It really seemed like it was not long ago that we were celebrating Christmas and here we go again. I’ve sat down to work on last month’s update and the current happenings and wouldn’t you know it, many interruptions of life with the planned and unplanned back to back and sometimes overlapping of events, teams, surprising situations, and daily unexpected seems to keep me up late nights and getting up early mornings. Such is the life of Clive, I often tell people that I could not have sat down and plan the life that I live; never a dull moment and no time to be bored or lonely. To God be praised for His wonderful grace. That does not by any means say that I’m not busy, actually I must confess that there are often times I get very overwhelmed. Yet, my heart is not only grateful for the opportunity to serve the Lord but thankful for the amazing access He has given me into hearts and lives of many both through the radio ministry and especially in the hearts of individuals!

Brief Updates:

Clive Welsh at the Galcom Canada Headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario!

Galcom Canada: I’m thankful for ministry partners like Galcom International who has come alongside of us over the years in unbelievable way and one of the most recent ways was being invited to be their guest speaker at their Annual Fundraiser Banquet at their Headquarters in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I was so thrilled by the invitation and even more so when they told me that the funds raised from this year’s Banquet will go towards us obtaining their newly developed ImpaX Radio. We have been out of the Fixed tuned-solar powered radios for quite some times and we’ve sought the Lord in prayers for more radios as we were daily being asked by residents for radios. The gracious folks at Galcom paid for my flight to Canada and with the banquet just a week after my good friend Vincent’s wedding in Pennsylvania where I participated in the ceremony. After the wedding I was picked up by Andrew Schwartz who drove me to Ohio where I spent a few days with the Schwartz family, lifelong friends I had not seen in awhile, before traveling to Canada!

Founder of Galcom Allan & Florrie McGuirl with Clive at Annual Fundraiser Banquet.

Teen Esteem: While at Vincent’s wedding in October, I met up with Tim Barley, an old friend that I introduced to Belize back in 2001 and he has continued coming yearly with teams to the southern district and ministering. He is also the person that introduced me to Vincent when they were on a quick trip to San Pedro 5 years ago and since then I had the privilege of mentoring Vincent via weekly Facetime and calls. That quick trip was the last time seeing Tim so we had a lot of catch up to do and that is when he told me about his involvement with Teen Esteem. My heart stirred as he shared exciting results when providing young people with accurate information so they can make wise and educated choices in the high-risks behaviors. Tim already had plans to bring a team to Punta Gorda, in the south of Belize, over the Thanksgiving holiday. I asked if he would be able to come to San Pedro at the end of their trip if I was able to make arrangements for them to speak at San Pedro High School. The Lord opened a wide door through my relationship with the Guidance Counselor and a Parents Meeting was planned and Tim shared with parents some of the challenges their teens are faced with and gave them some tools to help them understand and help.

Parents Meeting at San Pedro High School!

The turnout was surprisingly good  especially at such late notice and parents were very appreciative for the insights Tim shared from his 25 years of ministering to parents and teens. The following morning Tim addressed the entire Student Body of 630 students in spite of the loud sound of the rain on the roof top and the delayed start with many students held up by the unexpected storm. The students were captivated by the straightforward way they were being addressed. Apart from drugs, alcohol, and sexual involvement, Tim addressed suicide and cutting as coping methods for dealing with stresses that many teens are experiencing today. We are already making plans for a follow up visit of Teen Esteem next year to reach as many teens as possible in San Pedro with accurate information so they can make informed choices!

Tim Barley addressing San Pedro High School students!

Galcom Team of Five: While I was in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada plans were made for a team to come to Belize to bring the 500 ImpaX Radio and to replace the cables or repair the antennas. You might recall that we have been having problems with our transmitter and after having it repaired twice it was still not functioning as it should so it was determined that the antennas or cables were the possible culprits. The five men, before leaving Canada, were involved with several others in assembling the 500 radios over an eight hour period and several days later they arrived in Belize. Shortly after arriving at Lighthouse and evaluating the antennas, it was quickly spotted what the problem was and the following day John & Alistair climbed the tower and remove one of the antennas and repaired the wire that was broken due to corrosion. Several of the men found out about our generator hasn’t worked in years and began tackling that problem, they determined that 2 parts and several fuses needed to be replaced however they were not available in Belize.

John & Alastair finding and solving the problem!

Caye Caulker: A neighboring island which is only 30 minutes away from San Pedro by Water Taxi and where our radio station is picked up, stronger in some areas than other. I really didn’t know how many listeners we had there so I made a trip over to test out the ImpaX Radio before the team arrived and made several very good contacts; one was a private school Ocean Academy where I found myself taking about Teen Esteem possibly coming back next year and the thought thrilled both the Counselor and one of the Founders. But the thing that grabbed me most was the fact that there was no English Church on Caye Caulker. My heart began stirring and I still cannot get it out of my mind so it was a thrill to go back over with the team from Galcom to distribute radios there for the very first time. It was a rainy morning when we traveled over and was given the opportunity to share about Lighthouse and Galcom International at the Ocean Academy High School and presented each teacher with an ImpaX Radio for their classes. Many students showed interest in receiving one for their family and I’ll return soon to distribute them.

Galcom’s Mission Team leader, Alastair Wyatt sharing with students!

In the afternoon, arrangements were made for us to visit the Caye Caulker Roman Catholic Primary School and were well received by both teachers and students. We were able to make presentation to each teacher of the ImpaX Radio and demonstrated how to use them. Looking at all of those precious faces I couldn’t help wondering what the Lord was going to be doing since He had opened up such a door with the radios into both schools. It was a blessing having the guys here from Galcom and watching them share their faith with many they encountered was refreshing. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to partner with Galcom and couldn’t believe that I had spoken at their banquet just a couple months ago and now hosting some of those very men who were at the banquet in San Pedro and now co-laboring with me at Lighthouse Christian Radio!

Primary school students listening intently to the Galcom story and teacher presented with ImpaX!

Christmas In San Pedro Town: The Evangelical Alliance of San Pedro, comprising of various churches and ministries in San Pedro, had our first ever Christmas Caroling Parade on December 18. The churches assembled at Boca del Rio Park in decorated, lit Golf Carts, floats, trucks and many walking as Christmas carols filled the night air from generated public address systems using the Galcom ImpaX radios tuned in to Lighthouse Christian Radio FM 101.3.

The manger scene with the kids from AOG Spanish Church!

We paraded through the streets of San Pedro and ended at the Sports Complex where each pastors or leaders shared a Christmas greeting with the several thousand in attendance. Several youth groups shared dramas, dances and an all guys tumbling/Dance team captivated the gathering followed by gospel message. One of the local churches distributed over a thousand gifts to children 12 years and under with cupcake and coke for all. Several businesses contributed to making it a very special time for the community and the real gift, Jesus Christ was presented by one of the pastors. Organizing such activities was quite a challenge with so many last minute surprises but as always, God did it once again and I love to watch the faces of those along the parade route. What a great blessing it was for the churches to come together like this demonstrating the love of God to our little town of San Pedro!

San Pedro residents hearing of God’s Greatest Gift before receiving gifts 7 refreshments!

As we once again celebrated the greatest gift ever given to mankind, Jesus the Son of God and Savior of the world. Let us be ever mindful that the Christ who was born over 2000 years ago is alive and desires to live through us to touch and impact a world that is so lost and in desperate need of a Savior. Thank you for your continued gift of support that enables me to serve the Lord in the various capacities that I get to do here in Belize!


In His amazing grace & relentless love,

Clive Welsh


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