BWO ACE 2 018“…… walk worthy of the calling with which you were called” Ephesians 4:1


As I was on a walk last night, I began to ponder the word ‘walk’ and many thoughts came to mind. You can recognize certain people from a distance by the way they walk; very unique to them and seldom you’d find two people having the same walk or even similar. Some are fast walkers, some slow, some with a lift others with a drag yet each one going somewhere. I then thought about the correlation of our spiritual walk and the diversities that exist; each one at a different place and pace in our spiritual journey and we are all called to walk worthy and in a manner that reflects our Lord. As our physical walk differs from each other and so our spiritual walk, we must remember that we are not able to walk in the shoes of others and thus be careful to be an encouragement and supporting them to fulfill their call as we’d like them to do for us on this journey. May God grant us the grace to walk worth of that high calling and to come alongside others in their walk as we press toward the prize!


Walking in Wisdom:


"Live with Clive" the morning on-air shift on Lighthouse Christian Radio.

“Live with Clive” the morning on-air shift on Lighthouse Christian Radio.

This past July was very different than previous years, packed with short term mission teams working alongside of us to give to the community as we would celebrate the anniversary of Lighthouse Christian Radio Station each year. For several years I was sensing the need to alter things as it took so much time, energy, preplanning, organizing these events as I was alone in this endeavor. Until a team or staffed crew was in place in order for us to effectively and efficiently serve both teams and the community I had to cancel all teams. I’m so grateful for God’s foreknowledge and giving me wisdom to finally implement the change as the needs of the radio ministry became so great and the thought of possibly closing down for a short season existed. God is faithful and provided Elmer Montero who gladly returned toward the end of June and shortly after the time came to a close for Gabriel, student intern. This was a first for us to be so shorthanded yet a peace returned to the Lighthouse after an intense season of warfare like I have never experienced ever before in the 10 years of broadcasting. My duties increased as I was required to be on site as much as possible in case of electrical outage, equipment malfunction, and long list demands of operating a twenty four hour radio station. The on-air morning shift along with the daily administration duties, interviews programs, community services, facilitating guests in our Guest Apartment and the moment by moment opportunities for ministry makes for a very long day and a very long night. Thankful for the daily strength  and faithfulness of the Lord in providing!


Shining the Light from the very heart of San Pedro Town!

Shining the Light from the very heart of San Pedro Town!

Walking in the Light:

On July 16, 2004 we turned on the transmitter of FM 101.3 and began broadcasting Bible teaching programs and a variety of Christian music for the very first time as Lighthouse Christian Radio. The name came about when I was thinking of what would best described my vision for the radio station; to give hope to those tossed by the rough waves of life; to give light in dark areas to enable us to maneuver safely through life; to give hope to those at the point of drowning or giving up; and to bring comfort and encouragement to those doing well and desiring to help others see the Light of Christ. Our motto: Shining the Light is Darkness describes well our goal and focus.  The past 10 years of ministry has seen many seasons and many who have participated in bringing us where we are today. It has been a blessing to see and hear of reports of those who had served here over the past years and how God is using them in various ways and ministries all over the world and how He used their time at the Lighthouse in preparation in many ways.


Just recently a listener met me on the street and asked me the name of various of the pastors



Clive Welsh with Miss San Pedro 2013: using every opportunity to shine the Light of Christ!

Clive Welsh with Miss San Pedro 2013: using every opportunity to shine the Light of Christ!

Walk as He walked:

Nicknames are easy to get and very hard to get rid of in Belize and if your name is not known, you’ll be called something that best describes you or represent who you are perceived to be. I’ve been called many names by people who have seen me around the community for years and somehow never been introduced properly or personally and in many cases, have talked to without them knowing my name. Mr. Lighthouse, Tall Man, Big Man, Mr. Man, to name a few. The other day, a guy who wanted to get my attention  called me, “Hey Christian”. That really grabbed me and penetrated my heart as I was labeled after my Lord and thus people are looking at me and determining what Jesus is all about through my moment by moment actions and reactions. There are times when I sense someone staring at me or looking at me as if they know me and that is when it would hit me like a brick that they have seen in on a platform opening in prayer or giving the invocation; as I’m asked regularly to do so at many of the Town Council functions. Or being guest speaker at graduation, performing a wedding, on the local TV station as guest on the Morning Show or events with the Evangelical Alliance of San Pedro churches. As I was sharing with a sister about ministry recently, I mentioned to her about the ‘fish bowl existence’ that we are in when we professed the name of Christ and especially involved in ministry. We are to walk as He walked and be a true and faithful witness.  I’ve been given the privilege to do so in various ways in Belize and specifically in San Pedro Town as it pleased the Lord to place me in those various role and duties. One such role is Justice of the Peace where I am asked to sign various legal documents, witness to signing of important papers as well as signing a police report or statement of confession upon arrest. As you can see, there is a necessity for me to be ready in season and out of season; always be ready to serve and represent My Lord as He enables me. One of my favorite pastor once said that we who are in ministry are on-call 24 hours in serving our Lord. An honor with much responsibility. Please pray that I would be ‘a ready for anything kind of Christian’ and faithfully represent and reflect Jesus Christ!


