Alisha from Nepal

Alisha’s Story:

Alisha is being raised by her single mother who is HIV+. Her father died from complications of jaundice and HIV when Alisha was six months old. Her other relatives shun them because of the stigma of HIV/AIDS. Though Alisha's mother must maintain a strict regimen of her diet, medications, and health she handles the household and is the pillar of her family. Alisha's mother works hard and has been managing money for Alisha to study as she desires to become a nurse and treat her mother. Alisha's mother's fear is if she dies there will be no one to provide for Alisha's education, so she continues to work hard every day hoping Alisha can achieve the success of her goal. Both Alisha and her mother are praying for a sponsor for Alisha so that she is able to reach her educational dream.
Age: 14
Birthday: July 29, 2009
Gender: Female
Location: Jorpati, Kathmandu, Nepal
Favorite Hobbies: Dance
Favorite Subjects: English
Reference Code: TK-N-542

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