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United States’s Country Director:
Dan Davis



A Message from United States’s Country Director:
Over 25 Years!! That's how long He Intends Victory has been serving those facing HIV/AIDS everyday. Over the years we have seen HIV infection grow, medications become available, people living longer, and the hope of Jesus Christ still active and endless! Today over 37 million people are infected with HIV and 16,000,000 children live as AIDS orphans. But we continue and will continue with the help of the Lord and the commitment of Christian's in America and around the world. In 2015 we provided some kind of direct care- a goat, a mosquito net, some food, some clothing, counseling and much much more to over 86,000 people and 401 Support Groups! From our offices in Irvine, California we say "thank you to all who help us"...as we remember that until all have heard that Jesus loves them, "It's Not Over Yet"!

Providing Services:
AIDS education and encouragement via radio, AIDS education program, AIDS orphan aid, AIDS orphan food program, AIDS widow brick-making enterprise, Clothes for HIV+ Mothers program, Counseling, Direct care, Direct care for HIV+ families and individuals, Elementary School for AIDS orphans, Farm education program, Food Distribution program, Goats for Africa, Hair Salon Training Shop, HIV Educational Dance group, HIV rural education, HIV Training seminars, HIV/AIDS Farm and care program, HIV+ speakers, HIV+ Women Empowerment program, Hospital visitation, In His Shadow in Amharic language, Layer Chicken Program, Medical services and care, On the ground AIDS Education and resource materials, On the ground direct care including medical help, Personal counseling and encouragement, Spiritual counseling, Support Groups, Terry's Kids AIDS orphans, Toll-free HIV information and counseling, Tribal Outreach Program, Water for Africa, Women's Prison/AIDS orphan care

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