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Nchindi from Malawi

Sponsor Nchindi for $40 per Month
Age: 20
Birthday: January 1, 2000
Gender: Male
Location: Gidion, Malawi
School Level: Grade 4
Monthly Education Need: $40
Reference Code: TF-Ma-302

I am Nchindi Gift and my mother is a widow. Our family has been separated due to riots among the people. Because of this separation we have lost properties and my mother was found with an elevated CDA count because she had been lacking proper medication. My father died with HIV/AIDS three years ago and I was forced to stay with my mother who is also affected with HIV/AIDS and she is very sick. Therefore, it is difficult for me to do any possible work. I want to proceed with my school, but I can’t because of school fees. That’s why I need support from He Intends Victory well wishers so that I can continue my education.

Yours faithfully,
Nchindi Gift

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