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Elisa from Mozambique

Elisa’s Story:
When Elisa's mother died, Elisa was just nine months old. Her mother's parents took her in to care for her. She was always very sick with fevers and other maladies, would be fine for a week and then sick again. This went on until Elisa was four years old and her grandparents found out she was HIV+. At that time she started treatment and is now doing fine and going to school with her friends. Her grandparents are relieved, but it is becoming more difficult for them to provide for her and meet all of her needs as they age. Elisa would love to be sponsored so that she can continue on with her schooling and see hope for her future.

Sponsor Elisa for $40 per Month
Age: 9
Birthday: July 24, 2009
Gender: Female
Location: Bairro, Madjemane, Beira, Mozambique
Favorite Foods: Rice and eggs
Favorite Hobbies: Studying
Favorite Subjects: Mathematics
Reference Code: TK-Mo-342
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