“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.” Ephesians 4:20, 21


The month of September is marked by many monumental moments and anniversaries both personally and nationally! It was 18 years ago on September 27, 1994 that I boarded a flight from Los Angeles, California and landed in Belize after being away for 27 years. I recall stepping off the plane and was hit by the heat and humidity that I’ve since become very familiar with and actually enjoy it; but also hit with so many emotions, thoughts and uncertainties. You see, I came back to Belize without any specific agenda or reasons but just in obedience to the Lord as I felt He wanted to do some major work of healing in my life. That was the first miracle, actually coming back to Belize because it was a place I wanted eradicated from my memory so much so that many of my friends had no idea that I was born here. The month I stayed on that very first visit became very significant as the Lord began to do so many amazing things in me; healing the scares and fears that I experienced as a young boy, reunited me with my Aunt-one of my favorite person that I hadn’t seen in 27 years, and being introduced to the plight of Belizean children that moved me to the core of my being as I recalled what it was like for me and what my life would be like if I had stayed here. The journey started when I began meeting key individuals whom I look back now and see that it was God’s hands directing me step by step. I stand in awe of all that God has done in the last 18 years and never in my wildest dreams or imagination could I begin to fathom the many people I’ve met, developed relationships with and participated, by God’s grace, in and with so many lives. The honor of being a part of so many ministries in touching and impacting lives are beyond my comprehension. To God be the glory both now and forever!


Clive at HCJB in Elkhart, Indiana getting old transmitter repaired.

Lighthouse Christian Radio: God’s provision, answer to prayers!


After several months of difficulties, frustrations, uncertainties, and discouragements, the Lord’s grace was sufficient one again as He taught me so much about myself, clarifying His direction for me in ministry and provided beyond my wildest dreams. We had concluded that our radio transmitter, the heart and soul of broadcasting, was damaged and needed to be repaired or replaced. God provided the use of a transmitter from a fellow broadcaster in Orange Walk Town and that was the start of hope reignited. I made the need known through Facebook and asked for prayers as well as through the Updates and within a week God provided the necessary funds to purchase a brand new transmitter and to get the old one repaired for future use as a back-up for us and other Christian radio stations. Needless to say, I was once again blown away by the grace of God and how He used His people to provide for His work in His way and timing. I was off to HCJB in Elkhart, Indiana with the damaged transmitter and returned a few days later with the new transmitter. So much can be said about the wonderful ministry of HCJB and the servants of the Lord there who use their gifts to help hundreds of Christian Stations all over the world yearly. I was able to visit and stayed at the home of a friend that I met at Amsterdam 2000 Conference, Brenton & Caryn Fish who lived very close to Elkhart and shared in great times of friendship and fellowship with them and their two boys. So grateful for special friends that I’ve been blessed with and how they participate in my personal life and ministry. To the praise of His unfathomable grace!


The New 600 FM transmitter being installed by Clive at Lighthouse Radio

It took a few days to get the custom duty tax exempted for the transmitter and it was only a few hours later that I traveled from the International Airport to the City Airport and flew over to the island to install it. What a moment it was to connect it and turn it on and to hear the sounds of Christian Radio at its full power, 500 watts. The word was out that we were back on and many faces were smiling, mine being the biggest. God has once again shown us His faithfulness and the confirmed His will for Lighthouse Radio to continue to broadcast and to a greater degree. A week or so later, I traveled on the Northern Highway to deliver the borrowed transmitter and was very surprised to hear Lighthouse clearly in various areas on the mainland. Excited about the new season God is taking us on and looking forward to all of the new things that is ahead as we continue to trust Him and walk in obedience.



San Pedro Town: Community Focus

The newly appointed Executive Board of the San Pedro JP Association.


At the last quarterly meeting of the Justice of the Peace and Commissioner of the Supreme Court Association meeting in San Pedro Town, I was nominated as secretary of the San Pedro Chapter of the Association. I wanted to decline because there is so much that I’m already involved in and trying to say ‘no’ in this season in order to me more effective in what I’m currently doing. I strongly felt that this was a door of opportunity for me to serve the San Pedro Community and further shine the Light of Christ in this leadership role. I’ve been appointed a Justice of the Peace of the country of Belize six years ago and look forward to new venture.


