“Now we exhort you brethren, warn those who unruly, comfort the fainthearted, uphold the weak, be patient with all.”   I Thessalonians 5:14

As I sit and reflect on the past month and prepare to capsulate it to update you, my mind ran back on all of lives that I am privileged to be a part of in various capacities. Some very causal yet impacting and others extremely deep, personal and intense; all life changing by the grace of God. I’m often called ‘pastor’ by many when I’m in public and for some it is out of respect for what they’ve observed God doing in my life and for some who don’t know my name, others out of obligated to use titles, very common in Belize. Honestly I dislike titles as it tends to sometime elevate individuals in the minds of people and can be dangerous to the one being elevated but I understand its usage for identification, respect and clarification. I’m often  asked where do I pastor and my response would be that I direct the affairs of Lighthouse Christian Radio; many expecting to hear the name of a church. Over the past eight years or so, I’ve prayed for the establishing of a relevant, vibrant, and solid Bible teaching church in San Pedro and will continue to pray to that end. God has given me a pastor’s heart and that is what I do in various capacities in the hearts and lives of countless individuals both locally, nationally and internationally; for which I’m honored and humbled beyond words.  Peter’s words come to mind often, “Shepherd the flock of God which is among you, serving as overseers, not by compulsion but willing…” 1 Peter 5:2. There are many hungry, hurting and lost sheep around me. I have to honor of leading many to the Chief Shepherd and then feed them the ‘milk of the Word that they may grow’. This I feel has been and will always be my primary focus of ministry; lives touching lives pointing them to the Giver and Restorer of life, Jesus Christ!



In case you have not heard as yet, I am no longer with Saving Grace World Mission but now under the ministry of He Intends Victory, an HIV/AIDS International Christian Ministry. The transition began at the end of January and it’s smoothly coming along and hope that by the end of March it will be completed. I appreciate very much the expertise of the brothers involved in making this happen. Thank you to all who have journeyed with me over the many years as well as the new supporters, all of you who make it possible for me to do the work of the Lord in Belize. Here is the new link: https://heintendsvictory.org/lighthouseradio/

Thank you for taking the time to make the necessary changes and for your donation and monthly support.

 Taking it to the Street:

Elmer & Rich carrying one of our banners in Bible Parade

Elmer & Rich carrying one of our banners in Bible Parade

The Evangelical Alliance of San Pedro, comprised of 8 pastors and churches, held its 4th Annual Bible Parade through the streets of San Pedro Town. This year’s parade started in the DFC Area which is the furthest community south of the town and made its way through the main streets in the town center and ended at the newly renovated Sports Complex. Each church had floats, banners or posters, along with contemporary praise and worship music playing while members from each church sang along while passing out gospel tracts to the onlookers. Each year the parade gets bigger with more participants and the town residents are always stunned by the creative floats with the children in their colorful costumes all displaying a Bible theme. Upon reaching the Sports Complex, each church gave a brief presentation and after a time of praise and worship led by the Shalom Church worship team, a word of encouragement was given by one of the pastors and a powerful time of praying for pastors as we unit together in reaching San Pedro for Christ.  I couldn’t express the thoughts and emotions I experienced as I watched the gathering of believers worshipping God with the sounds of praise music filling the night skies in the very heart of San Pedro Town. I thank the Lord for privilege of working with these pastors and being instrumental in starting the Evangelical Alliance and watching its impact to the community!

Pastors united together praying for San Pedro Town after Bible Parade!

Pastors united together praying for San Pedro Town after Bible Parade!

Grieving with close friends:

