Keeping the ONE THING in focus for 2016

Christmas was a blur this year, it came up so suddenly and before I knew it, it was gone. This season we had the opportunity of hosting many people from all over the world in our Guest Apartment which means that we were busy cleaning and preparing it back to back as many were coming and going. On Christmas Day we said goodbye to a couple from Switzerland in the morning and welcomed another from Los Angeles, it was fun providing a place in the Inn for travelers and meeting a variety of people. I was grateful for

Dennis Requena & his son Jonathan visiting for the holiday!

Dennis Requena & his son Jonathan visiting for the holiday!

Dennis Requena who came over to assist as I had to leave the day after Christmas to begin my journey to Arkansas for Keagan & Brittany’s wedding. Having sudden setbacks in travel due to storms, tornados and flooding with a sleepless night in DFW airport, I made it in the nick of time for the rehearsal and then the wedding and the journey back was just as exciting and got to be a part of God’s many miracles of providing seats for this stand-by passenger when flights were oversold due to cancellations and delays. I made it back to Belize on December 30 and in the process of unpacking I received a phone call from the Mayor’s office asking if I would do the honors of opening the New Year’s Eve Celebration with prayers. As I stood before the multitude of residents and visitors that night with ocean of heads and faces before me, some already tipsy from alcohol while many kids dressed up with sparkled eyes waiting for the fireworks; couples paired off while families bundled together. The Lord graced me with an incredible love for the people of San Pedro like never before. Before praying I paused and glanced over the crowd and asked myself how did this happen and why was I given such favor of the Lord to be given such a heart for these people. “We don’t know what the new year will bring but we know the One who will be there to bring us through the New Year just like He did the past year.”

Residents & Visitors filled the Central Park to usher in the New Year!

Residents & Visitors filled the Central Park to usher in the New Year!

One thing I do…….Determination: “Forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead.” Phil.3:13. As I think on the past year there are many things that I would gladly forget; the heartbreak of those you love dearly forsaking your love and friendship, those you’ve poured yourself  into and continues to refuse the love and gospel of Jesus; the deep pain and suffering of  those going through horrific lost & trials and most painful, those who walked with Jesus a year ago and now back in the very pit He rescued them from. Yes, it is very desirous to forget those and the many tears shed in 2015 but we are likewise to forget the good times, answers to prayers, lives touch and saved from a life of sin and destruction; and the great joys and laughter. God has so much ahead and in store for us that we will fail to see and receive these if we are look behind. Yes, I find looking back for the sole purpose of rejoicing in His grace and faithfulness very helpful but those memories should serve as encouragement that He can and will do great and perhaps greater things in us and through in 2016. I was sharing this passage of scripture with Miguel (Mike) in our devotional time and I could tell that it hit home with him as he has shared with me about hard and sad memories that he would find himself thinking about during moments of boredom or loneliness. I

Our Morning Devotions on the first day of the New Year!

Our Morning Devotions on the first day of the New Year!

used the analogy of Spider man casting a web from one hand and releasing the other hand in order to swing forward in the sky. The sparkle in his eyes communicate to me that he got what I was saying but a few days later as I was sharing a painful experience I just had with an old friend; he reminded me of the analogy by the sound I made of the web being cast when I gave the analogy. I smiled while being encouraged by the very words that came out of my mouth and reminded of it through Miguel. I’m determined to be more aggressively forget my past with both its blessings and failures and press on with the love of God and the gospel like never before knowing and being convinced, really convinced that this is the greatest need in the new year for me and to extend it to others!


One thing I desire……….Passion: “One thing I desire of the Lord, that will I seek; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life.” Psalms 27:4

A recent Guest, Jordan a TV Weatherman and Elmer Montero for the Evening News!

A recent Guest, Jordan a TV Weatherman and Elmer Montero for the Evening News!

For David the Psalmist, his greatest desire was to live where the Presence of God was experienced on a regular basis. Well for us today, the Spirit of God dwells in us and we can now experience God’s presence continually and not based on a location. His manifested presence can be ours where ever we are it is truly a joy to sense His sweet presence at certain times in our daily lives. One such occasion was recently while we were hosting a couple in our Lighthouse Guest Apartment who mentioned that they love the feel and atmosphere of the apartment very much. They asked if they could stay another night and we were happy to oblige and as they were making payment for the extra night they asked if they could purchase a devotional book they found in the apartment. They went on to say that they are on a 3 months trip traveling on a spiritual journey and that the daily devotional would be a great additive to their travels. I gladly gave them the book and told Miguel that is the very purpose for the Guest Apartment; to provide rest & retreat for those seeking a refuge or the searching pilgrim seeking after a Savior. God has blessed us greatly with so many terrific guests, several were believers and others we were able to share and live the gospel out loud to from all over the world. Also a great way to provide rent money especially during this busy peak tourist season!


