Jan 2015 011” Those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmaments, and those who turn many to righteousness like the stars forever and ever.” Daniel 12:3


We enter each new year with such anticipation of all of the new things God has in store for us; some things we know is approaching and some unexpected, yet we know that He allows changes for our good and with all of the changes we have His full assurance of His Presence, power, provisions, and very Person who will be with us each step of the way. Toward the end of this Update I’ll be sharing some of those exciting changes taking place in my life and ministry and I’m really honored  having you journey with me in this new season. Thank so much for the impact and important part each one of you have in my life for which I am eternally grateful!


Clive Welsh receiving Award of Appreciation from the San Pedro Town Council.

Clive Welsh receiving Award of Appreciation from the San Pedro Town Council.

As the clock was ticking rapidly toward the close of 2014, I was making my way to the Central Park where I was to receive an award of appreciation from the San Pedro Mayor expressing thanks and gratitude to the Evangelical Alliance of San Pedro for their involvement in the community. All of the pastors involved in this Alliance were busy with their New Year’s Eve service so I was asked to receive the award. Just before reaching the Park, I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen in awhile with her newborn and after seeing the baby I asked her how her brother was doing. I had been thinking about him for some time now and expressed that to her. Sudden sadness fell over her face as she told me her brother Jarvis died several months ago. The news stabbed my heart like a dagger and my entire body felt the blow of the news. She became shaken emotionally and couldn’t continue the conversation.  My mind flashed back to when I first met Jarvis some 20 years ago in a Youth Institution in Belize City during my first trip and got reacquainted with him over the past years in San Pedro where lived. My every encounter with him would always end up talking about the Lord, His Word or the Christian life and it was always met with him jesting or making fun, fast talking or taking it out of context to avoid the real issue of a commitment to Christ. He knew enough of the Bible to frustrate me at times and I would leave him with, “you know what I’m talking about and you know what to do.” My heart broke and my resolved was strengthen to make this new year one of aggressively and consistently sharing the gospel with those God brings into my life or causes my path to cross!


New Life in Christ:                


Clive Welsh teaching new believers on Friday Evenings at the Lighthouse!

Clive Welsh teaching new believers on Friday Evenings at the Lighthouse!

At the stroke of midnight, the skies were light up over the Central Park as thousands gathered to greet the new year. Several of us from the Friday Evening Bible Study gathered on the roof of the building that houses Lighthouse Christian Radio to watch the forty-five minutes of fireworks and after spend time praying for each other. I couldn’t hold back the tears as I heard these young believers pour out their hearts to the Lord and thanking Him for the new life they’ve experienced over the year. As the sparks and smoke of the fireworks blew away in the early morning breeze over San Pedro Town, I was so taken by the Light of Christ that Kian, Brittany, and Irvin have received and that they were like the ‘stars forever and ever’. Kian continues to serve in a local church with the children’s ministry and comes by every Wednesday evening for our ‘fellowship time’ where he shares the things he’s learning from his reading time and ask questions he has concerning his walk and the Word. Irvin continues to bless me with his zeal and passion for his newly found Savior; we would meet every morning before going to work and recently with his work schedule starting at 7:00 AM, we now meet after work at 5:00 PM. I get so encouraged hearing him share what he is learning from his reading of the Word and he always would say, “That exactly what I was going to ask you’ after we end our time together. He shares boldly with his old friends who still cannot believe him when he tells them that he is now a Christian.

I met Marcus & Cindy, a young couple who listens to Lighthouse Christian Radio for some time now and was really moved by the interview they heard of Joel Groats when he was speaking on the cults. Marcus came to the radio station to meet Joel thinking that it was a live broadcast because he was being ‘hassled’ by Mormons. Upon meeting him and saw his zeal for the Lord and his passion in sharing ‘his story’ to everyone who enters his taxi; he is a taxi cab drive. I invited him to the Friday Evening Bible Study and encouraged him in ‘as newborn babes, desire the pure milk of the word, that you may grow thereby’. I recently interview Marcus for the interview program, ‘Who’s Who in San Pedro’ and was so blessed to hear him share how God his attention and offered him a ‘second chance’ and how he responded to the Lord by marrying the young lady (Cindy) that he was living with and paid off all of his debts and began to obey the Lord whenever He told him to share his story with others. It was a blessing to see him growing in the Word and keeps his radio on Lighthouse as he drives folks all over the island in his taxi and also attends the Bible Study as often as he can!


