“But if anyone loves God, this one is known by Him” 1 Cor.8:3

Elmer, Clive, and Edler at Lighthouse Christian Radio

After a marvelous time visiting friends and taking a well needed break, it was time to head back to Belize by way of Dallas, Texas. As usual, my life is full of ‘divine appointments’ and ‘God-incidence.’  The first, arriving very early at the airport to see my name listed at 35 on the stand-by list for the flight. Knowing I had to get back to Belize for a Media meeting the following day, I prayed and was given the grace to not worry about it and to trust the Lord for the outcome. I watched my number on the board slowly decreasing and my name called just as the door of the plane was about to close. Secondly, my connecting flight was to depart 40 minutes after I landed so running to the gate and making it just in time. And finally, as I took my seat and got situated to my surprise the Prime Minister of Belize boarded the plane and sat right behind me across the aisle. I prayed immediately and continued throughout the entire flight about what I was to do with this seemingly door of opportunity and finally resolved that I was to pray for him because he was busy reading the entire time. Upon leaving the plane when we reached Belize I introduced myself to him briefly.


Media Fellowship meeting: 

Isaac showing the members of the BCMF the studio of Horizon Radio!

I scheduled my return in order to attend the Belize Christian Media Fellowship meeting which was hosted by Horizon Radio in Spanish Lookout the day after my arrival. Once again, it was a great time of true Christian fellowship starting with a time of worship and a time of encouragement from the Word, followed by discussion on several issues that faced us as a nation and our role as Christian communicators seeking to serve our Lord and the people He has entrusted to us. We shared a meal together and enjoyed getting to know each other better followed by a tour of studio of Horizon Radio. One of the many thrills for me was to see genuine and practical encouragement taking place through the sharing of resources, contacts and information. This is truly what fellowship is all about and an answer to prayers for us all!

Clive and Louis worshipping and sharing the Word before meeting begins.

Louis Wade, the owner of Plus TV and president of the Belize Christian Media Fellowship shared with us about a call he had received from the Prime Minister asking for prayers and I couldn’t help but think that could have been one of the results of me being impressed to pray for the Prime Minister when I was on the flight with him the day prior. Louis was also asked to represent Belize in a recent International Media Conference in Taiwan and we closed our time together by praying for him and for the various needs of all of the ministries represented at the meeting and others we knew in need. Please continue to pray that we as Christian media in Belize can truly make a difference as we communicate grace and truth to the people of our nation and we work together in the fellowship of the gospel!


Family visit and a wedding: 

Clive officiating Nicole & John's wedding on the beach in Ambergris Caye!

My oldest and youngest sisters arrived in Belize with my niece Nicole for her wedding to John in San Pedro Town four days after my arrival! This was the first visit back to Belize for Angela, my youngest sister since she left some 40 plus years ago. I could only imagined all that went through her mind as we briefly toured her birth place and the last place she last lived before migrating to the US. I had the privilege of officiating Nicole and John’s wedding at the beautiful Victoria House Resort right on the banks of the Caribbean Sea. Nicole is my oldest niece and I have treasured memories of her growing up and very glad that she chose Ambergris Caye for her wedding destination after her first visit several years ago. Please pray for their new life together!


Belize Independence Day Celebration:

Members of Shalom Church singing praise songs during the parade.

Belize celebrates 30 years as a nation on September 21 and days before, the Honorable George Price who was the first Prime Minister and founder of the nation died. He was greatly loved by all and was a good example of a leader and was known as the father of the Nation. We participated in this year’s Independence Day Parade in San Pedro town alongside of the Shalom Church, a Spanish Church, as their worship band and congregation sang praise songs along the parade trail. We borrowed a golf cart and placed our Lighthouse banner on the back of it along with wearing our new Lighthouse t-shirt. While singing and parading several miles through the streets of San Pedro Town and beach front with thousands of on-lookers, we were able to pass out hundreds of gospel tracts which were gladly received. I had never experienced people asking me for

Clive passing out tracts during Independence Day Parade.

tracts before especially the Million Dollar Question tracts which looks like a large million dollar bill with a presentation of the gospel on the back. I was blessed by the responses of the onlooker as they saw Christians dancing and singing joyfully compared to the many drunken participants that preceded us. The witness and effectiveness of the parade by the church led me to meeting with several of the pastors and discussing a New Year’s Eve Christian Parade. Please pray for this opportunity to reach out to the residence of San Pedro Town!


Lighthouse Christian Radio:

We recently received a shipment of our beautiful and colorful Lighthouse t-shirts to help us Juan Carlos, Edler and Clive at Lighthouse table on Front Street!‘shine the Light in darkness’ and get the word out about the radio station as well as raising funds for the ministry. Edler Blas did a great job in overseeing the ministry in my absence and Elmer in daily operations and news preparation.  Since the last update, Geovanni the young man who we were hoping would join us at the Lighthouse to be discipled as he became a believer this past July, had some conflict at home and moved out. We’ve sought to locate him unsuccessfully so please pray for him that God would continue His work of grace in his life in the midst of his difficulties. As it turns out, Juan Carlos came to me sharing his need for a place to stay so he can continues his schooling without distractions at his home which contributed to him failing the year and having to repeating it. Juan Carlos has been with us now for over a week and is enjoying being our first DIP; Disciple Intern Program or Disciple in Progress. It is a blessing to have him here with us as he is very eager to grow in the Lord and appreciates very much this opportunity. Edler meets with Juan Carlos and Elmer daily for morning devotions before work and school. Please pray for Juan Carlos and for financial support for his school fee and daily provisions!


Things of interest and Upcoming Events:

Tabi Evans from Bath, England arrived in Belize on September 11 and began serving in Marla’s House of Hope, a home for sexual abuse children, establishing a preschool program for that age group in the Home. She’s doing well adjusting!

Reunion at the Lighthouse; Dennis Requena and Johnny Wall came to island for my niece’s wedding. Dennis played music and Johnny videoed the wedding. It was fun to have them both here again. Dennis is teaching full time at Roaring Creek Nazarene Primary School and soon to be a father while Johnny is operations manager at Horizon Radio, Spanish Lookout!

September 27, 1994 I returned to Belize not having any idea what God had in mind and I’ve watched much unfolded since that first trip back 17 years ago!

Making plans for the 2nd Annual Lighthouse Radio After Christmas Football Tournament and New Year’s Eve Parade with Believer’s World Outreach. If interested in being a part of this, contact them!

We are running very low on our Gospel Tracts since the parade and would appreciate very much both English and Spanish tracts for daily use and upcoming Christian Parade and outreaches!


Prayer Requests and Praise Reports:

Praising God for His continual grace and faithfulness to me and directing me back to Belize 17 years ago!

Pray for the ability to get caught up on many things since being back from vacation and application of things learned while away.

Praising God for Edler and Elmer as they work daily to keep Lighthouse Christian Radio operating efficiently!

Pray for Geovanni’s walk with the Lord; that we’d find him to help him. For Juan Carlos as he’s being discipled at Lighthouse for financial provision!

Thankful to The Baker who gives us bread for needy families in town daily!

Please pray for the upcoming lawsuit court case against the government of Belize by a homosexual advocacy group on December 5, 2011.

Please pray for an uneventful completion of this Hurricane Season; season ends November 2011.

Thank you for your partnership in the gospel with me in Belize and Beyond; your consistency in encouragement, prayers and financial giving which enables me to do what I in Belize!

In His love and grace,

Clive Welsh

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