One thing is needed…….Necessity: “But one thing is needed and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.” Luke 10:42

Weather we are a missionary, pastor, leader in church, home or community, we need to receive from God through His Holy Spirit so we can pass on to others what will benefit them now and into eternity. That comes from us taking the time to sit and receive so we can get up and give. A lesson that I’m learning and relearning over and over again and it is of necessity that it is practiced this new year. There are several things that I strongly sense God is leading me into this season but I see the necessity to adequately seek His face and sit at His feet to know for certain.

Three of the local Pastors involved in the EASP praying for wisdom & direction!

Three of the local Pastors involved in the EASP praying for wisdom & direction!

Update: The Evangelical Alliance of San Pedro- We met a few weeks ago and began the year with an excitement and expectation of what God is desiring with the pastors and leaders uniting once again after several months of not meeting due to everyone’s busyness. We appointed a new president after each person expressed our privileged role in the community and the value that the Mayor of San Pedro placed on churches, pastors and leaders. I will continue in my role of Public Relations with the Town Council and the catalysis the Radio Ministry has been for the pastors in the community. It is such a God thing for us, so different in ministries, culture and diversities but united in the main thing; the gospel of Jesus Christ and our love for God’s people in San Pedro. Please pray as we get reestablished with the new leadership and upcoming plans to impact our town for Christ!

Miguel leaving for 1st day of Night School!

Miguel leaving for 1st day of Night School!

Update: Miguel (Mike) settling in San Pedro- It is coming up on 3 months since Mike relocated to San Pedro from Belize City and much has taken place in that time. He is very much settled in and his health has stabilized tremendously and have become a great help around the facility and an absolute joy and blessing to have around. He began evening classes at the local High School and I’ve never seen someone so excited about school in a long time. The morning of his first night of school he had a root canal and an extraction in Belize City with several more appointments ahead. It was a full day and since he’s been out of school for 3 years he is adjusting well and doing his best in his classes. He has made several good friends and apart from keeping up with his school work, the daily chores around the radio station and assisting me with the hosting our guests in our Guest Apartment, he is very handy with cooking meals and keeping the Staff Apartment, his place, very clean and presentable. I’ll be sending out an entire Update about meeting him and all of the amazing ways God has work to bring a living hope to this young man and the vital role and part you play in his life!

Patrick & Deana McCusker hosted these islanders on LIFE's field trip!

Patrick & Deana McCusker hosted these islanders on LIFE’s field trip!

Update: L.I.F.E.- I think I mentioned briefly in the last Update about the stirring of my heart to reach the primary/elementary school age group by starting a club called Learning Important Facts Early. With 50% of Belize population being 17 years old and younger and unfortunately by age 16 many have already made bad choices which keeps the cycle of brokenness and fatherlessness repeating itself. Observing this trend and speaking with the Primary School principal who likewise see the trend with her past students at the end of their first year and by their second year of high school changed for the worst. I think that if we start early intentionally teaching and modeling healthy, godly living and providing opportunities for them to then make right choices. This is obviously a great undertaking and have so much more to share on this but would you please join me in praying for this as I know it will take a lot of likeminded and hearted folks to see it birth. Until then, I will continue to pray and seek to continue to touch lives one at a time!


Upcoming events & things to pray for:


Please pray for me as I’m getting my Health Insurance issues worked out so I can see doctors regarding possible hernia and regular yearly check up. Thanks!


Britney, who is moving to San Pedro Town this coming week as a missionary of On Eagles Wings Belize, to work with the S.H.I.N.E. a ministry preventing & educating High School girls regarding exploitation!


He Intends Victory San Pedro will be hosting 10 students and 3 parents from Hand in Hand Outreach, a ministry working with HIV/AIDS teenagers, for an Adventure/Fun Day in San Pedro this coming weekend!


Please pray for Miguel’s upcoming dental appointment; root canal completed, crown and one more extraction. It’s hard on his body and for financial provision.


Gratitude & Thanks:

Very grateful to be with the Body of Believers at Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship a few weekends ago and to see their new church building and the work.


Thank you all who have responded to our monthly support needs especially with the added expenses of taking care of Miguel (Mike) and several needy individuals!


Grateful for your encouragement and kind words on email or Facebook; they go a long way and gives that nudge to keep pressing forward, thanks!


Thankful for the many Guests through AirBnB which has kept the Guest Apartment busy and providing for the monthly rent. God provides!


I trust that you are both encouraged and blessed by this Update and I welcome your comments, calls, emails, messages and letters. Thank you for the prayers and financial support that enables me by God’s grace to do what I’m doing here in Belize!


Lives touching lives,
Clive Welsh


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