Project Potato Chip

Debre Zeit, Ethiopia


Description: This plan is to train the 70 members of our Support Group who are divided into three groups in the making of potato chips, packaging them in safe and environmentally save bags, and looking for the best outlet to sell the product in their areas. Each of the three groups will have three different shops with the same material and initial capital. Each of the three groups will learn from one another in the this daily market experience. Each group will have a common bank account with the selected committee from group overseeing the account. Our Country Director, Dr. Ayele Adore will oversee each of these groups. Each group will also have a weekly Saturday meeting sharing from the benefits for their living. All group members are participants in the proposed project. In this way they can support their extended families and they will learn to help those who are bed-ridden HIV+ patients and they will learn more about saving



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