Clive Welsh opening The 25 Years Public Service Award Ceremony

Clive Welsh opening The 25 Years Public Service Award Ceremony in prayer!

Over the years I have been asked by the Mayor of San Pedro Town to open their official ceremonies with a word of prayer-Invocation. I consider this a great honor to ask God’s blessings upon the gathering and usually use that time to pray for those in authority and for our little town and thank God for the fact that I’m able to pray openly in the public sector. This also gives me a great opportunity to be available to minister to those in attendance afterward when I’m asked what I do on the island especially when it is an event where government officials or dignitaries are in attendance. Recently I received a call from the Mayor’s Office asking if I would recommend a Spanish speaking pastor to do the invocation for a Central America Mayor’s Meeting and since I was their official Invocator they called me. I marvel at the position and influence that the Lord has given to me in this little town; to be His representative by being salt and light to those who don’t know Jesus. Invoking God’s Presence at various events and speaking to Him in public settings is indeed an honor beyond honor!

Brighter Tomorrow Preschool Graduation 2015

Brighter Tomorrow Preschool Graduation 2015

LIVES TOUCHING LIVES: Well, the month of June was filled with graduations and I was honored to be ‘invited guest’ at four this year and given the privilege to pray for the 13 graduates and parents of the Brighter Tomorrow Preschool graduation. This is always my favorite of all graduations to watch these little ones nervously walk down the aisle in their cap & gown. The High School graduation was also a special one as I saw several of those who attend our Friday Night Bible study graduating and especially Kian, the young man I led to the Lord several years ago. An added blessing and surprise was the see Jonathan Andino, one of the young men that I’ve been a SID to (Stand in Dad) was given the Student of the Year Award. He had no idea he was this year’s recipient of this award and was so blown away when his name was called. Jonathan is one of those exceptional young man whom I’ve known over 4 years and took an interest in him after hearing his story of migrating to Belize from Honduras and the challenges his family faced growing up without a father. We’ve allowed him to use our internet and printer at the radio station for assignments & projects and assisted him over the years with necessary support and supplies. Jonathan is excited about his final year in High School and we’re even more committed to assist him in any way we can to help him finish well!

Jonathan Andino receiving Student of the Year Award.

Jonathan Andino receiving Student of the Year Award.

FATHER TO THE FATHERLESS: Another surprise and blessing was when I asked Jason, another young man that I’m known for several years who is finishing up his first year in High School, if he had passed his courses. He was nervous about a couple of his classes and even thought that he might have to attend summer classes to pass them. Well, he was bursting with excitement when he told me that not only did he pass all of his classes but he made it in on the Honor Roll list. There was great rejoicing in my office when he told me the news. Jason is also one of the guys who received a donated laptop from KTIS Radio when one of their Tech found out about his situation. He leaves the laptop at the Lighthouse and comes regularly to do his homework, assignments and projects after school or on the weekends. These are 2 of many stories that I must share with you so you can see how your prayers and support is touching lives and making a difference and I  have been granted the privilege of being a stand-in dad to.

Jason Estrada (back) and Jonathan Andino working on homework at the Lighthouse!

Jason Estrada (back) and Jonathan Andino working on homework at the Lighthouse!

I take that role of being an example to these guys very seriously as they, like so many others in Belize, have been abandoned at an early age, neglected, and damaged by their biological fathers and have no idea what having a father looks like. Growing up without a father personally and detecting almost immediately the results of that when meeting these guys which only enlarged my heart more for the many fatherless young men that the Lord brings into my life over the years. Your prayers and support makes it possible to provide for them some of their daily necessities. I made it a point to always have food in my fridge; milk and cereal as I get unexpectedly visit by some when they are hungry. We also try to assist with school supplies, lunch money, funds for school trips and sometimes help with school fees. I found out years ago that many of these guys have no one to help them with simple tasks like getting their social security card, teaching them how to drive, applying for driver’s license, passport, bank account and in some cases getting their naturalization process in order for those from other Central American countries who migrated to Belize. In some cases getting them the medical attention needed due to overworked and busy mothers or lack of funds. Thank you for the major part that you play in ministering God’s love to some of the fatherless in Belize!


Dennis Requena & Clive Welsh back together again to celebrate 11th Anniversary!

Dennis Requena & Clive Welsh back together again to celebrate 11th Anniversary!

LIGHTHOUSE: ELEVEN YEARS OF BROADCASTING: Dennis Requena, the young man that started the radio station with me, has now completed 7 years of teaching in Primary School since leaving Lighthouse Christian Radio. Since he is off for the summer, he brought his family to San Pedro to assist me with various projects at Lighthouse. He also covered for vacationing Elmer Montero and jumped in to broadcast the Evening News. It just so happens that we celebrated 11 years of broadcasting on July 16 and it was so good to have him here with us for that monumental occasion. We talked about how good the Lord has been to us over the years and all that He has done to make Lighthouse apart of the community and welcomed in so many hearts and lives. We reminisced on all of the staff, missionaries, volunteers, workers and student interns that have been a part of the ministry since its beginning days and how the Lord used each one in specific ways as well as used their time here to do specific work in their lives. It’s truly a joy to be involved in God’s work and as we celebrated another year of serving in Christian Radio we thank God for the privilege of being a voice for Him in San Pedro Town and for the lives of our listeners who have been saved, received discipling, encouraged, and growing in grace and the knowledge of Him. Thank you for the part that you have played in co-laboring with us over the years!


The last Galcom Radio available; these radios have touched many lives for Christ in San Pedro Town!

