Cheni from Mozambique

Cheni’s Story:

Cheni's father is deceased. After he died, Cheni's mother had to leave his house as she and her two daughters were no longer wanted by his family. Cheni's mother then went home to her family and they also rejected Cheni, her mother and sister as the father's family would not provide any support for them. Grandparents also declined to take any responsibility for the children. Cheni's mother stayed with her cousin as the girls were now two years old. The mother was able to find a building under construction and she asked the owner if she could stay there with her children. Thank God the owner gave her permission to stay in the building with the kids and this is where they presently live as Cheni's mother looks for a job. Cheni would be greatly blessed by a sponsor!
Age: 6
Birthday: September 5, 2017
Gender: Female
Location: Bairro Manganhe, Mozambique
Favorite Foods: Rice and chicken
Favorite Hobbies: Playing
Reference Code: TK-Mo-570

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