“…you also helping together in prayer for us, that thanks may be given by many persons on our behalf for the gift granted to us through many.” 2 Corinthians 1:11


Clive Welsh, Lighthouse Christian Radio Ministry, San Pedro Town, Belize

We’ve had some very unusual weather for the month of May, which is typically very hot as the Dry Season is at its peak but we had some very heavy downpours of rain. After the downpours came the cool breeze, clean streets, and a fresh sense of relief from the blistering heat. I was reminded of the recent storms of trials and difficulties experienced over the past months and now seeing some fruits after the storm; personal character development, confidence in God’s faithfulness and conformation of calling are a few of the affects of my season of storms. I am truly thankful for those of you who prayed and sent ‘gifts’ of encouraging emails and messages. It is an amazing thing when you sense the prayers of the saints washing over you, nothing like it and very hard to explain, but very grateful for it. Thanks you very much!

Belize in perilous time:

The daily news is full of murders, robberies, theft on all levels, violence, organized crime and corruption on the increase and it seems to be getting worst than better. I was recently informed that the abortion rates in the country are more, per capa than in the US. With the increase of human and drug trafficking, and the already pandemic HIV/AIDS situation, it is very clear that Belize needs a work of God’s Spirit to stem the tide and give hope to this tiny nation. My good friend, Louis Wade said it well at the recent funeral service of the Mayor of Belmopan’s son who was shot and killed outside of the school where he was a teacher. “The only true and lasting solution to problems in Belize is Jesus Christ.” He stated that in the presence of the Prime Minister and representatives from both political parties. Louis spoke very boldly about the ungodly mindset and trends that have led us to where we are now. Please pray for the leaders of this country that they would truly see the need to turn to God for the help that is needed and for the Body of Christ that we would seize this time to diligently and faithfully live out our Christianity for all to see and desire! (Above photo: approaching Belize City from the north where the largest population of the country lives.)

Lives touching Lives:

Jose, taking a few minutes from work to say hello!

Several years ago, I met Jose, a young man from Salvador working as a handy-man in the building next to Lighthouse Christian Radio in San Pedro Town. I became his friend with my very limited Spanish speaking ability and have attempted to share the gospel with him on several occasions through a translator and each time it was met with harsh resistance and outburst of anger over the death of his parents and the hardships that he survived. My heart broke for him as I saw he was seeking to cover the pain by alcohol abuse but I continued to greet him daily from my apartment window as he would be doing various jobs across the way from me. Recently we were asked for a Spanish Bible for a new believer and that new believer turned out to be Jose. I was overjoyed when I found out that he had recently received Jesus as his Lord and I told him (through his co-worker who translated) that I was praying for him for several years now. His co-workers was also praying for him and when she expressed that to him he responded with amazement and thanked us repeatedly for doing that and needless to say, I was moved to tears to once again seeing the faithfulness of God towards those He loves so much. Please pray for Jose that he would grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord!

Dennis, another young man that I met several months ago on the streets of San Pedro and would randomly see walking by the radio station on various occasion. Last week our paths crossed, divine appointment I call it, and we began to talk and he shared with me that he was from Guatemala City and was here in San Pedro attending school. When he found out about the radio station he expressed a desire to come and see it someday and that day came this past week. He came to visit and before long began to share his story of life in Guatemala and the difficulties of growing up in the inner city and things he had been exposed to and pain he had endured. He shared his dreams of pursuing a music career and the struggles of recent family issues. Before long I found myself sharing with him about God’s purpose for his life and the good news of Jesus Christ. He was very appreciative of my time and wiliness to share God’s love and design for his life and expressed a desire to meet again after he thought through what we had discussed. I’ve received several texts for him thanking me and mentioning that he wants to change and sees no other way that makes sense. Please pray for Dennis that his heart would respond to God’s call on his life to respond to Jesus as Lord and Savior!  

