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Dhana from India

Dhana’s Story:
My name is Dhana and I am studying in the 11th grade. I am interested in history, so took history as a main subject. My dad has HIV and through him my mom got infected and died when I was 6 years old. After my mom's death, my dad left me and since there is no one to take care of me, I was under my aged grandmother's care. Since she is getting old, I am staying in a hostel. I am also infected with HIV and taking ART medicines. I have one older brother who is working in a restaurant as a cleaner. I have many ambitions in my life and one of them is that I want to do higher studies and help children who are affected like me.

Sponsor Dhana for $40 per Month
Age: 18
Birthday: August 30, 2001
Gender: Female
Location: Sankarankoil, India
School Level: Grade 11
Major: History
Monthly Education Need: $40
Reference Code: TF-I-278
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