It’s always with great joy and excitement to sit down with you and give you a brief update of the happenings in the life of Clive as I reflect on the absolute grace of God allowing me to participate in the things He’s doing with me. I was recently encouraged by a line from a sermon I heard, “God takes the ordinary that we give to Him and does the extra ordinary with it to touch lives with love and compassion.” That hit the nail on the head as I think back on the past few month and being a little discouraged not seeing droves of people repenting of their sin and committing their lives to Christ. I’m excited and fired up to continue pressing on!

I’m very grateful for the outpour of love through the birthday greetings I’ve received through Facebook messages, emails, cards,  letters, calls and personal greetings. Many questions are asked concerning when I will retire and to be honest the thought never occurred to me, though sometimes  I would jokingly ask where I go in order to give my retirement or resignation letter. My answer remain the same “my times are in his hands.” The next question asked is when will I slow down? To which I answer, “The Lord knows “. You see there are so many things still on my heart that I still sense God has yet for me in fulfilling His purposes so I eagerly avail myself to Him daily. Since you haven’t heard from me over the past few months, I’d look to briefly bring you up to date with some of the things, events, activities, and people’s lives I’ve had the privilege to serve!


Training of the San Pedro Chapter of the Justices of the Peace & Commissioners of the Supreme Court!

San Pedro Association of Justice of the Peace: April made it a full year since I was appointed to head the local chapter of the Association of Justice of the Peace & Commissioner of the Supreme Court. I’ve served as a JP for twelve years and was contacted by the National President asking if I would assist in getting the San Pedro JP’s together for a meeting in hopes of getting the Chapter up and running again after a 3 to 4 years of dormancy. After many attempts of  refusing the nominations for president of the San Pedro Chapter, I explained how busy I was currently with many comments and responsibility and committed to one year of a two year term. Well, a year later and we’ve climbed out of the dormant/inactive status and recently completed  a successful training with 50 JPs in attendance, many who have never received the basic training which was taught by the National President. A community service organization that is described by the Attorney General of Belize as a very respected and honorable volunteer service liken to that of an Inspector of Police and a Magistrate with responsibilities of signing important documents for the people of Belize and specifically those in our town!

Clive Welsh with the Crown Counsel and Attorney General of Belize in California!

Easter on the Island: San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye is known as a tourist destination which brings in the largest amount of tourist dollars for the entire country. Easter is one of the holidays that attract tourist for spring break but a lot of folks from our neighboring nations also flock to the island along with many from the mainland, especially Belize City. It is known for its beach parties called ‘Easter Bash’ which starts after the “Dry Friday” where no alcohol is to be sold on Good Friday until 7:00 PM. It is really a phenomenal thing to be each year as the island is solemn also desolate with a sense of mourning all day long followed by the procession of the Catholics as they line the streets with men & boys on one side and women & girls on the other as they sing and recite prayers as they walked. Within an hour or so after, it’s as if a bomb goes off and the loud music and parties begin and the stores begin to sell alcohol and partying goes on until Monday night. I always tell myself that I don’t want to be on the island during Easter unless I’m involved in some form of outreach. Well the Evangelical Alliance of San Pedro, eight churches and Christian ministries, organized an collaborated outreach all over the island where each church stationed themselves at various locations around town with music, songs, placards and tracks (some with cupcakes and goodies) to pass out to those passing by.

Celebrating Easter by giving away Bibles, Books and Galcom ImpaX Radio at the Lighthouse!

Sunrise at the Lighthouse: To my knowledge there has never been a Easter Sunrise Service in San Pedro and with the incredible sunsets over the Caribbean Sea I ventured out to having one. The very first for us and the venue was on the roof of the building that houses Lighthouse Christian Radio. As I woke up Easter Sunday morning, the streets were still buzzing with the partiers making their way home and just before dawn a hush took place and the small gathering sat quietly and watched the sun rose. A very sweet time of worship led by a friend and a time of prayer and reflection from the Word of the significance of this morning above all other mornings; Jesus conquered death and now we can too. I’m really hoping that this will be a tradition and looking forward to seeing if the Alliance would like to make plans for all of the churches to join in next year.

Easter Sunrise at the Lighthouse!

A Father I never knew: I often describe Belize as a fatherless country, something very personal and dear to my heart as I grew up without a father who died when I was five years old. As many of you know, I have a real soft place in my heart for fatherless guys which is at the top of my list where most of my time, energy, ministry and passion is spent. Awhile back a Facebook post grabbed my attention and broke my heart and I wept as I read it, written by a young man that I’ve seen around but never met. I’d like to share it with you as it was written, not wanting to take away for the heart of pain with which it was written:

“This year my aim was to meet up with my dad to start and build up a father       and son relationship; the relationship we never really had when I was growing up because all my life I somewhat tried to avoid him as he wasn’t apart of my life growing up. Ignoring the fact that he is and will always be apart of me, it’s my pleasure to thank you for bringing me into this world, despite all that, all I can feel right now is a huge stone of negativity and guilt in my heart for having such a cold heart to him.. now my aim of building a father-son relationship will never be a success because your gone. Dad I would really like to say how sorry I am for being a little ungrateful but it may be late. I pray that God may forgive me for how I was   with you, it’s really shocking thing to find out in the middle of the day as I am very speechless, I can’t thank you enough for bringing me into this world, may you rest in peace dad.”

Through some interesting ‘divine appointments’ we were able to meet and felt the Father heart of God reaching out to embraced this young man. Please pray that He would received the love of God as demonstrated through His Son, Jesus Christ!

Praying at the Grand Opening of the new Ambergris Football Stadium!

Salt & Light in San Pedro: Over the years I have been asked by the Mayor of San Pedro Town on many occasions to do the invocation (opening prayer) before events ranging from private meets with Mayors both Nationally and Internationally, Official Gatherings; Independence Day Ceremonies, Mother’s Day Extravaganza and Inaugurations. It has been a tremendous honor and I’m humbled each time to be the very first person to address these gatherings after the Master of Ceremony and to invoke God’s blessing upon the event. This is such a privilege to do this and I’m so thankful that the country of Belize see this a necessity before every ceremony right after the National Anthem. At two recent meetings, the Mayor introduced me as the San Pedro Town Council official Pastor, I was stunned by that title and felt both the awe and responsibility of that title. God has opened doors for me to be salt and light to this community and with that, an enlarged heart of the residents. Please pray for my continual influence for Christ in the various platforms I’ve been given in San Pedro!

Working closely with the Officer in Charge of the San Pedro Police Formation-dedication of new Police Substation North Ambergris Caye!

I apologize for the lengthy delay in sending out what was to be my Monthly Update as it is very important for you keep up with what is going on with me and the ministry. It continues to be a very challenging keeping up with all that is on my plate and I really need your prayers and financial support more than ever. I will update you shortly on what some of those specific needs are and until then, please pray for me!

Blessings and love,

Clive Welsh

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