Upcoming 2015 Mission Trips

Reaching the Un-Reached – A Journey to Asia

March 1-9, 2015 Vietnam
Our work in Hanoi, Vietnam is focused on visiting those living with HIV/AIDS in the Dong Da government hospital and a group of 81 AIDS orphans in the Ba Vi Women’s Detention Center. These children from infancy to 18 years of age were born in this women’s prison and “left” by the mothers. They are growing up but we have great favor and freedom with the prison leadership to minister the love of Jesus. We also will visit numerous people living with HIV in their homes. $200 holds your spot. Cost is approximately $2,250 per person

March 9-12, 2015 Nepal
For those who are able to add an additional 4 days on to the Vietnam outreach, we will be going to Kathmandu, Nepal. Here we will directly serve and minister to the families of our AIDS orphans in our Terry’s Kids Sponsorship program. Most of the parents are HIV+ and have been rejected in their villages and have moved to the capital to find work. They live very challenging and difficult lives. $200 holds your spot. Cost is approximately an additional $942 per person

Reaching the Hurting – A Medical Outreach

July 3-17, 2015 Ethiopia
Here we will minister in three areas to those facing HIV/AIDS: the capital, Addis Ababa; another city about 40 miles away called Debre Zeit; and south about 150 miles on the edge of the Omo Valley in Hosanna. We have support groups in each of these areas and those we serve are the very poor and in much need. Ideally this will be a medical outreach where we will do physical exams and minor surgeries for the HIV+ adults and children and provide basic medicines for help. Doctors, nurses, and medical professionals are especially encouraged to participate in this trip.  $200 holds your spot. Cost is approximately $3,428

Reaching the Needy – A Journey to India

October 1- 11, 2015 Hyderabad, India
This trip is for the young and hardy as we will serve not only those with HIV/AIDS in the large city of Hyderabad but also venture to Hope Island, an isolated and needy Christian community on the Bay of Bengal. We will also be painting and working on Terry’s Kids Home, a home for HIV+ infected and affected children.  $200 holds your spot. Cost is approximately $3,168.

Join Us

Each trip promises to be a huge blessing to those whom we serve but an added benefit is the joy you will bring home with you. Jesus said that “pure religion” is serving the widow and the orphan and we have great opportunity to serve and love in His name.

Also please note that these costs are tax-deductible for anyone donating towards your journey (including yourself) and include airfare, food, accommodations and ministry needs. The cost of visas, individual spending money, and daily drinks are not included.

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you would like to join us. May God bless you as you desire to serve Him and bless many in Jesus Name.

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