Special Projects


We presently have 3 two-acre farms for those living with HIV/AIDS in Malawi. The food profit from our farm sales of beans and corn provide for hundreds of people every month and specifically for over 100 street kids, every day of every week of every month of every year!


Giving a family a goat is like giving an American family a business. After mating with a neighbors goat, one goat soon turns into 3 goats or 10 goats or more! Goats are used for milk, for meat, and for money and that $60 donation can change an AIDS widow’s family for years to come.

A pig multiplies quickly and pork is always premium meat. So giving a family a pig becomes a great blessing to many families.

Chickens are called “The Gift of Life” because a good layer will produce eggs for a long time. And those eggs provide protein and income for many AIDS widows. They are not cheap but they provide an AIDS widow with a great future.

Medical Emergencies

Most of the poorest in the world do not have any medical coverage or care. He Intends Victory provided money ($300) for cataract surgery on an eight year old AIDS orphan. One of our HIV+ staff in Uganda needed immediate medical surgery for a colostomy infection in his body. People with HIV/AIDS are much more susceptible to disease and infection and we increase the quality and length of their lives when we help.


One of the great challenges in any country is transportation. This increases when your responsibility is to visit, care for, and minister to people who are living with HIV/AIDS. They often are not strong enough to get around. In Mozambique, He Intend Victory, delivers life-saving AIDS medications to 20 HIV+ people every week who are not able to get it any other way. In Uganda, our staff worker went from walking 6 miles a day to visit those with HIV to driving 30 miles a day and visiting 5 times as many people. A great need and a great blessing.

Small Business

Helping an AIDS widow with $200 will give her the opportunity to start a local business which will enable her to provide for her family. With this, we teach them how to budget, how to save, how to give to the Lord, and how to provide for her family.


Help an AIDS widow with one of the necessities of life. With your contribution we are able to build a house that becomes a home for at least the next 10 years.