September is a month of celebration in Belize; it starts off with The 10 of September, a national holiday in observance of the anniversary of the Battle of St. Georges Caye. The School Parade takes place as all schools and students participated in their uniform with school banners and marching bands. The night before the start of the festivities, a battle of the bands took place in Central Park and I was ask to open the event with a word of prayer and took the opportunity and honor of praying for the nation of Belize. It was great to give thanks publically for God’s protection over us in the past hurricane seasons and for his mercy toward us thus far in the peak of this hurricane season!


Belize celebrates Independence Day, 31 years as a Nation!

Lives touching Lives


Eric Donis, left, student athlete won first place in his division and 13th overall at Lionman-triathlon in early September!

As I’ve shared with you previously about getting to know Eric Donis, a student triathlete who desires to represent Belize in the next Olympic. As I’ve spent time with him over the summer months, it became evident to me that I should make myself available to him not just because of his athletic pursuit but as a person who is seeking guidance for his life. He recently participated in Lion Man event in Belize City and I called him upon coming back in the country with the new transmitter to find out that he won first place in his age group but came in 13th overall due to having a flat tire on the bike he borrowed for the event. I have since talked to the president of the Belize National Triathlon Association who expressed concerns about Eric not having a bike of his own to practice on and to compete with. He is willing to train/coach him but his greatest need now is for a bike. In further discussions with Eric it was evident that he was seeking to do this on his own with no one to help. He is from a very poor family with a single mom, his father left them when he was 5 years old yet he has maintained high grade point average that has placed him on the Honor Role for the past 3 years. We met to go over plans and structure for his athletic plans and he asked me if I would help him by becoming his manager. We began with getting him a bank account to start saving money for the needed equipment for training; his own bike is the first thing on the list. Eric is the very first triathlete in San Pedro Town. As I learn about the triathlon sport and about this young man, it turns out that he is the fastest swimmer in his age bracket if not overall and has great potentials. Please pray for wisdom as I seek to come alongside to help him spiritually, first and foremost!


A time to be encouraged:


Recently, a fellow missionary who is the pastor of the Calvary Chapel Cayo, Cayo District of Belize was robbed by gunpoint with his family. Needless to say, this was very traumatic even though the robbers were sought out and captured. Several of us saw the need to get together monthly to pray and encourage each other with a time in the Word. You can imagine trying to get 5 of us together with our busy schedules and me being the furthest away, but it has worked out and has been a tremendous refreshment and blessing.

Pastor Erik from CC Los Tambos shares his heart with Pastor Rudy, Pastor Patrick, Jim Tucker and I at our time together!

Pastor Rudy Plett  has continues teaching the Word at Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship and the church is growing both inwardly and outwardly as several new family have been attending. We are currently looking into plans to enlarge the building as the need is rising for more room. Horizon Radio also continues to bless a large portion of listeners in various districts and the good reports continues to come in.


Praise, Prayers, and Thanksgiving:


Thanking God for the providing the provisions for new transmitter and repairs on the old one to be used in emergencies for Christian radio stations!


Praying blessings upon those who generously donated fund for new transmitter!


Praising God for Belize’s 31st birthday as a Nation and for a safe Independence Day celebration!


Thankful for God’s sufficient grace on a day to day basis and the healing He has done in my life and allowing me to serve Him in Belize over the past 18 years!


Please pray for funds to purchase a bike and other equipment for Eric Donis to train and compete as San Pedro’s first Triathlete!


Thankful that we can provide a place for students to come and use internet and computer to do research and homework in our Staff Apartment.


Praising God for the many who faithfully serve the Lord behind the scene in the ministry: P & J, Edith, Karen K, Oh Family, Bulaks, JB, Bergers, Ray, RP, SGWM and so many others; I thank the Lord for you all!


Please pray for the lives of those I share with daily that the seed of the Word would take root and grow!


Please pray for the new season of Lighthouse Radio; effectiveness in reaching the lost thru creative and relevant ways.


Please pray for local helpers and long term volunteers/missionaries to assist us!


Thankful for Elmer Montero who is has been with Lighthouse for 2 years this month and have worked faithfully, above and beyond while completely night school!


Elmer Montero helping fellow Jr. College students with assignment before attending evening classes after work!

Thank you for taking the time to read this update and for your heart of love for me and the people of Belize whose lives you have touch in ways that only in Heaven will you truly know the impact made through your prayers, care and support! May God continue to do ‘above and beyond’ all of your wildest dreams because He is the one who place them in your heart!


In His unfailing love and amazing grace,


Clive Welsh


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