Belize & Beyond Mission Update: June 2010

 “For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to men..” Titus 2:11

On my recent visit to California for doctor’s appointment, graduation ceremonies and various engagements; a friend invited me to the Calvary Chapel Downey’s Mission Conference. It was a very refreshing, challenging and encouraging time as each speaker touched on specific things I needed to hear and I appreciate God’s amazing way of meeting us just where we need it most. It was truly a life-changing weekend. Pastor Bill Welsh, no relations, made a statement that resonated in my heart, “God will give you direction or re-direction here at this conference.” I believe He did both for me as I was reminded of the real reason I am here on earth; to live receive the gospel, live the gospel and share the gospel and that there are so many who have never heard the name of Jesus. Pastor John Michaels, Neil Pirolo and Pastor Brian Brodersen were powerfully used of the Lord as they shared God’s heart for the lost and encouraged the missionaries to ‘exert great force and energy’ in our prayers, compassion, and labor of love for the lost. It was so good to be in the company of these brothers whose passion is to see the gospel preached to all Nations of the world.

A fire was rekindled in my heart of the people of San Pedro Town and I marveled how God brought several across my path upon returning to the island. I saw the gospel, the power of God at work specifically in the lives of 3 young men I met and shared with. Walking the streets of San Pedro Town has been so different for me as my heart literally hurts for the lost, the least and the last. Necessity is laid upon me as I have the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ and I get to participate with the Lord in the harvest on Ambergris Caye. Please pray for Dennis, Geo, Pierre, and John, that they would respond to God’s offer of salvation! (Attendee prays before the session began at the Missions Conference)

Beyond our Borders

Pastor Sammy from CC Merida, Mexico

You can imagine my excitement when I met pastors from neighboring countries of Belize and to hear the amazing work that God is doing with them. I spent some time with Pastor Sam Medina from Merida, Yucatan, Mexico and heard of the work taking place there and his desire to extend that work in Chetumal, Mexico, the city just over the Mexican border from Belize. Interestingly, Rudy Plett shared with me several months ago when he returned from a trip to Chetumal how he didn’t notice one church in that very large neighboring city of our border. I was so excited to share with him that God is answering his prayers and that Pastor Sam is looking forward to coming and visiting us in Belize. He suggested bringing a mission team from their Bible School to co-labor with us in San Pedro Town in reaching the Spanish speaking residents. Please pray for Pastor Sam and the work in Merida, Mexico! I was also thrilled to meet the pastor of the Calvary Chapel Guatemala City and hear of the ways the Lord is using them in reaching their people with the gospel. A brother shared from Cuba and unfortunately I’m not able to share much of what was shared because of the critical situation of the church there but I look forward to visiting him someday as well as looking forward to seeing these and other brothers at the Central American Pastors/Leaders Conference toward the end of the year! Please pray that God would continue His great work in these countries and more laborers would be raised up to help in the work!

San Pedro Town, Ambergris CayeSchool is out for the summer on the island and soon many children will be looking for things to do and unfortunately, not much is there for them to do on Ambergris Caye. Seeing this great need, the idea came to mind last year when I was speaking to the San Pedro Town Board Sports Councilor and hearing his dilemma each year with lack of volunteers for sports camps for the kids. Long story short, Lighthouse Christian Radio will be assisting this year’s sports camps with the help of several mission teams from the US. For the four full weeks in the month of July, starting July 5, we will host three teams to conduct a week of Ultimate Frisbee, basketball, soccer, and volleyball in two locations. The first team will consist of one person from Albuquerque, one from Las Vegas; two guys from Chico, California; a couple from Santa Barbara, a family from Fort Collins, Colorado and a young man that I’ve been discipling from Teakettle Village.

Calvary of Albuquerque will be sending a team who will conduct the second week of the sports camp followed by a team from Calvary Chapel WestGrove; they will run the last two camps. The actual camps will be from 8 AM to noon each week day starting with prayer and a short devotion for the 200 plus children ages 7 -14 and we are making plans for various activities in the afternoons and evenings in Central Parks such as Christian movies. Please pray for these four weeks of opportunities to really impact the children and their families of Ambergris Cayes.

Lighthouse Christian Radio

"Shining the Light in Darkness for all San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye and beyond."



On July 16, we will be celebrating our sixth year of broadcasting in San Pedro Town! Reflecting back over the years and seeing all of the things that God has done with the radio ministry has been quite a testimony of His grace. Within the past six years, we’ve had one full time Belizean who served for over five years, 5 full time missionaries (2 of the five were for a full year), three part time Belizeans, and one part time for over a year and she’s still with us. Barry Fraser is our newest full time missionary and a recently hired part-time Belizean Raul Lara, both here for about 2 months now. The Lighthouse has seen many come and go and each has contributed greatly to the ministry by their service, sacrifice, gifts and talents and I’ve been especially blessed to see that after leaving, they are all involved in various forms of ministries and pursuing their walks with the Lord. Johnny Wall leaves us this coming week and begins his journey back to Nova Scotia, Canada. We are thankful for his contribution in upgrading our broadcast programming. Please pray for wisdom, direction and provisions as Johnny enters the next season of his life.


I just received notice that my support is in the red and I might not get a paycheck next month. Will you prayerfully consider co-laboring with me financially? Thank you very much!


Prayer and Praise


Please pray for a smooth transition and adjustment for new Lighthouse staff.

Praise God for Johnny Wall and his time of service!

Please pray for much fruit from the Summer Sports Camp.

Praise God for the great things He has done in the past 6 year radio ministry.

Please pray for a Church plant in San Pedro Town; developing of ministry team.

Praise God for the various individuals and teams coming down to serve this summer.

Pray for protection of our antennas, tower, building and equipment from hurricane.

Praise God for all financial and prayer supporter for me and the ministry in Belize!

Please pray for Kyle O’hea and Ruel Cruz both serving the entire month of July.

Praise God for Edler Blas at Bible School in San Salvador, he is doing really well!

Praise God for Jose, the new brother, he is attending a Spanish Church, doing well.


Pray for them to respond to the gospel:

Dennis C, Abner, Geo, Pierre, John, Juan, Julie, Maria, Eli, Earl,


Upcoming Events


June 26- 28        Leon Berger comes to upgrade and maintenance computers.

June 28               Johnny departs Belize and heads home to Canada.

July 3- 4               First group for Sports Camp from 5 different locations arrives.

July 5 – 9             Week 1 Sports Camp: Ultimate Frisbee & Evening Events.

July 12 – 16         Week 2 Sports Camp: Calvary of Albuquerque, New Mexico

July 19 – 23         Week 3 Sports Camp: CC WestGrove, California.

July 26 – 30         Week 4 Sports Camp: CC WestGrove, California


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In His undying love and amazing grace,


Clive Welsh











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