July various 070“Commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established.” Proverbs 16:3


The month of June was filled with graduations, weddings, disappointments, betrayal, possibilities, answers to prayers, unexpected honors, encouragements, and holding fast to the Person of Jesus Christ! I often stop and laugh to myself as I think about a typical day in the live of Clive which makes it comical because no two days are ever the same nor can the events of the day be anticipated. It would definitely be an amusing and nonstop movie with very few commercial interruptions.  I thank the Lord for the opportunities given to me daily to serve Him in the lives of many in the country of Belize!





With graduations quickly approaching, I contacted the San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary School’s principal in order to interview End of May 052some of their students for our program “Who’s Who in San Pedro.” Mrs. Kay, the principal showed up to our studio with 9 of her top students who were graduating with honors (2 scored highest on national examinations) and I had such a great time interviewing them as we talked about some of the things learned and anticipation for their future. It was such a delight and it greatly encouraged me to see the up and coming leaders in San Pedro. A day later I received a call from the principal asking if I would consider being their guest speaker for the upcoming graduation ceremony. An unexpected honor beyond words as I would have the opportunity to speak to the graduating class of 90 students and their parents and invited guests. Interestingly enough, many who graduated had participated in the Sports Camps and other outreaches that Lighthouse Christian Radio Ministry hosted over the years with various mission teams. The Lord place 2 Timothy 4:12 on my heart instantly and I shared Paul’s admonition to young Timothy to ‘not allow anyone to look down on you because you are young but to be an example of the believer.’ It was indeed an honor to present the gospel to the packed auditorium with the Mayor of San Pedro Town and the Area Representative/minister of Tourism in attendance. Please pray that God would truly raise up bright and shining examples of Christ from this graduating class that would spark a revival fire in San Pedro Town!


Clive sharing at the San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary School Graduation.

Clive sharing at the San Pedro Roman Catholic Primary School Graduation.



The following day, I did something I have never done before in my entire life. I was late to a wedding I was officiating at the famous Ramon’s Village & Resort. It was like one of those repeating nightmare that you awake from in a cold wet and overjoyed when you realized it was just a bad dream. Well, this was not a dream and an incident I hope never to repeat again. The owner of Ramon’s Village requested that I perform the wedding of the son of a close friend of his as they were desiring a Christian wedding. It was a destination wedding with a week of expeditions before their big day. The bride and groom lined up with their 10 guests waiting for the Officiator who had over extended himself and mistakenly wrote down the wrong time in his schedule. God was gracious and so was the bride and wedding party and the event turned out very well. That will NEVER happen again!


Clive officiating a wedding at Ramon's Village & Resort.

Clive officiating a wedding at Ramon’s Village & Resort.



Brighter Tomorrow Preschool graduating students.

Brighter Tomorrow Preschool graduating students.

The next day, I had the honor of speaking at the Brighter Tomorrow Preschool. This is another ministry that Lighthouse supports with mission teams, advertisements, and encouragement. This is usually the highlight of all graduations I attend each year as I see the beautiful faces of these 21 little ones in their caps and gowns. Challenging the parents to nurture them in the things of the Lord today so they can bring forth fruits in the future. That evening, I gave a brief speech and a prayer for a Home School Graduation with only one student graduating, definitely a first for me but a blessing indeed. That was a busy weekend in the live of Clive and very grateful to be salt and light to the residents of San Pedro Town as an outlet of Lighthouse Christian

Clive praying for the only graduate of private scjool.

Clive praying for the only graduate of private school.



The staff dilemmas climaxed after the instabilities, disrespect and outright defiance continued and I could no longer tolerate it even if it meant that we shut down the radio station temporarily. The young man was the only one who was able to operate the station and thus felt that he could do what he wanted to do and when he desired. I felt as if I was being held hostage and after months of extending mercy and showing much grace, I felt it had gone too far. The summer intern had learned enough to keep us a float so we dismissed the young man after not showing up to work one day after being repeatedly late. Adding insult to injury, when I returned from being away on the mainland for a few days, my brand new Apple which was a gift to me from one of my supports through the Saving Grace World Mission fundraiser was stolen. Needless to say, the awful feeling of betrayal of trust by someone who had access to the master keys and got into my apartment. Weeks have passed and after much investigation and denial on the part of the two recently released staff, I’ve concluded that it’s gone. The sense of personal violation and severe hurt cannot be expressed but I realize that is one of the realities of caring and reaching out to people who desperately need a Savior!




Elmer Montero returns to Lighthouse; preparing Evening News!

Elmer Montero returns to Lighthouse; preparing Evening News!

In the midst of all of the staff issues at the Lighthouse over the past year, I’m especially thankful to the Lord for prompting me to withdraw from facilitating the short term mission teams. I have seen the need for a group/team to be established in order to more effectively hosting teams and I’ve been doing it by myself over the years which left the radio station in a very difficult place even when we had permanent staffing. With the lack of competent, reliable, likeminded, and ministry minded servants, I have had to withdraw from a lot opportunities and struggle with having to say ‘no’. As I was at that crossroad once again and really determined that God is desiring to keep Lighthouse on the air, Elmer Montero came by to see me. He is the young man who worked with us for a total of 3 years who left to pursue establishing his own computer repair business.  As it turned out, the job he took while preparing to launch his business was not working out and he offered to come back part time and help us. What an encouragement from the Lord as he quickly jumped back in and began getting things established and immediately began broadcasting the Nightly News once again!



Pastors & leaders meeting to discuss possible Crusade in San Pedro!

Pastors & leaders meeting to discuss possible Crusade in San Pedro!


I received an email from a brother in Christ who has a great desire to see God work on Ambergris Caye after we met for lunch when he was here on business. I shared our desire to respond to the Mayor’s request for help with the youth and crime on the island. In his email be mentioned an evangelist/missionary friend of his who has a great desire to do conduct an crusade/evangelical outreach and was requesting my assistance in coordinating it. My heart was glad as I saw the great need and so I met with the pastors/leaders of the Evangelical Alliance of San Pedro to share with them and get their feedback because I knew that I would not be able to undertake sure an event without their help. To make a very long story short, this brother who serves in San Salvador made a short trip to Belize to meet with us and share his heart and to see how he could be of help to us in this venture. After he left and I spent some time sharing heart to heart with several of the pastors, we all felt that the pastors and their leadership teams were not prepared or equipped for such an undertaking. There was a greater need for the churches to prepare internally and any investment should be first in that area. Again, I see that so much work goes into such events and the end results of solid follow up; discipleship, mentoring and healthy teaching must be a priority. Please pray for ways to effectively prepare pastors and their leaders to equip their people for the work of the ministry!




Continual protection as we approach the peak hurricane season!

For stability at the radio station so I can take a needed vacation.

Mature, reliable, spirit-filled, ministry minded staff/missionaries.

The ability to say ‘no’ to needs and ‘yes’ to God led service!

Charles & Michelle as they return back to US to assist their kids.

Pastors in the Evangelical Alliance of San Pedro; united vision!

The Journey Thru John, new believers bible study on Wednesday.

Action Twenty 24 Sports Ministry as they conduct Sports Camp!

Thankful for God’s provisions and answers to prayers!

Thankful for His unwavering faithfulness.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Update and for co-laboring alongside of me in the various ministries in the country of Belize.

In the grips of His grace,

Clive Welsh