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Fina from Mozambique

Fina’s Story:
When Fina’s father died, no one from her father’s family came to the funeral. After her husband's death, Fina’s mother did not have any help with the children as she and the children were abandoned. Neither her husband’s family, nor her family, offered help with the children. Fina’s mother, who is in her own critical condition of health, is forced to go to the beach to buy and sell fish so that she can provide food for Fina and her siblings. Fina would be greatly blessed if she was sponsored!

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Age: 14
Birthday: June 13, 2005
Gender: Female
Location: Bairro, Madjemane, Mozambique
Favorite Foods: Rice and beans
Favorite Hobbies: Studying
Favorite Subjects: Portuguese
Reference Code: TK- Mo-341
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