Lighthouse Christian Radio’s crew: I am at that place once again where I’ll be saying goodbye to another staff member as Johnny Wall returns to his home in Nova Scotia, Canada at the end of June. His year of service seems to have flown by very quickly and yet with all of the upgrades and improvement that took place at Lighthouse over the year, makes it seem as if it was a long year. I was asked how I dealt with the quick turn-over as most of the missionaries/volunteers only give a year commitment. My response to that is that it is difficult as relationship has been developed and before you know it the entire process of adjusting to a new person takes place. I see it as an opportunity to be a part of personal discipling and preparation for life of ministry in the capacity they’ve been called. I’ve been so blessed to see or hear of those who once served with us and now in various places in the world serving the Lord. Johnny will be greatly missed and I know God will continue His good work in him and with him. Please pray for him to make a smooth transition back to Canada and for direction and vision for the next step in his growth in grace and knowledge of Our Lord Jesus. (Johnny Wall, Barry Fraser, Shelly Burgan & Clive Welsh)

Our congratulations to Simon Friedrich, the young man from Calvary Chapel Siegen, Germany who was our last one-year missionary, on his new position as Youth Leader at CC Siegen; also and on his upcoming marriage to Michelle Bonner which will be Saturday, June 26, 2010. Please pray for God’s riches blessings upon them as they start their new lives and ministry together!

Barry Fraser, our new staff member at Lighthouse!God has once again shown His faithfulness to us in providing a new missionary/staff just in time for preparation and training to replace Johnny Wall. Barry Fraser contacted me a year ago after reading about us on our website while he was serving at another radio ministry in Belize. Over the year I got to know him through phone calls and emails and when his commitment and time was coming to a close at the previous ministry, he contacted me regarding coming on board at the Lighthouse. Please pray for Barry as he adjusts to living on the island and the ministry at Lighthouse also for his monthly support which is very limited at the moment! You will get to know him better in the upcoming Updates but let me introduce you to him in way of this short bio:Hurricane Season: June 1 is the official start of the Rainy/Hurricane season for Belize, the Caribbean and Central America! As always, we are making preparations since we are located on an island off of the coast of Belize and this is the pathway for storms/hurricane after forming in the Atlantic. We participated with the National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) Preparedness Week and I was asked to be a judge in the Primary School’s Poster Contest, another tool of preparedness and the residence of Ambergris Caye. We will utilize this opportunity to distribute our Solar Powered, Fixed Tunes Radio so that when electricity goes out due to maintenance, national disasters or other emergencies, we will be able to continue our broadcast using our generator. Please pray for God’s mercy upon us this upcoming Hurricane Season and our personal protection as well as our antennas, tower, transmitter, equipment and facilities!

Barry Fraser was born in Oxford, England in 1946, the oldest of two brothers, and was brought up in the Anglican faith. After experiencing teaching Sunday School in an Anglican church in rural Northamptonshire, Barry attended Birmingham University where he studied Education. He taught at a Primary School in that inner city, before moving to Bermuda in 1972 where he continued to teach specializing in Reading. While in Bermuda, he was called to the ministry and become an Associate Pastor at the largest Methodist Church on the islands as well as running Gloryland Bible College. Barry then got involved in Broadcasting and spent over ten years in that field including working at a Christian Radio Station, Bermuda Spirit FM. In 2008 he responded to God’s call to Belize where he served for 2 years at a Christian Radio station in the Belmopan area before joining the staff at Lighthouse Caribbean Christian Radio Ministry in May 2010.

Barry has taken over the News Department and relieved our part time volunteer Shelly Burgan who will be assisting me in administrative and other well needed radio station operations as well as Community Affairs and Listeners Relations. Shelly has done a remarkable job with the News over the past year especially since she had no prior radio station or news training when she began helping us. We are very thankful to the Lord for her faithful service over the past year and looking forward to how she will assist us in the future. Please pray for her as she seeks to assist her husband in his business and continue to serve with us at the Lighthouse!


Prayer request and Praise Reports:


A heart that hurts and breaks for the things that hurt and break God’s heart!

 A work of God’s Spirit to revive His Church in Belize and outpouring to revive the Nation.

 Salvation for Jose, a young man that is searching and Dennis from Guatemala.

 Likeminded people to co-labor with us in ministry on Ambergris Caye.

 Pray for Johnny Wall that he finishes well in his final month in Belize.

 Planning for Sports Camps in July with San Pedro Town Council and mission teams.

 Thanking God for Barry Fraser who will be replacing Johnny Wall.

 Thankful for His grace, faithfulness, mercy and provisions in my daily life!

 Thankful for the work God is doing in Edler Blass at Bible School in CC San Salvador!Thanking God for new believer; Jose! 

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