“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.” Jeremiah 29:11


Clive Welsh opening the September Celebrations in prayer.

Clive Welsh opening the September Celebrations in prayer.

September is a month of anniversary celebrations, Belize became an Independence country on the 21th of September 1981and it was 20 years this month since I returned to Belize after being away for 27 years! I still can recall the first moment of walking out of the airplane as the humid air slammed in my face and caused me to gasped for air and the sense that I was embarking on an adventure that was to change my life forever. The uncertainty of what that month would be like as I journey back to the land of my birth, the place I never wanted to come back to after leaving as an 11 year old child. But it was the place that God had changed my heart in a drastic way and gave me an unquenchable desire to come back and to allow Him to do a healing in my heart and life. I had no idea that day would begin one of the greatest venture of faith in my life to date. I clearly remembered heading out for a walk several minutes after getting situated in the home where I was staying and began taking in all of the sights and the flashbacks of 27 years and I could sense the healing process beginning. The sights, smells, sounds, the faces, the extremely hot weather, mosquitoes buzzing in my ear and the noisy nights of Belize City all captivated my attention like an excited tourist. I have been thinking over a lot of the things the Lord has spoken to my heart during that very first trip and seeing so many fulfillments thus far and still excited about what lies ahead. It has been quite a ‘exceedingly abundantly above all I could have ask or imagined’ journey. I hope to share some with you in future Updates so I know you’ll want to stay tuned!

The theme for this year's Independence Day.

The theme for this year’s Independence Day.


Kansas again!


Dr. Hammel after installing crown that Dusty Workman delivered moments before my departure!

Dr. Hammel after installing crown that Dusty Workman delivered moments before my departure!

As most of you who keep up with my life and ministry know, I haven’t had a proper vacation for several years. August is usually the time when I would get away for rest, refreshment and a break. It’s funny that so many people save earnestly all year long to come to San Pedro for their vacation and I have to leave here for my vacation. Three Augusts ago I needed to travel to Indiana to replace/repair our transmitter then last August I wasn’t able to get away due to the sudden departure of Parker and had to start rebuilding. I was very doubtful that I would be able to get away this August due to the extreme lack of staff but the Lord provided as He knew the desperate state I was in and needed a break. Elmer Montero who returned in late June agreed to cover for me by staying onsite in my absence which allowed me the opportunity to get away. God faithfully provided once again and just in the nick of time, His timing.  My desire was to go to California and spend time visiting my family, whom I hadn’t seen in many years, as well as a road trip to catch up with friends and get some solitude and rest. It had been an extremely difficult year, one of the hardest if not the hardest one to date. I was very close to physical exhaustion and the closest I’ve ever been to burnout, as much as I don’t like to admit it. Prior to leaving, actually for several months I was experiencing another sever toothache and that was also an encouragement to go to California to see the dentist. As you might recall, I had several dental emergencies and situations at the end of last year and the start of this year. As it turned out, my dentist informed me that I needed another root canal which was a severe blow financially because I was just recovering from the last one in January. After paying for this root canal by credit card and wondering how I would ever be able to pay for the crown that was to go over the root canal. After posting a general prayer request on Facebook I received a chat message from my friend Nancy Hammel, wife of the dentist who blessed me last year with a free crown, asking me what they could do to help and offered to do it for free if I few out to Kansas. My chat response was, “Again?” and she repeated the offer. It was off to Kansas thanks to my faithful friend who works for the airlines who has blessed me with flying standby over the years. Now, Kansas was not my ideal place for vacationing but ‘where God guides He provides’ and I couldn’t have asked for a better time of rest, refreshment, and rejuvenation. God blessed me with amazing hospitality for a week from the Hammel family in Clay Center, Kansas and the Murdock family in Manhattan, Kansas, again. So grateful for His grace and provision through these precious saints as they demonstrated the heart of Christ to me. I only wish I could go in more details about how God worked in connecting me with these now lifelong friends!


The Murdocks who hosted me in Manathan, Kansas  and took me to a KU football game!

The Murdocks who hosted me in Manathan, Kansas and took me to a KSU football game!

