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Sponsor an AIDS Orphan


Terry’s Kids

When you sponsor an AIDS child, we are committed to providing food, schooling, school uniforms, shoes, basic medical needs and a guardian or caregiver. Each guardian or caregiver has committed to providing the best home environment for each of Terry’s Kids. You WILL make a huge difference in this child’s life and what you do will wonderfully change the future of this child. Read more about Terry’s Kids.


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Terry’s Friends

Your monthly donation which is given to match their “monthly need” will provide Tuition, Functional Fees, Room and Board, Admission fees, Medical Insurance, Stationery, Books, and miscellaneous costs for 1 year towards their Diploma or Degree. Each of our AIDS orphans 17 years of age and older who desire to further their education will have the chance to do so. Read more about Terry’s Friends.


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