News sponsor which pay for the rent, utilities, and Elmer’s salary. All of our equipment needs and what it takes to operate 24 hours/7day week broadcasting comes from generous donators and folks like you who have a heart to reach lives through Christian radio. If you have any questions or desire to assist in any way, please contact me personally by email or contact Saving Grace World Mission at the address and phone number given below. Donations can be made through the secured website at www.sgwm.com/welsh. Please specify your donation to Transmitter, Antenna or Generator. Thank you!


Lives Touching Lives:


Florencio sharing the joy of the Lord in the midst of very difficult times!

Florencio called me to inform me that his father wants all of them out of the house; he has another woman and no longer wants to take care of them. This is the young Mayan that I wrote about in previous Updates. He has been struggling with his father’s unfaithfulness to the family for years and has stood up to him when he wanted to have the other woman moved into their house. At 17 year he works weekends and after school cutting grass for neighbors in order to help provide for his family and still maintained a 90.2 grade point average and took second place in his class. He has walked with the Lord for over almost 3 years and in the midst of very difficult situations continues to seek the Lord for help. Florencio is a source of encouragement each time we talk and reminds me of why I am here in Belize and doing what I’m doing, touching lives that will touch others and make a difference in Belize for the Kingdom of God!


I recently men a young man Eric, a high school senior who recently swam from Caye Caulker to Ambergris Caye in the Eco-Challenge to protect against off shore drilling in Belize. As I was interviewing him on the radio I was really impressed with his drive, passion and determination to make a difference in the lives of the young people of Belize. He later organized a Swim Camp for children on the island to teach them how to swim or developing their swimming skills. I sensed this guy was one I should come alongside of to be an encouragement to in his quest to make a difference. As I got to know him, he shared his dream of being a triathlete and someday to represent Belize in the Olympics. He has placed first or second in all of his competitions and has been on honor role

Excited kids receiving backpacks for school!

for the past three years. In a recent conversation with him he shared with me about his father leaving them when he was 5 years old and his mother raising 4 children with the help of their relatives. He asked if I could assist him in getting a bike so he could compete in upcoming national races and has an opportunity to participate in representing Belize in Panama. He usually would borrow or rent a bike and would like to have his own so he can practice. When asking him what I can bring him for the upcoming school year, he blurred out that I am like a father to him. I told him that any father would be so very proud of him and tears filled our eyes and my heart was touched deeply. Again, I’m reminded why I am here and doing what I’m doing, touching lives and pointing them to the Father of the fatherless!

Kids receiving school supplies donated by CC West Grove Team!

As mentioned in previous Updates, Belize is a small nation of fatherless and we’ve seen the bitter fruits of it with the increase of gang violence, visionless youth with no goals or aspirations, increase of crime by those in late teens and early 20ies, a severe lack of positive male role model and good examples to follow and a bold rise of homosexuality among young people.


Prayer Request:     


Please pray for an outpouring of God’s Spirit on the young people of Belize and that godly, role models and examples for the 65% of the population in the age bracket of 25 years old and under. God help us!

Please pray for Florencio and Eric in their situations and that God would provide for them in ways that only He can and that they would in turn touch lives for Christ.


Please pray for the finances to have our transmitter evaluated, replaced or repaired as soon as possible so as not to interrupt broadcasting!


Please pray for the fast forming tropical depression that is projected to be in our region next week. It’s on a direct path as Hurricane Ernesto Belize before he changed to the north!


Please pray for open doors for the gospel in greater ways in San Pedro Town and in the country of Belize!


Please pray for co-laborers to join our team; short-term, long-team with a heart to serve in various capacities!


Thankful for Lighthouse Christian Radio Ministry’s 8th anniversary celebration and the blessing the CC West Grove was to children of Marla’s House of Hope, Amazing Grace Fellowship and children of San Pedro Town!


Again, thank you for your prayers and encouragements that have ministered to me greatly during the times of discouragement and difficulties. Words cannot describe how thankful I am for each of you who take the time to read the Updates and come alongside of my in the ministry of touching lives and shining the Light in darkness in the country of Belize. Blessings, grace and love be multiplied to you all!


In Him,


Clive Welsh


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