Welcome Home:


San Pedro skies as storm approaches during Peak Hurricane Season.

San Pedro skies as storm approaches during Peak Hurricane Season.

The journey back was longer than usual since I had a ‘red-eye’ flight and a full day prior to leaving with doctor’s appointment and final preparations. I made the midnight flight to Miami and was reminded why they call it ‘red-eye’ , then a 4 hour layover before arriving back in Belize and going directly to the island arriving at 2 pm.  As usual, my first hours back is filled with friends stopping in and welcoming me back and for some it was Christmas in September as I distributed the various things on my shopping list. Elmer was relieved of his duties of being onsite and I went to bed somewhat early to be awaken a few hours later by the loud static sound of the radio station being off the air. I was told later that there was an extremely loud thunder clashing that woke everyone, except me which brought with it a nearby lightening strike which knocked us off of the air; damaging an electronic component for the circuit box which caused us to be off the air until an electrician repaired the damages six hours later. It took a couple days before our internet and phone lines were restored. Other damages were;  television set, wireless phones, and toaster were fried and I’m still working on the beacon (flashing) light for the top of our tower as it’s no longer working. A reminder that we are in the peak of the peak hurricane season. I thank the Lord that the surge/spike knocked out only the component in the circuit box before getting to our transmitter and also grateful that I was back in time to deal with all of this!


Refreshed and Ready:


Elmer Montero preparing the Evening News. Faithfully serving at Lighthouse for 3 1/2 years!

Elmer Montero preparing the Evening News. Faithfully serving at Lighthouse for 3 1/2 years!

After the first week back with having to get things restored and then the catching up from being away, it wasn’t long before it seemed as if I hadn’t left except for the renewed focus and desire to see how the Lord would implement some of the things He has stirred in my heart. There are an awful lot of areas of ministry that I’m engaged in and I didn’t realize it until stepping away for a period of time and really seeing the truth of scripture with ‘the laborers are few’ and knowing that I cannot do it all. Just staying afloat at the radio station, which describes well where we are since Elmer’s return 3 months ago, and with the various ministries I’m involved with in the community it is evident that it won’t be long before I’ll be physically worn out. One of the things I’ve been praying about was forming an advisory team of dedicated listeners who have journeyed with us over the years. I’ve carried the bulk of responsibility of the ministry for so many years due to the board members being on the mainland without the day to day involvement in the community and actually being here to first hand witness the challenges and needs. This team is being formed and by next Update I’ll have more information for you, please pray for this select group for confirmation and anointing to come alongside the ministry. I’m very excited about this new season !


Back to the Basics:


Where ever I am, people is my mission, sharing God’s love and making an impact with people in every way possible; lives touching lives weather is it through the airways by providing sound Biblical teaching or one on one. This is the focus of my life and ministry and I was reminded and refreshed once again by the honor and privilege granted to me by the Lord Jesus to be engaged deeply in heart and lives of so many. Please continue to pray for me that I would fulfill God’s calling on my life; nothing more, nothing less and nothing else. Thank you for journeying with me weather it has been over the past 20 years or just recently, please know that I appreciate you dearly and deeply for your support both financially and more so prayerfully!


Marcus & Cindy, new believers who recently joined in our "Journey Thru John" Bible Study!

Marcus & Cindy, new believers who recently joined in our “Journey Thru John” Bible Study!

Blessings of His great grace and unending love,


Clive Welsh


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Please pray for an uneventful peak hurricane season.

Thanking God for His protection of transmitter during recent storm.

Please pray for laborers as the needs are overwhelming in my town.

Thanking God for the well rest and renewal of vision on vacation.

Please pray for the forming of the Advisory Committee for ministry.

Thankful for Elmer Montero as he faithfully serves in operations.

Please pray for wisdom in planning upcoming events, teams, ministry.

Thankful for the work of God’s Spirit over the past 20 years in Belize!

Please pray for Bryon, Jason, Amanda, Denis, Lester, Jeff for salvation.

Thankful for the Cindy & Marcus, new believer coming to Bible Study.


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