Clive Welsh praying at the Public Service Information Day Ceremony

Clive Welsh praying at the Public Service Information Day Ceremony

“Who comforts us in all our tribulation, that we may be able to comfort those who are in any trouble, with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.” 2 Corinthians 1: 4


After all of these years of watching God bring specific people in my life for specific purposes, it’s still a marvel to me each time. And a large portion of those are fatherless young men or men who are dealing with issues due to not having fathers in their gowning up years, or those who have fathers who are not involved in their lives and the baggage that comes with that. Serving in a country where fatherlessness is just a given and sad to say, accepted at a norm, and being one who grew up without a father and knowing firsthand some of those issues all too well. This past month was a trying one as I was dealing with a staff member who continued to exhibit sever disrespect and refusal to follow instructions. He’s the only staff at the radio station as well as living onsite at the facility. I had spent countless hours of sharing, counseling, listening and praying with him knowing that the majority of his issues were caused by a father who is not involved in his life and a buildup of resentment, bitterness and easily angered which he vented at me as I represent a male authority figure in his life. This came out in one of our late night discussions and as I prayed for him, the Lord so broke my heart for him that led to tears. Meeting with his pastor several days later after his behavior seemed to worsened and in a last resort effort to help him. We both have sought to disciple him but concluded that he will not get the help needed until he is ready to submits and surrenders fully to Lord!


In My Little Town:

Clive along with Pastors meeting with Mayor of San Pedro Town for a luncheon.

Clive along with Pastors meeting with Mayor of San Pedro Town for a luncheon.


The Mayor of San Pedro Town, knowing that I’m involved with the pastors that comprise the Evangelical Alliance of San Pedro, contacted me and made a request to meet with the all of the pastors for lunch. It seemed like an urgent matter and because I previously told him of our vision and goal to make a spiritual impact on the island, I quickly made arrangements for this gathering. After the meal, the Mayor introduced his Councilors and shared about the recent outbreak of crime and violence on the island and asked the pastors for help in dealing with the situation. I was then asked to begin the dialogue and so I asked each pastor to share about their ministry, where they were located and what they felt was needed to stem the tide of evil. I was blessed to hear the various pastors sharing about what they as a church have been doing in their respective areas and unanimously and boldly proclaiming the power of the gospel is the only real solution for a change of hearts with would lead to a change lives, families, community and town. This was the very first meeting of its kind and we all agreed that it is a good start and something we should do more regularly. Reaching the Youth was the topic that permeated the majority of the conversation and once again the staggering statistics of children without a father’s involvement was brought up. We concluded the meeting by acknowledging the need to seek God in earnest prayers and encouraged the Mayor and Town Council to lead by example by attending the various churches and praying with the believers!


Mayor and his Councilors with Pastors & Leaders after meeting.

Mayor and his Councilors with Pastors & Leaders after meeting.

The pastors met a week later to discuss our time with the Mayor and wanted to seize the opportunity given to us as the Body of Christ to respond to this call. Apart from our monthly time of united prayer meeting with all of the churches, we suggested an Evangelistic Outreach saturated in prayer and Spirit led from start to finish. More on this later but please begin to pray with us to this end!


Marriage Officer:


Clive introducing Maria & Edin as husband and wife.

Clive introducing Maria & Edin as husband and wife.

Over the past few months I’ve had the privilege of officiating 2 weddings; each one has a story behind them which delighted my heart and fulfill the purpose of me becoming a Marriage Officer twelve years ago. The reason being that many people I met where living together, common law marriage, yet innately knowing it is wrong but never had anyone to challenge them or provide a solution.  I met Sally several years ago where I do business and over time we became friends. On one of my visit, I met her boyfriend and jokingly I asked them when they were going to get married and they both said that they were not ready. I told them that when they were ready, I’d be happy to perform the ceremony since I was a marriage officer. Several years later, I mentioned it to her again and this time I told her I’d be happy to marry them without charge. Long story short, she contacted me and asked what she needed to do to get married and I walked her through the legal aspects of it and said she wanted a very simple and non-traditional ceremony. Their wedding was the shortest and most unique ceremony I’ve ever done. They arranged the day and time to meet me in the radio station office and they brought a couple, their workout partner as they came straight from the Gym wearing their workout clothes.  The most recent wedding was Maria and Edin who contacted me shortly after they found out she was pregnant. Maria’s employer was a Christian and had shared the gospel and lived the life as a witness before her. She encouraged her to do the right thing but I never heard back from them until a few months ago when they came to my office asking if I would marry them. She explained that she was underage and couldn’t get a marriage license so they went ahead and had the child and was now of age and ready to get married. What a blessing it was to perform this wedding with their families and friends on the beach overlooking the Caribbean Sea!


The happy family!

The happy family!

