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Rusty’s “Beans of Love”

“Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” Galatians 6:9,10

Now offering these specialty coffees:

  • Kenyan AA–(Uteuzi Jimbo – Kirinyaya Rigion) Cupping Notes: Floral, “chocolate, caramel, and stone fruit.”
  • Ethiopian Organic -(Sidamo Region)  Cupping Notes: “Sweet, clean and delicate with floral, lemon and toffee flavors”
  • Colombia-(Narino Region) Cupping Notes: “Dark Chocolate, Orange Blossom, Pecan”
  • Ethiopian Decaf (Sidamo Region) Cupping Notes: “Floral, Black Tea flavors”


All roasts custom ordered per your request – City Roast, Full City Roast, French Roast. Ground coffee is available upon request – Please specify type of grind (fine to coarse). All proceeds go towards those affected and infected by HIV/AIDS.

The new 1/2 bags make great gifts while the 1lb bags are great for monthly usage. A $7 shipping and handling fee applies.

$8 Half Pound Bag ($7 shipping)

$15 One Pound Bag ($7 shipping)

Monthly Auto Ship:
$8 Half Pound Bag ($7 shipping)

$15 One Pound Bag ($7 shipping)

You can also contact Rusty directly for discounts on donation orders 5lbs and over at Rusty@heintendsvictory.com

Smooth and Refreshing

Rusty’s bean selection and roasting process produces a smooth and refreshing brew well suited for every coffee connoisseur. My wife and I enjoy a cup every morning and appreciate the time and love Rusty dedicates the the process. – James Lent

Coffee for a Cause

This makes the sweet aroma of this coffee even better. We love the fresh roasted flavors and taste. And I love knowing that every cup of coffee gives hope to another person. I have bought Beans of Love for my personal use as well as purchased 1 pound and .5 pound bags as client gifts. The personalized Beans of Love labels for my clients have been a big hit and give them insight into the ministry that these beans support. – Corrie

We love the quality

We have been purchasing delicious coffee from Rusty’s Beans of Love, for about 6 months now! We love the quality, the extreme freshness & service! Buying from Rusty is a win-win, because now our money goes to help those affected by HIV/AIDS, in Jesus’ Name, through He Intends Victory. We are grateful this is available and are blessed to help. Just by buying coffee that we would buy anyway! – Cindy

5 Stars gladly given

Rusty’s Bean’s of Love Coffee is an absolutely delicious designer gourmet coffee and even comes with a wonderful cause. Rusty delivers custom roasted coffees and these small batch roastings are out of this world good. While enjoying your cup of custom Joe, you get the added bonus of knowing that all of the profits are going to support an incredible ministry, He Intends Victory, helping those who are infected and affected by HIV. 5 Stars gladly given. – Doc Lee

We love supporting missions in a real way

High-quality coffee beans from a high-quality brother! Rusty’s Beans of Love provides high-quality beans roasted in small batches. The fresh brewed flavor has always been the best and I love the fact the all the proceeds go to help those infected and affected by HIV Aids all across the globe, through He Intends Victory. I have been drinking Rusty’s coffee for several years and the coffee has always been top notch. If you love supporting missions in a real way if you love supporting those in need and if you love a great cup-o-Joe I highly recommended Beans Of Love! – Dwight

IRVINE, CA (ANS) — Starbucks! Who doesn’t know what that “palace of heavenly aroma” is all about? With 20,891 locations in 62 countries and $ 13.29 billion in yearly revenue, Starbucks is the leading coffee business in the world!

But, I don’t think that Starbucks will be too alarmed by a new competitor, Rusty Veary, a retired Southern California Edison lineman. Veary has started roasting Kenyan and Ugandan coffee beans and is making them available for a small donation to He Intends Victory, a global ministry reaching out to those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS.

Rusty and his wife Jennifer, who is HIV+, have served as missionaries with He Intends Victory in Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Uganda so their love for those facing this pandemic is very personal. For many in the United States, the issue of HIV and AIDS is of not much concern.

It’s become a “chronic” disease like diabetes or arthritis where you “just take a pill”. But for the 34 million people infected with the HIV virus worldwide and another 500 million affected, AIDS is a very real and deadly disease. The Veary’s have dedicated their lives to sharing the hope of Jesus Christ to so many that have been forgotten.

So how did Rusty come up with the idea of roasting coffee? “I was talking with a friend about coffee beans and how to roast them and neither of us had ever done it before. So one day I bought ½ lb. ‘green’ beans from Whole Foods and started reading-up on roasting methods from the web,” he explained. “I gave it a try and much to my surprise it really tasted good. So I again talked with my friend about the outcome and he encouraged me to try more.

“As I looked into a place to buy beans for roasting I saw that many of the countries where He Intends Victory has workers produce ‘green’ coffee beans. Then it hit me, (totally the Holy Spirit) ‘why not buy the green beans from these countries, roast them for sale and use the funds to help people with HIV/AIDS?’ It’s a link, a stream, a tie directly to the people.”

Rusty continued, “I gave a few samples to friends at church and they really enjoyed the fresh roast flavor. So again lead by the Spirit I used “mason jars” to process the roasted beans which hold the aroma. I package them in 1/2 pint and quart jars which makes a good seal.

“The 1/2 pint jar holds about 2.3 ounces and the quart about 9.2 ounces. Depending on how you drink your coffee the 1/2 pint makes about 30 cups and the quart about 120 cups!”

And that’s not the end of his idea as a fundraiser. “And after the coffee is gone you can use the jar as reminder that you are helping the work of He Intends Victory and fill it with your change and loose coins and return it,” he said. “We’ll then sterilize the jar, refill it with fresh roasted beans from a different country and continue the process!”

What other countries coffee beans does Veary have in mind? “Well, He Intends Victory works in the Congo and Vietnam and another 15 or 16 countries so maybe we’ll start roasting their green beans as well! Nothing like a good cup of coffee while reading the Bible!”

Asked what verse blesses him as he roasts these “beans of love” and Veary is quick to respond, “Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” Galatians 6: 9, 10.

“This verse really encourages us to keep doing good and not give up because there is a harvest coming. And who would have guessed it but the Lord can even use ‘green coffee beans’!”