Bob Gabriel participating in a local race in San Pedro Town!

Bob Gabriel participating in a local race in San Pedro Town!

Lives touching Lives:

I met Bob Gabriel several years ago when he was working closely with Eric Donis as San Pedro’s Triathlete.  When Eric had a change of heart regarding the sport, Bob was like many of us surprised by the sudden changes but continued on by himself while seeking to raise up several other young men. Bob confessed that at 33 years of age now, he started very late in the sport but quickly gained notoriety by winning last year’s Lion Man completion and many other races. He was chosen to participated in the recent Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland to represent Belize in triathlon. I had the opportunity to interview Bob for our weekend program, “Who’s Who in San Pedro” before and after the Games and it was so exciting to see this young man achievement in such a short time. The BBC (British Broadcasting Company) filmed a documentary of Bob several months ago when the  Queen’s Baton for the Commonwealth Games came to Belize and Bob with several others were given the privilege of running with the Baton in Belize City. He invited me along when he met with the Mayor of San Pedro Town and the Area Representative who they were interviewed on BBC for the documentary. I had no idea that this young man considered me one of his advisor and counselor until he mentioned that when introducing me to the producer of the documentary. Humbled and once again reminded of the reality of ‘life touching life’. He went to Glasgow, Scotland a few weeks earlier than the Belize delegation in order to acclimate himself to the water’s temperature. At the start of the Opening Ceremony, Bob shared how it suddenly hit him what an honor it was for him to be at these games and began to cry uncontrollably. He was not able to finish the swimming in the allotted time and thus unable to finish the bike or the run. Very disappointed but he had a once in a life time experience nonetheless and enjoyed meeting and befriending athletes from the  37 Commonwealth Countries. He is now focusing on defending his title at the upcoming Lion Man Competition in a few weeks as well as training and raising up young Triathlete so they can one day get the opportunities and experience what he did at the next Commonwealth Games. Please pray for Bob to come to know Jesus in a personal, life changing relationship!


Clive interviewing Bob about the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

Clive interviewing Bob about the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

Grateful & Expressing Gratitude:


The Action Twenty 24 Second Annual Sports Camp was a success and have heard many good reports from both the team and those attended of lives touch and a great time had by all. Thank you Chris & Amy Bonnett and team for the labor of love!


Action Twenty 24 Sport Camp member sharing with participants!

Action Twenty 24 Sport Camp member sharing with participants!

Met a couple from Ohio who stopped in to offer help and assistance to Lighthouse after walking by and seeing the sign. Very encouraging and just at the right time. They have since connected me with a generator repair guy who is trouble shooting.


Our Journey Thru John, a weekly Bible Study in John’s Gospel for new believers; it has been a great blessing with lots of good questions being asked and visible fruit of growth!


Kian, a new Christian, listening intently as we study John's Gospel weekly!

Kian, a new Christian, listening intently as we study John’s Gospel weekly!

After several years of not getting a vacation due to so many unexpected and unavoidable situations, I was able to get away and getting some needed rest as well as taking care of medical & dental issues. Very thankful for Elmer Montero who is staying on site and covering for me!


Florencio, often referred to as my Mayan son, against all odds has completed his second year at the University of Belize. He recently texted me telling me that he was a counselor at a Special Needs Camp and what a great time he was having giving back since he had received so much from the Lord through folks like me.


Allan & Roberto working for a couple hours daily; sweeping the balcony, watering plants and cleaning windows to earn funds for school shoes and supplies. They have been a big help while learning work ethics and the value of work at an early age. Developing and discipling tomorrow’s leaders today!


Every month for several years I would receive a Skype call from the Mission pastor of Calvary of Albuquerque; sweet fellowship-encouragement, prayers, timely verses and impute has been a consistent lifeline for me. Thank you very much!


The Saving Grace World Mission team who makes it possible to for me to focus on the work on the field while they take care of the many details that keeps me there. Grateful for their hard and relentless service to missionaries from home base!


Prayer Needs:


Rest and long awaited refreshment physically; spiritual saturation and renewal; seeking God for vision and direction of personal life and ministry- my vacation!


Strength and help for Elmer as he oversees the radio station and the third floor while I’m away on vacation; very thankful for his service and dedication to Lighthouse.


August 1 – November 30 is the peak hurricane season and so far we haven’t had any storm weather activities or even  lengthy rainfalls. Please pray for continual protection of radio station and equipment!


Financial provision for several families struggling to provide school fees, back to school clothes and supplies!


Wisdom in implementing several new changes at Lighthouse that will provide more help for me personally!


Pray for open doors for the pastors involved with the Evangelical Alliance of San Pedro in the schools to make an impact for Christ in students lives in San Pedro Town.


Please pray for peace as the political season is quickly approaching and it’s a time of verbal wars among San Pedro residence; family against family and friends among friends.


Please pray for God’s over abounding grace in San Pedro Town as sin is abounding; outspoken and unashamed display of immorality, drunkenness, violence and increasing suicide!


Thank you so much for your time in reading this Update and most importantly for walking with me in serving Our Lord Jesus in Belize!


In His great grace and unstoppable love,


Clive Welsh