Greetings family, friends and supporters:

Clive opening the New Year’s Eve ceremony with prayer!

This has been the longest period of silence from me but definitely not intentionally, as it has been one of those days crazy season filled with lots of adventure, nonstop interruptions, heart breaks, challenges, moments of joy and the day to day life of serving Jesus and caring for the people He cares about. Not an easy task but one I am still privileged and thankful to be enabled by His grace to do. Honestly, the needs are so many and the issues I face on a daily basis are overwhelming and thoughts of you my supporters comes to mind for my prayer needs and those I serve. Here is an Update I began back in January and I will do my very best to start the next update immediately as there’s so much to share with you. Here we go……

Thousands of both locals & visitors gather in Central Park to bring in 2017!

As I looked at the sea of heads and collage of faces all crammed in the San Pedro Central Park in anticipation of the minute hand of the town clock ticking its way toward midnight. Many eager to say goodbye to the past year with all of its unfulfilled promises, regrets, mistakes and difficulties. It’s as if all of the memories, pain, and disappointments will all be washed away at the stroke of midnight and you can start anew, all over again. Well, the fireworks was spectacular as it lit up the night skies followed by the smoke, smells and tiny pieces of paper littered the streets and we were in a new year. Many thoughts and reflection followed for the next few hours as I recounted the blessings and the difficulties of the past year, there were lots of both. One of the most painful of memories was of Miguel from a year ago this very night, whose face was so full of hope and unbelief that he was surrounded with people who loved him and having a place called home. On this night, a year later, he is somewhere in Belize City and it has been over 5 months since I’ve heard from him. Last year was a difficult year of pain, tears, and unimaginable difficulties but God’s grace was sufficient not only sustained me and to bring me through but to make me more like Himself. Journey with me into this new year and let’s see the wonderful things He has in story as we ‘forget those things which are behind and reach for the things that are ahead’!

Guillermo (Mito) sharing his journey upon returning to Lighthouse!

New Mercies: The new year started off with a lot of questions regarding the operations of Lighthouse Christian Radio as we were broadcasting as usual, twenty-four hours, seven days a week, but Elmer the only staff, was only able to work a couple hours a day just keep us on the air. He had a full time job that was demanding more of his time and as a result he was not able to give his all and it began to be frustratingly obvious. I had interviewed several in hopes of getting full time staff to trained and come onboard to no avail. I felt we were not honoring the Lord nor our listeners without the proper preparation and giving our left-over rather than our best so I had to make the difficult decision of discontinuing our Evening News. From the inception of Lighthouse we were broadcasting a daily news program with local, national, regional and international news for over twelve years. My frustration was at an all time high as I was the only person at the Lighthouse doing just about everything along with the many other daily demands. God began answering prayers as Elmer expressed his desire to come on full time and resigned from his full time job and at the same time Guillermo (Mito), who recently returned home to San Pedro from 3 years of seminary and music school in Guatemala, approached me about coming back on staff. He served with us while in High School and after graduation before leaving for Bible School. How thankful I am for the answers to prayers and the encouragement it was to me after so many years of struggling due to lack of staff!


“Live with Clive at 8:05” on Lighthouse Christian Radio FM 101.3

Excelling in Excellence: I’ve been provoked in all that I do to make it my aim to not just aim for excellence but to excel in excellence. That is now our theme for the radio ministry as we’ve been entrusted with so many people’s trust over the years of broadcasting. Many have set their clocks by our programming and we value the community’s trust and our responsibility of providing truth and accuracy. I’m so blessed to have some of the best Bible teaching programs and music of praise and worship that really draws the listeners into worshipping God as their hearts are being prepared to received the Word. Weather it is the Nightly News, announcements of upcoming activities or needed information to pass on to the public, I’m reminded daily that we have a big responsibility to do all we do from the heart and glorifying to the Lord. This is driven deeply to heart when listeners would tell me they listen to my Live with Clive morning breaks and especially from those listening to our ‘live streaming’ worldwide. By the way, the folks at Galcom, whose server we use to stream Lighthouse Christian Radio, has worked out the glitches and perfected the streamer allowing us to stream our broadcast uninterrupted. Tune in and be blessed from where ever you are: www.galcom.org/xstreamer.

Jahson, knows he has a place to sleep if he misses his ride home north of the island!

Lives Touching Lives: People are the purpose and focus of my life and ministry so those that the Lord brings into my life I realize it’s for specific purposes and it is fun to watch His plan unfold. Over the years I’ve seen this as the greatest way to share God’s love to those who don’t know Him as yet or those who are struggling in one way or another. I truly believe that the best form of discipleship is face to face and in some cases living it out day to day. With our Staff Apartment available, since we don’t have any live-in Staff presently, I’ve had various guys stayed there over the past and by provided room and board for those in need over a period of time. The Lighthouse has become just that to guys like Bryon who lost his job due to being jailed for a few days for fighting and was forced to move out of his apartment. Then there is Jahson who lives on the north side of the island and missed the only ride home from time to time and he takes me up on the ‘whatever or whenever’ by calling at 2:30 AM on Christmas morning. There’s several beds along with a coach and a couple air mattress and always cereal and milk in the fridge for the wayward travelers.

