Mercy N. from Kenya

Mercy N.’s Story:

My name is Mercy Naroo. I live with my mother who is HIV positive. I am from a family of five: four boys and a girl. My mother is a casual laborer who works for people in their house doing chores like cleaning their houses and washing clothes for them to feed us. Since the outbreak of Covid she lost her job and she has been struggling so much to feed us. We live in a small house which is wretched and during the rainy seasons we get so worried thinking that it will fall, but God always keeps us safe. I pray to God to see us through and one day build a big house for my family.
Age: 16
Birthday: July 5, 2005
Gender: Female
Location: Marigat, Kenya
Favorite Foods: Ugali (African grits)
Favorite Hobbies: Dancing
Favorite Subjects: Math
Reference Code: K-109
Mercy N. is Sponsored.
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