Belize & Beyond Mission Update: June 2011 

 “God is faithful, by whom you were called into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.” 1 Corinthians 1:9


I’ve found it so easy for me to stay busy with all of the daily demands of ministry weather it’s the radio ministry and its daily surprises or individuals that I’m witnessing to, discipling, mentor/counseling, etc. and often I forget the first and most important ministry that I’m called into. That is simply the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ! Interestingly enough, our effectiveness will be determined by just that because I can only give out what has been poured into me through my fellowship with Him. We so often wonder why so many of our fellowship warriors are wore out or burnt out and the sure step in that direction starts with forgetting our first and most important calling, to minister to and maintain our intimacy and fellowship with Jesus. Would you please me in prayer that I will always keep worship before the work and fulfill my high calling!


San Pedro Town: One Body  

Clive Welsh with several pastors after the Pastors Meeting

In light of the upcoming lawsuit of the government of Belize by a homosexual activist group, several pastors and leaders have joined together to form the ‘Belize Action: Raising Awareness, Standing for what’s right, Taking Action’. They have traveled to the various districts of Belize to inform the pastors of what is taking place; the suing of our government in order to remove ‘sodomy’ and ‘unlawful acts’ from the law to usher in the homosexual agenda, and our response as Christians. The court case is scheduled for middle of October. It came to my attention that none of the pastors in San Pedro Town was aware of what was going on so I gathered them together to inform, pray and discuss what action we should take as the church on the island. Five pastors met and this was the first time a meeting of this kind took place to my knowledge. We prayed together and discussed the issue at hand and I was so moved in heart to hear the hearts of these pastors as they prayed for the needs of the island. Also, a unanimous desire was expressed for the pastors to come together to make a difference with the multitude of issues facing the Body of Christ in San Pedro Town apart from the homosexual lawsuit issue. So from that meeting we have formed a Pastors Fellowship and I was asked to spearhead it since the Radio Ministry has already served as a catalyst. We’ve met twice and each time it was an incredible blessing as we lifted our voice, hearts and prayers to God for our Town. Please pray that God would continue to bless these pastors and give us untied wisdom, vision, and direction. Also that the churches would make a bold and loving stand for truth and righteousness in San Pedro Town!

San Pedro Town: A heart for the High School

Graduation Class of San Pedro High School

Over the years, I’ve had many opportunities to address the student body of San Pedro High school with guest speakers from various ministries. Each time my heart goes out the over 350 students that attend the High School and I’ve prayed for an open door to minister to the students there. In a discussion with the principal, who was broken hearted over the many students dropping out due to pregnancy and lack of parental involvement in their lives a few years back. As I’ve gotten to know several of the students over the recent years and heard first hand of some of the challenges facing students, my desires and prayers have increased and looking for opportunities to serve the student body in the upcoming school year in September. I was invited to the inauguration ceremony of their new building and most recently to this year’s graduation ceremony and again, my heart was stirred at the talents, abilities and potential of young people there and what God can do through one or two students would get turned on to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Please pray for an effectual open door for us as a radio ministry to get the gospel to the students of San Pedro High School in a relevant and life changing way that would make a great impact on the island!


Lighthouse Christian Radio FM 101.3, San Pedro Town:


Shining the Light in the darkness to all San Pedro and beyond for 7 years.

God continues to use the radio ministry and we are encouraged by the responses from listeners during our Special Request Hour! In our last telephone survey of 325 random calls over 200 did not know that know about Lighthouse Christian Radio so we see the need to be intentional in getting the word out through signs, local newspaper, t-shirts, fliers and thinking of creative ways to reach more listeners. We recently received a call from a listener in the Cayo District, the farthest western district beyond the nation’s capital. I was really surprised by this but according to the Galcom engineers we should be heard in a much larger coverage area. We are in the process of figuring out what the problem is and proceed to do what is needed to correct it. Also, we need to replace the guide-wires which have rusted with fiberglass type. Would you prayerfully consider assisting us with the cost of the guide-wires?