Jakob, a German student with Projects Abroad being interview on Lighthouse!

Most recently, I met Jacob from Germany, who was a volunteer with an organization that provides tutoring for students at the local Primary and High School. I befriended him and he often would took refuge at Lighthouse after a hectic day of giving out so much. It was truly a joy and blessing to be available to him and it wasn’t long before he opened up and share his heart with me. One of the main purpose of choosing Belize was so be could learn the English language in preparation for medical school. He has become a close friend and I treasured the times of sharing God’s love with him. He recently said that he was told to ask me about the Bible and I replied, “I’ve been sharing the Bible and it’s principles with you ever time we meet and talked over various issues and discussions.”  The look on his face said it all when I told him that Christianity is practical without the book, chapter and verse quoted to him but rather living it out in practical and applicable ways. Please pray for Jacob as he returns to German and that the seed of God’s Word and the love he has witnessed and received would grow and blossom to salvation!

Ms. Cruz, SPHS Guidance Counselor excited about the Prayer/Confidential Boxes!

Monday Mornings: It has been almost 2 years that the Lord placed it on my heart to pray for the students, teachers, staff, and administrators of the San Pedro High School on the grounds of the high school. I invited the pastors & leaders from the various churches to join me and occasionally I’d have up to 3 of us praying for each student from a list of all 625 plus. It’s been a weekly struggle as mornings are not my specialty but each time I walk away so blessed and sensed that this truly is the heart of God to be there from 6:30-7:30 am each Monday, the start of the new school week. To me it is so special to have prayers going up as the students and teachers make their way on campus being greeted and embraced by the prayers of the saints going up for each one. The thought came to mind one day of how powerful and practical it would be if I knew the specific needs of students so I can pray specifically. I love the way the Lord would drop these thoughts in our heads and then move it from a thought to reality. I saw a ‘suggestion box’ that gave me the idea of Prayer Boxes and discussed it with the school’s counselor who thought it was a great idea. God provided the design, woodworker and the funds and I was honored to present 5 boxes to Ms. Cruz, the High School Counselor which will be used for prayer request, which I will get each week for the Monday Morning Prayer time as well as confidential letter/questions/comments directed to the counselor. At the moment they are mounted in the Science & Computer Labs where each students will have access but it has recently been brought up by students that the Restrooms would be a more confidential place for them!

Raphael, a homeless man, is one of the guys that your support helps!

Philanthropist: You might wonder why I’m closing this Update with a big word like this. Well, the reason is quite humorous and shocking when it was used to describe me in the local papers not too long ago. While listening to the Lighthouse Evening News I heard Elmer, my coworker and news announcer, was quoting a well known person in the community and a fellow Justice of the Peace as he was referring to me becoming the president of the JP Association. I almost fell off of my seat and shouted loudly, “What!” After the News I confronted Elmer and asked him what he just read and how he misled the listeners by that quote he repeated. I immediately grabbed a dictionary and read it to him, “A person who seeks to promote the welfare of others, especially by generous donation of money to good causes.” I finally stopped trying to explained to people that I am not a ‘rich American’ as many assumes that. If they only know and that is why I found this so hilarious. At that moment the Lord really spoke to my heart and told me that is exactly what I was doing but not in the way many would think.

Alan, 1st place student in Class works weekends and summer for uniform, One of the students you support!

The donations that I do receive I do use to assist many to promote their welfare whether school fees, materials, food, clothes & necessities I purchase in US and bring down for those guys I help out or the many ways He has provided for me to come alongside of several. I am truly humbled by your heart-pouring support that enables me to give to others, as small as it might be, to help them. Honestly, I live a very frugal and simple life so I can pass on to others as a part of my witness, care and love for them and you are the ones who makes that possible. The past couple months have been a very difficult time financially and I’ve gone without and at times limited donations. If you would please prayerfully consider monthly supporting the work of the ministry here at Lighthouse Christian Radio Ministry or perhaps you need to update your credit card automatic donation, it would be greatly appreciated. I don’t mention finances much as it’s not something I like to do but just wanted to be honest and open with you. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and I’m grateful for your friendship and fellowship in the gospel!

Second Form Students work on class project at Lighthouse; assisting students to excel in education!

-Please pray for our Staff and the realization of the scope of ministry we are engaged in; warfare, consistency, diligence, and excelling in excellence.

-Please pray for a personal assistant/assistant in ministry as I begin launching out in more areas of ministry. Will do in details in next Update!

-Please pray for the prayer ministry/prayer boxes at High School and join us in prayer on Monday mornings 6:30 AM – 7:30 AM (Belize/Mountain Time)

-Please pray for the Drug Awareness Week taking place this week at San Pedro High School. Drugs and alcohol is a big issue/problem in San Pedro.

-Please pray for my financial situation!

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