The last Galcom Radio available; these radios have touched many lives for Christ in San Pedro Town!

GALCOM RADIOS MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Over the years we have been greatly blessed to distribute the fixed tuned, solar-powered radios shipped to us from Galcom International, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Each shipment consisted of 1,000 radios fixed tuned to Lighthouse Christian Radio FM 101.3 and we have give them out, free of charge, to those requesting one and especially those who don’t have electricity nor a radio. The stories have been amazing hearing from those who have received these over the years especially night watchmen listening to the Spanish evening segments, others waking up to catch their favorite program, workers on the construction sites listening while working, those struggle with insomnia tuning in and null off to sleep by the inspiring music or teaching programs, and the list goes on. Well, sad to say but we have ran out of radios and it’s been very hard to tell those asking that we no longer have any to give them. Yes, we would give them out free of charge. I contacted the folks at Galcom and they have invented Impax Radio which is a smaller, compact radio, still solar powered but has the entire Bible programmed in it in both Spanish and English so if you are not listening to the radio station you can hear the Bible being read. Galcom International would only charge 50% of the cost while the other portion was donated by one of its founding partner of the ministry. We were notified that the generous donor/founder passed away several years ago and that we will have to come up with that portion along with shipping and custom charges. Each Impax radio would cost us $15.00 US dollars each and there are 100 per box. If you would like more information on how your church, ministry, organization, youth group or business can sponsor or donate and assisting us with a box or more for a shipment, please contact me. I cannot put it into words the blessing that these radios have been so many and even now we are receiving calls and visitors asking when the new ones will be available. Many are eager to getting the Impax Radio because of the option of listening to the Bible being read in Spanish for the elderly or those who cannot read or write!


Our Summer of Service Student Intern recording announcement.

Our Summer of Service Student Intern  Jason, recording announcement.

SUMMER OF SERVICE: Andrew Schwartz ended his season of service and is back in Ohio working and preparing for college. During the summer break from school, we usually have students from the community work around Lighthouse doing daily light cleaning; sweeping the 3rd floor, window washing, plant watering and other odds and ends needed. We don’t employ them in the usual way but rather save up what they would earn and then purchase their necessities for school such as uniform, clothes, shoes, supplies and school fees. This year Jason expressed a need for a cell phone, clothes and other items and so he joined us as our Summer of Service Student Intern. He is learning a lot about responsibility, trustworthiness, dependability to name a few and we actually cover these words and topics daily and talk about their meaning and applications. It’s really been a time of growth for him as he is venturing out and developing talents and gifts he didn’t knew existed while he is learning about the Lord and seeing the Christian life modeled before him daily. This has been a great help to his mother making it much easier of her being a single mom with 2 kids. Again, thank you for your support which makes opportunities like this possible for guys like Jason!


Pastors Alex, Francisco & Marvin listens intently as other pastors shared their hearts.

Pastors Alex, Francisco & Marvin listens intently as other pastors shared their hearts.

STIRRED TO ACTION: San Pedro Town have been given many names in the past. Madonna gave it Isla Bonita (Beautiful Island) by her song, Temptation Island was another name given to her by a reality show in the 1980ies and to many it is known as Sin City or Sin Pedro. A local resort is now desiring it to make history by hosting the very first Gay Pride Festival. When this was brought to the attention of the Evangelical Alliance of San Pedro, comprising of over 9 churches and Christian ministries, we met to discuss what our response to this should be as the Body of Believers represent a growing population of the residents on the island. Our meeting, keep in mind that various denominations were represented, was one of the most powerful one we’ve had to date as each pastor and leader began pouring out their hearts about their community and the overwhelming needs and warfare that they have been experiencing. As each one shared, my heart was stirred about the great need we have for the power of God to be demonstrated and the key/access was prayer. That was confirmed as each one present stated the very same thing and that was to be our course of action; pray, pray, pray, then God would direct us accordingly.

Over 40 Believers gathered to pray at monthly Prayer Meeting!

Over 40 Believers gathered to pray at monthly Prayer Meeting!

We agreed to meet on the third Monday of each month in the various communities for the sole purpose of pouring out our hearts to the Lord for our beloved town, our island, our home. We met last Monday and over 40 people gathered in the San Pablo/Escalante Area and we had a great time of prayers; the various pastors and leaders prayed for town leadership, the families, youth, and for the lost and dying in our town. Most of those present prayed in Spanish and even though I don’t know the language, my spirit was soaring in agreement in what was being prayed. We will be meeting with the Mayor of San Pedro along with the Catholic priest who met with me a few days ago about this issue and asked if he could unite together as a united voice for family values and godliness in our town. Please pray for God to demonstrate His love and power in and through His Body the Church as we stand for rightness in our little town!



-Please pray for the families in San Pedro Town; fathers to step up and be responsible and a change takes place with the fatherlessness!

-Please pray the churches in San Pedro as we gather together to pray for our town every 3rd Monday of the month!

-Pray that the Gay Pride Festival planned for September that it would not happen!

-Please pray for an uneventful Hurricane Season and protection on our equipment at the radio station!

-Please pray for provision for shipment of Galcom Fixed-tuned, solar powered radios as we’ve ran out!

-Please pray for a team to develop at Lighthouse so we can reach our listeners in practical ways; Men’s Conferences, Family Movie Nights, Outreach Concerts!

-Thankful for Dennis Requena and his help over the past few weeks with various projects and covering so Elmer to take a vacation.

-Please pray for a time for me to get a well needed rest, vacation and down time!


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