Lighthouse Christian Radio will celebrate its seventh year of broadcasting in San Pedro Town on Friday, July 15! We are very grateful for all the Lord has done over the past seven years through the various people that has served alongside of us. It is too numerous to list all who has co-labored with us but God knows each one and we give thanks for all of you! We look forward to new ways to effectively serve His people with solid Bible teaching programs and reaching out to those who need to know Jesus as Lord and Savior.

As a part of our celebration, we will be conducting Sports Camps once again this year with returning teams from Calvary Chapel West Grove High School Ministry, California and folks from Calvary of Albuquerque, New Mexico. We will conduct 2 weeks of sports camp; the first week will be softball and the second will be football (soccer) and Ultimate Frisbee. The first team arrived on Sunday, July 3 and will be conducting Bible Camps for Los Tambos Village and the children of Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship and Spanish Lookout before traveling to the island for the first week of sport camp.


Summer of Service:

Two young men who were apart of last year’s team from CC West Grove are here with me to assist with the teams and ministry. They are Nathan Hoffman and Brennan Lee. Here is brief introduction to these guys, please keep them in prayers as we facilitates the teams coming to serve the children and make an impact with the love of Christ.

I’m Brennan Lee; I’m from Huntington Beach California and currently a sophomore at UC Riverside.  Last summer I came to Belize for a two-week mission trip through my church Calvary Chapel West Grove, while I was here I really learned to love the people here and God really put it on my heart to come back and help again.  So when Clive Welsh offered me the opportunity to come back for 6 weeks, I was really excited.  My prayer requests: I would stay illness free throughout this trip, and that God would work through me to help influence some of the teens that are really looking for the Lord.

 My name is Nathan Hoffman; I was born and raised in Huntington Beach, California and I currently attend California State University of Long Beach. Last summer I went to San Pedro on a two-week mission trip where we ran sports camps and vacation bible schools for some of the kids. I was so blessed by the kids and all of the people that we met and when the opportunity to come back again arose I was more than excited to come. Some prayer requests; God to move through me in the lives of other and to reveal more of Himself to me this summer!


Upcoming Events & Schedule:

July 3 – 10  CC West Grove Mission team: 2 Bible Camps in Spanish Lookout.

July 10 -16 CC West Grove Mission team: Sport Camps in San Pedro Town.

July 15        Lighthouse Christian Radio celebrates 7th Anniversary of broadcasting in San Pedro Town. Happy B’ day Lighthouse!

July 17–24  Calvary of Albuquerque team: Sport Camp/VBS in San Pedro.

                   Biola Student Mission team: Sports Camp/VBS in San Pedro

July 25-27  Biola Student Mission team: CC Cayo VBS in San Ignacio Town.

August 1-3  Biola Student Mission team: VBS Selena Village, Cayo District.

Prayer Request:

Strength, wisdom, patience and the power of the Holy Spirit for me.

Safe travels for teams, safety as they serve on mainland and island!

Open hearts of children at VBS/Bible Camps, safety of kids at Sports Camp.

Many children to come into a life changing relationship with Jesus as Lord!

Brennen & Nathan as they serve the teams and assist me for the 6 weeks.

Geovanni will be with the team for the first week; he’ll come to know Jesus!

Dennis M; life is falling apart, needs Jesus badly!

Fruitful evening outreaches/movies nights in San Pedro Town in July!

Work of God in raising up Christian leaders at San Pedro High School!

Praise & Thanksgiving:


For the San Pedro Pastors bi-monthly Prayer time.

Ability to participate in one of my closest friends wedding in California!

Thankful for all of the hospitality, fellowship, and special times with friends on my recent quick trip to California, so grateful for the Body of Christ.



Fiberglass guide-wires for broadcast tower; valued at $600.00

Realignment of antenna, generator repaired; valued at $500.00

Signs and posters to advertise Lighthouse Christian Radio.

Purchasing T-shirts with new Lighthouse log for awareness.

Streaming the radio station on the internet.

Contact Information:

PO Box 653                                       

Belmopan, Belize

Central America

Phone: 011-501-605-6123


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Thank you for your continual support; prayers, donation, encouragement and love!

In His freedom and true independence,

Clive Welsh

Edler Blas with Brennen Lee and Nathan Hoffman.