New Ministry Launched in San Pedro:


Clive Welsh & Miss San Pedro Michelle Nunez, Belize Board Members with Director of Eagles Wings, Emily Fitchpatrick.

Clive Welsh & Miss San Pedro Michelle Nunez, Belize Board Members with Director of Eagles Wings, Emily Fitchpatrick.

I arrived back in Belize on January 17 and literally went from the plane to drop off my luggage and immediately to Ramon’s Village Resort for the launching of On Eagles Wings San Pedro, Belize chapter. As mentioned in previous Updates, OEW is a ministry dealing with human trafficking and sexual exploitation and has spend several years exploring  avenues in dealing with this very serious issue in Belize and especially San Pedro Town. Emily Fitchpatrick, president of OEW, asked me to be a part of their Belize Board of Director along with Michelle Nunez, the current reigning Miss San Pedro. Emily developed a very special friendship with Michelle and worked closely with her over the months in developing a girls group called SHINE (Shaping Healthy Identities through Nurturing and Empowering)  which was also launched that very same night.  The evening was a great success in informing the community on the development of ministry, raising financial support from local businesses, and hearing Michelle sharing how the idea of SHINE was birth. Property has been secured for building a counseling/resource center for those seeking to come out of the various aspects of exploitation along with a community center for those vulnerable to have a safe place to gather. Please pray for step by step direction and guidance in the plans also for Michelle as she met for the very first time with the SHINE girls this past weekend!



New Crew at the Lighthouse:


Richard Williams, Belizean Missionary serving at the Lighthouse,

Richard Williams, Belizean Missionary serving at the Lighthouse,

Richard Williams, a member of Open Door Believers Chapel in Belize City, was recommended to me by my good friend  and pastor of  the church. He began working at the station almost a month now learning the operations and how to assist me with the on-site duties around the Lighthouse.  Richard is our very first Belizean Missionary and he goes home to Belize City every weekend where he’s involved in the worship ministry at the church. It ‘s been a blessing having him helping with the morning shift and rotating with Elmer in broadcasting the Evening News but it is especially good to have him living on-site so as to free me up so I leave the radio station knowing that if an emergency should occur someone will be there. Thank you for your prayers, Richard has truly been a God-sent!


New Season with New Changes:


Upon receiving this Update it is obvious that there has been changes and I’d like to thank those of you who have prayed with me over the months about upcoming changes. I’m very thankful for the years of mission facilitating of Saving Grace World Mission and  for believing in the Lord for me when I mentioned the need of training six from Spanish Lookout and their quick response which led to a six weeks school where they were equipped. Today, a healthy Bible Teaching church, Amazing Grace Christian Fellowship, is flourishing some 10 years later and a Christian Radio station both having a tremendous impact to the Mennonite Community and the entire Cayo District. I am forever grateful for the opportunities of making a difference in the lives of so many in Belize over the years and with the change I know that God will continue to finish the good work which He has started.


With the growing needs of the radio ministry on the island along with the challenges of staff to assist with all of the needs. It seemed obvious that I needed to limit myself to ministries in San Pedro and to stop overextending  myself and to limit my availability so I can be more effective and concentrated. He Intends Victory International, the HIV/AIDS ministry that I’ve been involved with since 1999 and recently became the Belize Country Director, will now be my new mission organization. I met with the entire He Intends Victory Board of Directors on my recent visit to California and was unanimously welcomed on board. It was a blessing to see so many familiar faces all in one room as I’m used to seeing only a few at a time when they would travel to Belize for ministry outreach. I am very excited about this new venture and opportunities in focusing more on issues affecting San Pedro Town; HIV/AIDS, Human Trafficking/Sexual Exploitation, fatherlessness, counseling, mentoring and discipleship, accountability and lives touching lives relationships will continue to dominate my focus. Please pray for the a smooth transition and adjustment period!


Thank you for taking the time to read this Update and for your co-laborer and partnership in the work God is doing in the various ministries in Belize!


In His grace,


Clive Welsh


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