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HIV by Dan Dooding

He Intends Victory: Real-life Stories of Christian Living with AIDS and How Jesus Touched Them

By Dan Wooding



He Intends Victory tells the stories of men and women who have found Him in their time of greatest need.
Kay Warren

The P.E.A.C.E. Plan

In a wilderness of disease, fear, and sexual brokenness, too few voices are crying out for truth and compassion. Dan Wooding’s book will help correct this situation by offering hope and understanding of this timely, difficult subject.
Joe Dallas

Author of “Desires in Conflict,” “Unforgiven Sins,” & “Strong Delusion” Program Director of Genesis Counseling

In His Shadow By Joan Yorba-Gray

In His Shadow: A Devotional For Christians Living With HIV

By Joan Yorba-Gray

Occasionally all of us feel life – and perhaps God – has dealt with us unfairly. Imagine, a loving Christian wife learning she had been infected with HIVE/AIDS by an unfaithful husband. Joanie’s story of coming to terms with this reality and the roller coaster ride of her emotions and faith is as riveting as any story you will ever read and leaves us all with an incredible first-person account of the triumph of God’s Love in the midst of life’s sometimes overwhelming challenges. What a spiritual adventure!
Warren Duffy

Radio Personality

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