Lighthouse is still Shining:


Charles Murphy, audio editor, teaching our student intern Gabriel how to edit.

Charles Murphy, audio editor, teaching our student intern Gabriel how to edit.

An unusual occurrence took place, a young man from one of the local Spanish Churches was introduced to me and was so unusual is that he asked if he could volunteer at the radio station so he could learn media. This was a first for me especially since volunteerism is rare in Belize. I have been very skeptical of late with any teenagers since the last year of  challenges (babysitting) that I’ve gone through but after a good recommendation by Charles Murphy who had worked with him; we welcomed Gabriel on board.  At the same time, Jeff who continued grow in his incompliant behavior left when he was being reprimanded and once again, no one was available to train Gabriel. If you’ve been journeying with me you will remember that this is the same thing that happened at the start of the new year when Keagan arrived from Minnesota. After much prayer and consultations, arrangements were made for Jeff to return to train Gabriel several hours each day and he would no longer reside in the Staff Apartment. He wanted all of the privileges; free room & board, electricity, internet, etc without the responsibility of following instruction and obeying the rules. All of which is a part of discipleship but one has to desire to be discipled and following instructions. Please pray for wisdom as we seek to press forward with the situation at hand!


Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship:


As the church increase in size the challenges also increases as we seek to provide a comfortable place in order to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. It is a blessing to see how the Lord has worked over the years and the growth; spiritually and well as numerically as His Word is being taught faithfully each week. The foundation has been poured for the enlarging of the new sanctuary and just in time before the rainy season begins. Being a part of the leadership and getting to hear the hearts of the brothers at our monthly meeting is always a highlight of my limited time on the mainland.


Foundation being laid for the new santuary.

Foundation being laid for the new santuary.

Recently, we had one of the largest baptism as 10 believers identify themselves with the death, burial and resurrection of Our Lord and in obedience to His Word. The Belize River was the place as the entire Body gathered to witness this tremendous and life changing event after church. Each person was giving an opportunity to share their brief testimony before the Sunday Morning Service and we praised the Lord for great salvation He has provided in Jesus!


Marian getting baptized by Pastor Rudy Plett with Jacob Penner assisting.

Marian getting baptized by Pastor Rudy Plett with Jacob Penner assisting.

Another exciting news is the recent purchase of property on the second highest mountain in the southern part of Belize which will be the new home for the antennas and tower that will allow Horizon Radio to broadcast countrywide. After months of praying, evaluating, and knocking on doors, Isaac Dueck and the board of directors of Horizon Radio decided on the site best suited.  Please pray for this very exciting venture and that all of the necessary provisions to make this a reality!


The new tower site for Horizon Radio to broadcast nationwide.

The new tower site for Horizon Radio to broadcast nationwide.

Prayers Needs:


For the past 10 years my health Insurance was provided as a mission support was recently cancelled by the end of June. Please pray for wisdom as to what to do and financial provision for new health insurance.


A long time supporter will end their financial support at the end of August. Their monthly support was used to pay portions of the monthly rent for the Staff Apartment.


Please pray for my health and a well needed break, haven’t had a proper vacation in several years!


Direction, wisdom, and provision for the Radio Ministry need for responsible, mature, and spiritually minded staff members!


Blessings on our new believers study through the Gospel of John on Wednesday nights and one of the guys wants to get baptized!


Please pray for a safe Hurricane Season in the Atlantic/Caribbean!


Praise & Thanksgiving:


Thankful for the ministry God has entrusted us with Lighthouse Christian Radio as we celebrate 10 years of broadcasting!


Praising God for His blessings on Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship; the recent baptism, the starting of the construction of the new sanctuary and progress on Horizon Radio going nationwide!


Thankful for those who have faithfully supported me financially over the years which have provided my personal needs as well as feeding the hungry, school fees, clothes and support to several on a regular basis!


Thankful for the couples who recently got married and being a good example in a culture that doesn’t  honor marriage!


Praising God for long time friends, Brian & Charlotte whose wedding I officiated 26 years ago, visited Lighthouse to see the ministry first hand and was a great source of encouragement as well as trained with local triathetes!


Thankful for Florencio Teck who finished his first year at the University of Belize with a “B” average. This is the young Mayan who recently received a donated laptop from the Berger Family!


Clive hostiing long time friends Brian & Charlotte who stayed Guest Apartment.

Clive hostiing long time friends Brian & Charlotte who stayed Guest Apartment.

It is very encouraging to hear that these Monthly Updates are keeping you informed about the work God is doing in, with, and through me in Belize. Please continue to journey alongside of me as we touch live, one life touching another, make a difference in the now and eternal lives of other. A heartfelt thanks and gratitude to you for reading this and praying for the needs mentioned as well as being involved in any way that you possibly can!


In His unending love and amazing grace,


Clive Welsh


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