God has blessed me with so many amazing people over the years whom He has used in great ways in my life and ministry. Vicky & Leon Berger is a couple that have been used of the Lord over the years in blessing both personally and in ministry. Vicky, a flight attendant who have provided me with stand-by travel allowing me to travel back and forth to the US for medical, dental, conventions and other travel needs at extremely affordable prices. And Leon serves as our IT consultant and has made several of the computers used for broadcasting at the radio station. When his schedule will allow him, Leon would fly down to Belize for the weekend since he is able to fly for free since his wife, Vicky works for the airlines. Well, at the beginning of the February, I received a text telling me that their 23 year old son Brandon was killed in an auto accident. I’ve know Brandon since he was a baby and the news affected me greatly and knew that I had to go to Arkansas to be a support to them. I was asked to share in Brandon’s Celebration of Life service along with his father and the Mission pastor of his church. A story that Leon shared about his first mission trip with Brandon to Haiti and how he left all of his clothes behind for those who needed it and came back with only the clothes he was wearing. Since Brandon spent several weeks in the summer of 2009 helping me with summer mission teams, Vicky thought it would be fitting for me to bring his clothes with me to Belize and distributed them to the young men that I work with in San Pedro. It didn’t take very long for them to be passed out and I was able to share with them Brandon’s story. Please pray for Vicky and Leon during this time of grief!


National Religious Broadcasters Convention:

Clive with Allan McGruil of Galcom with Isaac Dueck

Clive with Allan McGruil of Galcom with Isaac Dueck

Each year I eagerly anticipate attending the NRB Convention in Nashville, Tennessee where we were blessed by hearing pastors such as Alistair Begg, Robert Jeffress, Billy Kim, Erwin Lutzer and Dennis Rainey. We also heard from Steve Forbes, Joel Rosenberg, Governor Hucklebee and many other. This is my once a year time of touching base with many ministry partners, friends and enjoying special times of fellowship with likeminded broadcasters and Christian communicators. One of the things that the Lord spoke heavily to my heart is that a Christian Broadcaster has the responsibility to accurately, passionately, boldly, loving and diligently proclaim the gospel through the medium we’ve been entrusted with. It’s not a job, it is a calling and a ministry that we need to be faithful in serving the Lord.

Many contact were made that will enhance our ministry at Lighthouse and a highlight was spending time with the folks from Galcom International and discussing expanding our signal into more of Belize City. We were also able to order another shipment of the newly designed Fix Tuned Solar Powered radios. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to attend this years’ convention and thankful to staff from Northwestern University for providing accommodations for me once again. With the sudden snow storm that occurred at the end of the trip, the Lord provided a room for my unexpected overnight in Miami after an 8 hour attempt to get out of Nashville with my standby travel status.

Dr. Chuck Pollak of Sharing Ministries discussing upcoming Belize Media Seminar!

Dr. Chuck Pollak of Sharing Ministries discussing upcoming Belize Media Seminar!

Meanwhile back at the Lighthouse:

While at the NRB Convention, I was able to keep in touch with Rich, our staff in training for daily updates. Toward the end of the Convention I had not heard from him as scheduled and became concerned not knowing what was going on at the radio station. As it turned out Rich had a change of heart and it was evident by some of the choices he was making and had to be sent home which is Belize City. Elmer quickly jumped in and stayed onsite in his absents before my return several days later. Meeting with my Advisory Board upon arriving back and the decision was made to release him, needless to say, it was difficult for me in so many ways. After pouring our lives into him for almost 2 months and the feeling of being abandoned and betrayed reminded me immediately of the situation of Paul with John Mark and the hardship endured as a result. The past week was extremely difficult catching up, maintaining and seeking to keep our heads above water. I’ve since spoken to his pastor and given some insights and understanding and just recently was able to meet with him when visiting his home church this past weekend. I’m thankful for God’s grace which enabled me to encourage and pray for him. Please pray for our desperate need for an onsite staff that can assist me in ministry as well as to assist Elmer in the operations of the radio station!


Prayers & Praise:

+Praising God for the many who have faithfully served the Lord alongside of my me in the ministry in so many various ways.

+Thanking God for the He Intends Victory Ministry that have open heartedly welcomed me as their missionary and Lighthouse as our covering!

+Please pray for a staff: missionary, student intern, volunteers, help!

+Please pray for a smooth transition between mission ministries.

+Please pray for Patrick & Deana McCusker for direction in their vision in developing a Children Home for orphans infected with HIV/AIDS.

+Please pray for funds for a shipment of Galcom fixed tuned, solar powered radios to give out to our listeners!

+Please pray for many open doors to minister the Cross of Jesus this Easter  both on the radio and practically!


Thank you very much for your continual support; financial, prayers, encouragement, and for taking the time to read this Update and co-labor with me in the ministries in Belize and Beyond!


Clive Welsh


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