Grace N from Kenya

Grace N’s Story:

Grace is 15 years old and an AIDS orphan. She has one older brother. They both live with their uncle who is HIV+ and strives hard to serve them since he also has his own family. Her mother is in prison serving a life sentence, but Grace doesn't know why she was imprisoned. She lives a challenging life since her aunt often mistreats her even sometimes physically and emotionally hurting her. This affects her performance in school. She is facing an educational challenge as sometimes she is unable to attend her lessons due to a lack of school fees.She lives in hope and prays that one day God will see her through.
Age: 16
Birthday: February 28, 2005
Gender: Female
Location: Bungoma, Kenya
Favorite Foods: Chicken
Favorite Hobbies: Playing football and reading
Favorite Subjects: Science
Reference Code: K-271

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